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My kingdom

My Kingdom

Long time ago, when I was a little girl, there was a boy, he used to come from the village behind the hills to play with me, his name was Shadi.

I and Shadi played together, we sang with each other for hours, and we ran under the snowing sky and built with snow beautiful houses and snowmen, we chased each other and hid behind the trees, we wrote our childish stories, and shared our dreams, and engraved our names on  a rock to keep our imaginary kingdom last forever. This was our kingdom, where we played and shared everything, where we had the best times, this was our heaven.

But one day war started, and people started fighting each other. From behind the hills, we started hearing the sound of firing, we saw the smoke covering the sky and turning its beautiful blue color into black, the sounds of the explosions were very load. Then the battle got worse and came closer to the hills where we stood, and on the hills the people of the villages ran to fight the enemy who is coming closer, here Shadi ran to watch, I got scared and started calling him, I asked him “where are you going, Shadi?”, I kept calling him, but he couldn’t hear me, because of the rockets and explosive sounds, and Shadi went far away from me to the hills, here I couldn’t see him anymore. I was scared, I didn’t want to lose him, and I cried, I screamed, but there was no answer. I came the next day to the same hill, to our kingdom, to the rock that has our names on, I waited all day thinking that Shadi might come back, but he didn’t, it seemed like I’ve lost him and all my dreams forever. And since that day I didn’t see Shadi, Shadi was gone. The next winter came and it snowed, and the snow melted and the winter left, and twenty winters came and left, I was growing up with every winter, but Shadi was still a kid playing on the snow on that hill.





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