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Come on, Oh !mother ,come

Come on! Mother, come on!

Oh!come mother,come!
Your the power of time!
And the power of power
Oh!come oh!oh!Shatki come!
Come from the mountain tops;
come on from the oceans.
and cast the spell of your divine beauty.

Come on! mother come on!
Save the world from the severity of poverty
and show it the path of peace.

Come on!oh!dear ,come on!
enchant the planet- may it
look greener and merrier.
May the Sun be smitten and
go round the planet.

Come on!oh!mother come on!
Turn the guns into pens;
turn the grenades into grains;
turn the swords into fodder;
turn the bullets into tulips;
may the fragrance of those prevade the world
and show it the path of peace.
Turn the rifles into daffodils,
and turn the millitary bases into humanity bases-
may those prevail.

May we have the arms that serve
and not those that destroy.
Many of children possess the
latter for they do not know what they do.
They are those groping in darkness.
Oh! mommy lead them to light.

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