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The Hat Rack

                                          "The Hat Rack"


Once there was a little small town,called Ittie Bittie" In the town of Ittie Bittie,stood a very beautiful little street light.The only thing wrong with it,was that it gave out a real small light.The reason the light was so small was because,it was only a 100 watt bulb.But it still gave light to the whole town of Ittie Bittie.

   Little light was very happy,in the town of Ittie Bittie,until one day along came two boys walking,and they were talking about the big city,and how it had all those huge bright lights,and most of all,how they have a street light on every corner.Remember now this is the town of Ittie Bittie,and anything can happen here.

    Little Light also heard the conversation between the two boys,and at that very moment,Little Light decided to put in for a transfer,so he could get a job in the big city.Finally after about three weeks of waiting,Little Lights tranfer came through.Little Light wanted to leave right away when the news reached him,but he couldn't,and that's because he still had to wait for his replacement.A couple more days passed,and Little Lights replacement,who was none other than Itsy Bitsy Light who arrived on time.Then Little Light was off to the big city.When Little Light reached the big city,he couldn't hardly sit still,because he was so excited about his new job.

   The next night finally arrived,and Little Light went out on his first assignment.Little Light was so happy about working in the big city until he never noticed,that nobody could see his Little Light shinning at all.And that was because the Big city lights were so much bigger,and their watts were so much brighter.It really didn't really take Little Light long to figure out he had made a mistake.Little Light was very sad.Although the job in the town of Itsy Bitsy,didn't pay as much as the job in the city,at least Little Light could hold his head high,with respect.

     Little light was so small up against the big city lights,until he went unreconized.Nobody paid him any attention.Little Light decided to take a leave of absent,and go back to the town of Ittie Bittie.When Little Light returned to the town of Ittie Bittie,he tried to get his old job back,but he couldn't,because the Itsy bitsy light that replaced him,was very happy,with his job,and he wasn't about to leave it.

So the next day,Little Light went to the unemployment office,and every day after that.But people just wern't hiring Little Lights these days.They were into hiring bigger lights.They did make an eception though,for Itsy Bitsy light.Who replaced Little Light.Itsy Bitsy Light was very happy with Little Light old job,if he were, only a 50 watt bulb,and Itsy Bitsy Light wasn't about to give his job up,because the people of Ittie Bittie had come to depend on him.

    the next day Little LIght headed back down to the employment office again,to see if he could find a job.But with no sucess.Everyday for three months in a row.Little Light still could not find a job.As Little light was starting to give up looking for a job,he got a call from the unemployment office stating that they had found him a job.And to come right away.Little Light was very happy.Little Light just knew he would be the best street light that ever shine.No matter what street he was on.Just maybe he might even get his old job backWho knows?Now that he's got a second chance.But When Little Light got to the employment office,he got the surprise of his life.The job that the unemployment office had for Little LIght minus a little adjustments,had nothing to do with being a street light.The job they had for Little Light,would be inside the office.When Little Light heard that,right away Little Light thought his job was a office job.He also assumed he would be sitting behind a desk.He became tickle pink.But when Little Light really found out what his job was,the tickle went out the pink.Thet was because when one come into the employment office,in the town of Itty Bitty,you couldn't see Little Light when you first come through the door.And that's because Little Light minus the bulb,was sitting in a far corner.Hidden under many hat's and coats never to be noticed by anyone again.And that's because the pole that once held Little lights 100 watt bulb in place,was now nothing but a common old hat rack. Little Light minus the bulb was now a headless light pole.While just standing in the corner,being nothing but a common old hat rack,little Light got a chance to hear to town gossip.And gossip had it,that Itsy Bitsy Light was the best shinning light in the world,if he was only a 50 watt bulb.and the people of Ittie Bittie  came to depended on him.He's not like that other chracter,or watcha ma call him?That ran off to the big city,meaniing Little Light whom they had already forgotten his name.If you're ever in the town of Ittie Bittie try to stick around until about dust dawn,and you will see Itsy Bitsy Light hard at work.Itsy Bitsy Light is never late he is always on time.The only trouble he has is,every now and then,he has to get his 50 watt bulb change.Because when it blows, it goes.




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