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The Hitchhiker

                                                    The Hitch Hiker

On a very sunny day,Faith decided to go for a ride,in his nice new shiny car.As Faith was riding along minding his on business,there stood this poor helpless hitch hiker,are that's the way it appeared.So faith decided that he would pick up the hitchiker.As soon as the hitchiker got into the car,they introduced themselves.Faith introduced himself first by saying,my name is Faith.What might yours be?The hitchiker replied by saying:My name is Satan and I am please to meet you Faith.I can't say I feel the same for you.If I had known who you were,before I picked you up ?I never would have given you a ride.You do deguise yourself well.I didn't even reconize you said Faith.That's why I come in so many disguises ,to deceive people,and most of the times it works replied Satan.Faith drove and drove.old Satan he just rode and rode.Faith didn't know,that the longer Satan rode with him,the weaker he would become.Faith became so weaknot only did Faith let Satan ride,Faith was about to let Satan drive,when along the road stood another hitchiker,and Faith picked him up to.When this hitchiker got into the car with Satan and Faith,he introduced himself as Prayer.Faith with the weak sound of his voice said,Boy! am I glad to see you,because Satan had just about wore Faith down. When Faith saw that he wasn't feeling to well,he decided to let Prayer drive.When Faith and Prayer got together,being that Satan was in the middle,Satan hegan to sweat.Satan got so hot,sitting between Faith and Prayer,until his voice left him,and Satan said in a whisper,I believe this is my stop.Prayer said to Satan,but there is nothing here, except dessert and bushes.That's okay!As long as you just stop the car.When Prayer who was driving stopped the car,Satan was off in a flash leaving his disguise behind.Right about now Faith had regained most of his strength was at that moment that Faith noticed that Satan had left his disguise behind.Faith he mention it to Prayer about Satan had left in sych a hurry leaving his disguise behind.Prayer replied by saying:We brought nothing into this world Faith,and we will surely carry nothing away.Naked!We came and Naked! we shall returned.Bless it!Be the name of the Lord.And Faith and Prayer road on up the Kings Highway.

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