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The froggy dance

One day when Fro wa bouncing so high he saw his sister Jumper. "Jumper! Come jump with me!" said Fro not stopping jumping. Jumper had joined him. "Do you want to come to the froggy dance today?" asked Fro. "Oh yeah! I would love to come with you to the froggy dance" said Fro. Fro had stopped jumping and went for a swim. "Fro! Jumper! Come inside!" yelled his mom. Fro and jumper went to there pond. "Yes mom" said Jumper. "Time to eat. What do you want Fro? Flys or soup?" she asked. "Flys please" he said. "Me too" said Jumper. As they ate Fro told mom and dad about thier dance today. After dinner Fro and Jumper got ready for the dance. Fro put a black bow on his chest and Jumper had put a flower on her head. "Bye Bye" said Jumper. Jumper and Fro jumped to the froggy dance. As they got there many frogs from diffrent countrys were here. "I am going to go with my friends" Jumper told Fro. "Okay" he said. Fro had looked around. He didn't see any body he knew. "Okay all you frogs I want you to get up and dance!" said the Dj frog. Fro had jumped to the Dj. "Can I show everybody something?" he asked. "Break down" he said. Fro was cunfused but went out to the floor. "Okay all you froggys. This dance is called the Froggy buggy" said Fro. The Dj put on some music. Fro jumped up, twist and kicked both legs up high and jumped uo again and shook his butt. Everybody had joined along. Froggy was having fun and so was Jumper



                                 The End :)

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