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Shattered Dreams

To swim.
That is all I desire.
To feel the strain of muscles, the cheering crowd.
The coach shouting words of encouragement.
Parents saying, “I am proud.”

For two years, that enjoyment was mine.
I heard the coach’s words of encouragement.
My parents saying they are proud.
The crowd cheering me on,
And the aching strain of my muscles crying out.

Now, all I hear is, ‘That’s impossible’ ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘No’
People no longer cheer.
The coach is but an echo.
Parents saying there is nothing that can be done
And my muscles long for the aching pain they once felt and loved.

I stand helpless, watching my shattered dream disappear
One of my goals ripped from my grasp.
It’s not too much to ask. Is it?
All I ask to do…
Is swim.
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