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first day of 6th grade

Jamie woke up and had rembered that today she was going to a new school. It was going to be her first day of 6th grade. "Jamie you don't need to worry! You'll make SO many friends that you won't be able to remeber all there names" said Dad. "Yeah right! More like she is going to have NO friends" said her older brother Cory. "Stop! I bet i will make one good friend!" said Jamie with her head up high. "Sure thing moran. Now bye" said Cory. "Cory stop that Now! You'll make friends" said Mom. I smile and run out to the door. I go up to my bus. Every one looks at me. I am so flushed. I sit next to a girl with some glossy lips. She moves away. "Tuff luck! You'll never make any friends with that girl" said a boy. He came to sit next to me. "So are you new? I am new too. I'm Josphe. Call me Joe" he said. "I'm Jasmine but people call me Jamie" she told Joe. "Cool. So is this your first time riding a school bus?" he asked me. "No. I have taken alot of school buses! They all stunk like a dead animal" she told him. "Well that is.. never mind good bye" he said and walked to a diffrent seat. I get off the bus and I see Joe with some other boys. They all put their tounge out at me. I roll my eyes. I make a face at them like they were a rotten banana. I go to my class, i see girls and boys and even some little sister and brothers. Parents taking pictures of their child. All the kids have cool lunch boxes. All I have is a brown boring bag. I look down at my bag. I sigh and take my seat. All the parents and little kids have gone. "Okay. I am Miss. Jones" she had told us. "I am going to be your teacher until June 14. I sure hope that you guys will like me! Now what we are going to do is go around and say out name and we like" she said. First it was me. "I am Jasmine but people call me Jamie and what I like to do is... plant flowers with my mother" i say. Some kids laugh, others smile. Next is a boy named Filmen. His real name is Filly! I have no clue why they call him Felmen. After we go around telling our name we get to go outside!! A girl named Joey came up to me. "Hi! So your Jasmine?" she asked. "Uh-huh" I say. "Cool! Maybe we  can be friends" she told me with a big smile. "Okay!" I say. We play on the monkey bars and shout like a monkey. Then we go in side. We fill out a sheet that is about what we like to do. I look over to Joey. I know that this year will be very cool!

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