Apb press
[Dog pile: A term used in western football where all the players jump onto one player and laugh]

A young solider was on truck bumber waiting for orders.
His headsup display was down. He had used the uplink to load the entropia universe landscape.
Just under his visor he was hunting with a breer3 Limited. A few unexpected adds caused him to jump
and forget his post. In about 7 seconds the confused 20 year old had shot 5 cactus and wounded one Jeep.
A brave man wearing sheets at his knees rushed to stop the young solider.
Solider and a sheet wearing man were safe on the ground.
Just then the other soliders saw the two and thinking it was part of the game of foot ball ran over and begain to jump one after the next onto the solider and the sheet wearing man.

Three headlines ran the next day.
One in the same town read": Football dogpile not friendly to local intest.
A paper in an american town read: Solider foot boll team wins with a dog pile. soliders proud.
At troop HQ the papers read: New tatic used to take out Osama-the dogpile.