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Forever Lost

Forever Lost
By Cynthia Wilson

The Forever lost desert is hot and deadly to even be walking in it was plain insanity, yet people of many things lived in this strange place. Wizards, warriors, tribes, killers’ even animals of all shapes and sizes this place was of magic and death it has beauty and ugliness, you will have to judge for your self. Nobody knows forever lost or how and why it got its name. Then again does that truly really matter?

Chapter One

2 miles south to the next Desert village of olan 2 more miles, the man thought annoyed. He with walked easy strides through the sand dunes, his boots that were held together by twine and cloth. His dark thick cloak was tattered and his blue denim pants were dirty and had a few holes in them. He clutched the cloak tighter around his body; the sand storm would come soon. He slug his backpack and sleeping roll over on to the ground and looked though it for his goggles and water. The man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless blue eyes and sharp, strong features. Every part of his body was like it was carefully carved from a marble stone: small strong hands, toned arm a thin and bony nose. He took a long big drink from his canteen; he had to drink as much as possible one thing he did learn in this desert drink what you can. He looked through his bag; his food was good and his knife sharp. He tightened the rope on the blanket role and went on his way. He wanted to get, as close to olan as possible before it had gotten dark it would be a cold night. He also wanted to be sure he could find some kind of shelter but he knew that there was a slim chance of finding a rocky area to keep him self save from the sand storm. There was also a reason he wanted to get into some shelter; the Beckel worms of forever lost were very deadly. Like buzzards they had thing for dead meat but they also would not hesitate in eating a man alive if he was stupid enough to let that happen. The Beckel worm was as long a normal snake but was ten times bigger especially when they ate a human corpse. They could come in many different colors the one with really dark colors are the males and the females have a light coloring. They could smell a man a mile away; the only thing they can’t eat is rock. Many people in the forever lost desert know this well they make sure when there are Beckel worms around they get to high rocks and climb them. Of course if you have no rocks well hope you know how to fight one, most of time others try to hunt them and eat them. That works well to it depends though on which part of forever lost you live. The man was not stupid he had lived in this damn place for over a year and half he wasn’t about to get him self almost killed again. He knew that the Beckel worms hated the smell of a plant that was very well known; it was called the blue serenity. Light blue petals that had the shape of a star on each one, the smell would make you dream wonderful things. For the Beckel Worm it was stink beyond stink, it tasted nasty and it would kill fertility they soundly avoided it and made damn sure they never got near it when it was around. Unfortunately he only had a knife, he be lucky to cut one the bastards in half. Oh well, best to keep moving he thought again, the man walked on. About three hours latter he found him self a rock area cave, it looked more like a small dune. He walked up to it and noticed that there was some Beckel worm waste. He smiled to him self they had just left. He would be safe tonight, he went along and with some difficulty and found some dried wood and other stuff to burn. He settled back in the cave and thought for a long time while he was waiting for his food. He kept wondering why he even bothered to come to this place. If he ever found that guild that ripped him off he would… naw it wasn’t worth it in the end he was actually happy with his life. There was some good parts about his life in Forever Lost.
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