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The Natural Balance

They say poetry is the food of love, but how much can one sonnet proclaim?

The art of taming words is a gift rarely found,

for many cage their words forcefully

in a desperate attempt to control what is not theirs.

Yet some may find the patience

to allow the words

the breath they desire;

just as the piano gentlywhispers

as it sings in adagio,

or as the bow strikes against its instrument

to command one's attention,

words must reach into each person and grasp the very concept of them.

If, as you read the final piece you are not bewitched

body and soul

the artist has failed to command the wild

and must accept this judgement with an open mind.

There is a difference between wooing the words you love

and demanding their complete loyalty.

It is my understanding that words yearned to be heard

and we crave to discover them;

if this balance is kept unscathed

both shall prosper.

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