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 “I don't think monopoly ever has a winner,” Rosalie’s father told her. 

 Rosalie smiled and then she put the pieces back into the box slowly with slight tension of pain in her chest. 

  “Did you hear that?” Rosalie's father asked her. 

  “Hear what?” She asked lightly. 

  “I heard a knock at the door,” he answered. 

  “Here why don't I finish cleaning up, and you answer the door,” he told her while taking the pieces away from her.

   Rosalie shrugged and started headed towards the door. 

   When she opened it, she saw him: Adam Rhodes, the love her life. Rosalie felt her heart flutter when she reexamined him. She noticed that he had grown the last time she saw him; the last time she broke up with him. She noticed that he didn't shave underneath his chin, and lips. His hair was longer, and so was he. 

  Rosalie exhaled whenever she saw him run his hands through his hair the way he did whenever they first met. When she saw tears running down his cheeks, she knew that he had came for a reason. 

  “Max told you,” she whispered. 

  “You know I've made a lot of mistakes, and I regret them...but one thing I don't regret is meeting you,” he told her while catching his breath. 

  “Hmm,” Rosalie said while exhaling. 

  “Rosalie I am...” 

  “If you’re here to say sorry, then you came for the wrong reason,” she whispered sweetly; cutting him off. 

  “What would you say if I told you, that you've been all that I thought about since you’ve been gone?” He asked. 

   Adam started to rock back and forth on his heels nervously. 

   “I'd say that you think to much,” she mumbled. 

   “Thats it?” He asked. 

   “No,” she whispered. 

   “Rosalie cancer or not, I'm always going to love you. So, if that's why your afraid...”

   “Do you hear yourself?” She interrupted. 

   “No matter how close we get. No matter how much we try to keep rushing into something were both not ready for...”

   “I'm ready if you are,” he assured her. 

   “Adam no one is ready to date the sick girl that has cancer. Your going to get tired of me. Just find someone normal. Please,” she begged. 

   “No. I want you. Only you. What is it going to take for you to understand that? I love you Rosalie. Unconditionally. I wouldn't be here if I didn't,” he admitted. 

  “Please just-”

  “No,” He replied. 

   Rosalie shut the front door behind her. Adam closed her into the corner of her house. His hole body was hovering over her. His lips right above hers. His gently brushed up against hers. 

  “You’re so stubborn,” Rosalie brokenly whispered. 

  “Learn from the best,” he mumbled.  

   He kissed her lips, so gently that either of them could feel it, but it meant so much. 

   In that moment Rosalie felt more stronger than she ever had before. 


   “Are you scared?” Adam asked Rosalie. 

   “About what? Death?” She asked. 

   “Yea,” Adam answered. 

   “No, but I'm scared of loosing you,” she mumbled. 

   Adam exhaled, while she kissed his hand. 

   “You know I'm going to have o shave my head tomorrow,” Rosalie murmured. 

   “Really?” Adam asked. 

   “Yea since I'm going to loose it anyways, I might as well just shave it all off. So enjoy the hair on my head now. Because once it's gone I'm going to look ugly,” she warned.  

   “No. Your always beautiful,” he assured her. 


   Adam held onto Rosalie’s hand whenever the doctor walked into the room. When he heard her exhale, his grip grew stronger. Adam frowned when she began to  take off her shirt. 

   “Relax. He just needs to see my chest clearly when he takes the ultrasound,” Rosalie said while pinching his cheeks playfully. 

   “Oh,” Adam said slightly embarrassed. 

   Rosalie took a seat onto the chair, and when the doctor ran his hands over her chest, Adam smiled at her for comfort. Adam took her hand, and then squeezed it whenever the doctor began to look at his computer. Adam began to think to himself, that no matter what was going to happen or what was ahead of them, he would be ready. He was going to be there for Rosalie. 


  “How long does she have?” Adam asked the doctor while looking at Rosalie as she was sleeping peacefully. 

  “It's hard to tell, she is a very strong lady, so she is holding up pretty well. I would say that she is looking around two months...maybe three, time will have to tell.” The doctor smiled when Adam nodded.  

  “No worries, she will be alright. We have under good hands,” he assured him. 

   “Thank you,” Adam whispered. 

   Adam smiled and then took a seat next to Rosalie; he never noticed bow beautiful she looked; even in her sleep. He examined her breathing, and put his fingers over her chest making sure that he saw some sign of her chest moving in and out. 


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