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The Rain Princess

                                     "The Rain Princess"

In a far away place called Valley Of Make Believe lived a beautiful princess.she was called the Rain Princess because she only came out when it rained.

  All the animals admired her.She was the fairest of them all. Everyone in the valley loved the Rain Princess.Except the Evil Genius.He not only hated her,but he also hated the way everyone admired her. He lived for the day that he could mix up a magic portion strong enough to stop the rain.and that would be the end of the Rain Princess.The Evil Genius had been trying for a long time to stop the rain from falling,but with no success,he just couldn't stop the rain.

   The Rain Princess name was Pilar.She had golden yellow hair and blue eyes.She was always dressed in a beautiful white gown that glowed in the dark.Most importantly,she wore a golden halo of the sun on her head.Rain or shine it glowed.

     Not a day passed by that the Evil Genius didn't try to stop the rain.he went to Mr.Mushroom,who had clained to be a raimmaker.The Evil Genius told the other animals in the forest if Mr. Mushroom calls himself a rainmaker,he ought to be able to stop the rain.But little did he know,the only one that could stop the rain was the one that created the rain.And that would be the Rain God.Everyone thought the Evil Genius,and Mr.Mushroom to be of some importance,because of their wisdom and misguided information.

A few days had passed and the Rain Princess was still around.But the Evil Genius was soon to get his wish.he didn't know it yet.But the next day would bring a disaster.

No one hadn't noticed that it hadn't rained in the Valley of Make Believe in three weeks.That was very strange because it had been raining in the Valley of Make Believe every other day for as long as anyone in the Valley could remember.That's why the Rain Princess liked it there.Three weeks was the longest that the Valley of Make Believe went without rain.

  When everyone started to complaining about how dry it was,Mr.Mushroom and the Evil Genius went around grinning from ear to ear,taking the credit for stopping the rain.Mr. Mushroom said it was his magic portion that stop the rain.But the Evil Genius argud with him,claiming that it was his magic portion that stop the rain.They were always good friends up until now.One of them wanted to be the greater one.And fom that time on,the two of them wouldn't look at one another,nor speak to each other.word soon got out,that the two of them were not speaking to each other.

   Days came and went,still no rain.Then the Rain Princess vanished.She just disappeared into thin air.The ground was parched and hard and the Valley Of Make Believe had begun to lose its beauty.A lot of the animals had started to move away.Some of the birds left their trees and nests.The bears,tigers,and lions left their dens and caves.All the ants packed up and moved away.The Valley of Make Believe started to look like a desert instead of a valley.

    One day the Evil Genius went out to his garden to get some herbs to mix up a magic portion.To his surprise everything was dry and withered up.The Evil Genius soon realized that his precious garden was in need of water too.Now the Evil Genius was madder than ever.Planted in his head was some twisted idea that Mr. Mushroom had placed a curse on his garden.But the Evil Genius couldn't have been more wrong.What the Evil Genius didn't know that there was a drought. Neither he or Mr. Mushroom had anything to do with it.

      One day Mr.Mushroom were sitting under what use to be the most beautiful tree in the garden.Now it stood lifeless in the sun,bare with no leaves.It needed water.Finally everyone started to gather around,including Mr. Mushroom and the Evil Genius. the animals started to blame each other for the dry spell.Then Maxine the armadillo spoke out.It isn't doing any of us any good to put the balame on each other,we need to find out what to do about the situation.

      Then Maxine remembered her good friend,See-All the owl.I'm going to drop in on my old and dearest friend,See-All the owl,and see if he will talk to that foreign Rain God of his.Maxine went to talk to her friend,See-All the owl in the Coconut Jungle.Maxine arrived in the jungle to find her friend,See-All,sitting in his special tree fast asleep.Maxine noticed that everything was as pretty as ever,nothing had changed.I don't understand said Maxine."What don't you understand?" asked See-All the owl,waking up from his nap.With the drought and everything,why is everything so pretty over here?"asked Maxine, the armadillo.what on earth are you talking about?"asked See-All the owl.The Maxine the armadillo began to tell See-All why she she told him what happen,she noticed that a lot of the animals that left the Valley Of Make Believe had moved to the Coconut Jungle.Maxine was so glad to see him that she almost forgot what she came for.Then maxine began to explain to See-All how it hadn't rained in the Valley Of Make Believe for such a long time,and how she wanted him to talk to that foreign Rain God of his.See-All responed by saying that he would.Maxine thank him and off she went.At once See-All started to repare for his journey to see the foreign rain God.When See-All thought about how far he had to go,he asked his friend Pastures to come along.Pastures was a beautiful bold eagle;he also believed in the foreign rain God.Pastures agreed to come along with See-All to visit the foreign rain God.

    Finally See-All was all packed for his journey.Pastures was all packed too.All Pastures had to get was his red cap he wore all the time.He wore it all the time,because he was always afraid that he would catch his death of cold.Finally they were on their way.

     After about two hours of flying,they reached the mountain of the foreign rain God.They went to the foot of the mountainand started to talk to the foreign rain God.The mountain began to smoke.The thunder and lightening were awesome.But See-All and Pastures were not afraid,because they knew that's how the rain God communicated.After they talked to the foreign rain God,they headed for home.They were almost home when it started to rain.It rained on See-All and Pastures all the way home.When See-All and Pastures arrived back in the Valley Of Make Believe,it was soaked through and through.Everyone was so happy.Even the Evil Genius and Mr. Mushroom had become friends again.Now they were talking more than of all they forgave each other.They came to the conclusion that neither one of them had the power to start or stop the rain.It was the rain God who created it,and it was his to do as he wished.

        All the animals moved back to the Valley Of Make Believe,but best of all,the rain Princess came back,more beautiful than ever.From then on the Rain Princess came out every time it rained.And boy! was everybody glad to see her.Encluding the Evil Genius and Mr. Mushroom.With everything back to normal,the Evil Genius and Mr. Mushroom they never practiced magic again.



                                            The End

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