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He Will Never Know


A man was walking down the street one day, pondering life and his purpose. With his head down and in deep thought, he suddenly felt the urge to look up. As he did, God was standing there.


"What is bothering you child?" God asked.


"I'm confused about my purpose in life, why I'm here and what I'm supposed to be doing!" the man replied.


"All I ask is that you follow me." said God.


Just then a screech, and crash so violent that it shook the ground, rang out from across the street. The man immediately turn to look. A motorcycle and mini-van had met in the middle of the intersection. Screams and cries for help filled the air. The man turned back toward God, but He was gone.Instinctively the man ran across the street and began to pull a crying child and mother from the van. As the mother cradled the child, the man smelled gasoline. With haste he pulled the woman across the street. Others had stopped and began helping the motorcyclist, The man yelled for the people to get away from the vehicles. Just then an explosion filled the already hectic scene with an ear shattering boom. The power of the blast threw the man, the mother, and the child off their feet.                       With confusion and chaos all around, the woman quietly whispered to the man, "You saved our lives, God bless you."


Sitting in his living room hours later, the man was still in shock. Police and firemen arrived soon after the explosion, tending to the dead and wounded. Two good samaritans and the motorcyclist were killed. Seven other bystanders were injured and taken to the hospital. After questioning by the police and an interview with a newspaper reporter, the man staggered from the scene, alone and shaken. What just happened? How could this be? Why didn't God intervene and save the lives of those people? 


All these question stuck with him as he sat in the darkness, just now feeling how sore his body was. The ache in his   

head was coupled by an overwhelming feeling of remorse and despair. The tears came organically at first, then a complete breakdown, sobbing uncontrollably until he couldn't breath. Shaking, and on the verge of vomiting, the man crawled to the bathroom and started to pull himself back together. As he splashed cold water over his head and on his face, he glanced at himself in the mirror.


But it wasn't his face he saw. The face of God was looking back at him with peaceful smile, and a knowing twinkle in his eyes.


"Child, is there something else bothering you?" God asked.


The man, for a moment, didn't respond. Anger rose from the pit of his stomach to his chest. When it started bursting through his ears he yelled, "How could you have let that happen? Innocent people are dead. This doesn't make any sense!"


"My child" God said, "you asked me about your purpose, so I showed you."


The man was more confused than ever. God let him ponder, in silence, the meaning of what was just said. 


"You unselfishly help your fellow man. I couldn't be more proud." God said, " so be ready, I'll be using you more and more."  


As quick as He appeared He was gone. As the man was staring back at his wet hair and swollen eyes, it occurred to him. The teacher will teach when the student is ready.


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