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teenage masscare

The room smelt heavily of blood. Littered across the crimson stained carpet were tattered, decapitated bodies. Blood was splattered across the walls, and limbs were flung over the furniture.
Standing in the middle of the hellish labyrinth was a tall creature with navy blue skin, with a sapphire embedded in his forehead. The creature held a double-bladed scimitar that was dripping with blood. He opened his mouth, revealing a row of tiny razor like teeth. A loud ear piercing shriek escaped his mouth. The shriek reverberated off the walls of the house, and shattered the windows.

Kammy sat up drenched in sweat. Her heart pounded against her rib cage with ferocity; she thought it was going to explode. The images of her nightmare came back in segments; she could still smell the rank of blood. Her eyes were heavy with sleeplessness. The light that shone in through her windows sent waves of constricting pain through her brain.
A loud, piercing shriek echoed in her ears. She curled up in a ball and covered her ears. A whimper of fear escaped her trembling lips. The noise brought back images of the nightmare that shook her from her sleep.
She heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She glanced at the door as it was pushed open. Standing in the doorway was a shadowy figure. “Kammy?” The shadow asked in a friendly tone. “Kammy, are you ok?”
Kammy lay their trembling. Tears were falling on her pillow in a consistent pattern. The person stepped out of the door way and into her bedroom. The figure took the shape of her sister Valerie. She ran over to the bedside and turned off the alarm clock that she had heard from across the house.
The piercing shriek Kammy had heard was her alarm clock. She uncovered her ears and wiped away the tears. She looked up at Valerie with her teary eyes.
“Kammy? Kammy, what’s wrong?” Valerie asked, placing her hand on her shoulder.
“A bad dream I guess…” She stuttered.
“That must have been some dream.”

An hour later, Kammy was sitting in her psychology class. She looked around the room and noticed that a lot of people were missing. The tardy bell rang. Her teacher walked in the room horrorstruck. He looked like he had seen a ghost; His face was white and drained, while his eyes were wide with shock. The students watched him closely as he walked to the front of the class.
He looked around the classroom. “Class. I have some bad news for you.” He finally spoke. His voice was quiet and shaky.
The class starred at him, speechless. The all exchanges worried glances. “Last night, seventeen high school students were found dead after a party. The police have no leads on to who did this, but they are working on it.” He spoke with difficulty.
Kammy’s stomach knotted up. Oh god. She starred at the VHS he had in his right hand. She felt something creep up the back of her throat as she remembered her nightmare.
“With me, is a tape on of the detectives shot of the crime scene. I will ask all those with weak stomachs to leave the room.” He turned and put the tape in the VCR.
Kammy usually had a strong stomach, but this time she wasn’t so sure. She was tempted to get up and leave the room, but stayed to make sure it wasn’t what was in her dream. When the tape started the whole class shrieked in shock. Kammy’s eyes widened and she ran out of the room.
She flung open the bathroom door and knelt down in one of the stalls and threw up. She then sat on the floor of the stall crying.
The bathroom door opened and Valerie walked in. She heard a muffled crying in one of the stalls. At once she knew who it was. “Kammy, is that you?”
The crying stopped.
“Val…Valerie, is that you?” Kammy whimpered.
“Kammy, come out of there.” The stall door opened up. “Why are you crying?”
“Do you know about the massacre that happened last night?” Kammy asked.
“Do you remember when I told you I had a bad dream?”
“Last night, I dreamt about the killings. I saw the bodies, the blood… everything. I even know what killed them.” As her voice trailed off.
Valerie starred at her dumbfounded. Was she delusional? Maybe she has fallen ill. She did look like she saw something horrible when I saw her this morning. “You know who killed those people?”
“No. I know what killed them.” She corrected. “It looked like a human with blue skin. He also had a bunch of tiny razor like teeth, and was holding a scimitar in his hand.
“Kammy, you’re scaring me.” Valerie stated.
The bathroom door opened again. Mrs. Vaxen, the counselor, came in. “Why are you two out of class?”
Valerie glanced at Kammy and then the Mrs. Vaxen. “Kammy lost a close friend last night. I’m just trying to comfort her.”
“I understand girls. I don’t know why they didn’t cancel school today.” She nodded and finished her business in the bathroom.
After school Kammy and Valerie went home and discussed Kammy’s dilemma. Valerie came to the conclusion that she just happened to have a bad dream, and she made the connection to reality with the massacre.
“Valerie, you don’t understand! I can still smell the blood! It was like I was there.” Kammy cried. She stormed to her room and cried in her pillow. Before long she had fallen asleep.

Kammy and a group of students sat at around a card table discussing the tragedy of the day before. They talked about different fund raisers they could do to make money for the families who lost loved ones.
The front door burst open. Standing in the doorway was a tall, ominous figure that was holding a curved sword in his right hand.
The students jumped out of the chairs and headed away from the door to escape their impending doom. The figure walked into the light, revealing the humanoid creature Kammy saw in her other dream.
He looked around to room for his first victim. As one of the girls ran past him he swung his sword. The sword sliced through her chest, sending blood everywhere. She fell to the ground in a heap of blood. Her boyfriend saw her fall and ran towards her. He didn’t bother to think that the creature was right there. He held her in his arms and told her that she would be alright. Her face went pale from the loss of blood. He held her close as he cried.
From behind him came the creature. He held the sword in both of his hands with the tip of the sword pointing down. He thrusted it down into the guys back, killing him almost instantly.
Kammy who was hiding behind the couch screamed when she saw all this happen. She instantly covered her mouth and ducked back into her hiding spot. She turned to see Jacob, a friend from school, escape out the front door. The creature went around the house finding the hidden students and swiftly killed them one by one. When he came back down stairs he looked directly at Kammy, or so she thought. It seemed like he was starring through her.
The sound of the alarm clock beeped in her ear. She rolled over, once again covered with sweat. She reached over and shut off the alarm. She sat up, remembering her dream. Did this one come true? She thought. She got dressed and turned on her TV. She counted the number of people who died in her dream. She counted five, and one alive.
When the TV turned on, sure enough, there was a news reporter that was talking about another killing spree. Standing next to the reporter was Jacob. She was interviewing him:

“I am here with Jacob Andrews, the only survivor of last night massacre that left five students dead.” The reporter turned to Jacob. “Jacob, what happened last night?” The reporter asked.
“We were talking about a fund raiser for the families who lost loved ones in the first attack, when a tall guy showed up with a curved sword, a scimitar I do believe. He started killing people. I ran into the closet so I was safe.” He explained.
“Did he say anything? A motive?” She asked.
“He did ask one of the girls’s her name before he killed her. After she was dead he grumbled about looking for a certain person.”
“Can you tell us the name?”
Kammy gasped. He was looking for her, but why? There was something else Kammy thought was weird. He didn’t mention anything about the person being blue or having razor sharp teeth.
She didn’t want to believe it was real. Maybe Valerie was right. Maybe I am just making this up. No. That doesn’t make sense; I counted the number of people who died last night, and I was right. Maybe it was just a coincidence. She put in the back of her mind and went downstairs.
Later that day Valerie and Kammy went to the coffee shop to get a cappuccino. When they arrived at the coffee shop the smell of the freshly brewed coffee rushed at them. When they walked in, the people turned and starred at them. As they passed, they turned to their friends and whispered things in their ear. Kammy dismissed them and ordered her cappuccino.
When the sun set Kammy and Valerie returned from their shopping. When they got home they realized that the door was open. They exchanged worried glances and walked into the house. Kammy quickly turned on the lights.
Standing in the middle of the living room was a tall dark skinned man holding a scimitar in his right hand. Lying on the ground next to his feet were the bodies of their parents. Both girls screamed.
“What the hell do you want with me?!” Kammy yelled in hysterical rage. “I’ve been watching you kill people for the past few days! I found on the news this morning by a guy who escaped, you were looking for me.”
The man chuckled. He was wearing all black, and his bright green eyes seemed to pierce anything that he looked at. He did not have blue skin, or razor sharp teeth. He looked like a person you would pass on the sidewalk. He starred back at the two girls standing in front of him. He admired Kammy’s appearance. He liked the way her long black hair looked like it was made of silk. How her gray eyes seemed to look right through him.
For the past six years he has been in search for a girl who was able to see things before they happen. He went to a fortune teller, she told him that a sixteen year old girl who had the power of premonitions would be his downfall. He was out to rid the world of its problems, which he thought were teenagers.
“Would you answer my question?” She stamped her foot in frustration.
He explained everything to her. She looked creeped out, yet confused.
“I did see what you did, but I didn’t see you. I saw a blue demon like creature.” She explained.
“Nevertheless, I must kill you.”
Valerie and Kammy shuddered and ran out the door. He followed close behind. Valerie wasn’t a fast runner because she had sprained her ankle a few weeks before, and was recovering. Kammy was running ahead of her. She looked over her shoulder to see Valerie falling behind,
“Valerie! Run faster. Ignore the pain!” She encouraged. As she was looking over her shoulder she tripped over the curb and fell down, twisting her foot. “Damn it!” She yelled in pain.
“Kammy!” Valerie stopped next to her.
“Get out of here. I’ll follow behind you.” She winced in pain as she slowly stood up.
From behind them the guy raised his sword up in the air. He flung it towards Kammy as she limped ahead of him. The sword struck in her back, causing her to fall forward. Valerie screamed. She kept running because she wanted to live.

Kammy woke up screaming. She was drenched in sweat. She looked at the clock. It was 2:46am. She looked at her calendar and checked the date. It was the night before the massacre occurred in her dream. She wiped her forehead of sweat and laid back down. It was all just a dream.
As she drifted off to sleep, a flash of the hellish labyrinth that she saw in her dream reappeared. Kammy woke up suddenly. She looked in the mirror and came to realize the dream would unfold in reality and she must stop it before twenty three people were killed.
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