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While crossing the sandy road between the green fields in the orphans’ village in Kosovo, I closed my eyes to make sure that the view of the green fields, and their huge trees with massive number of branches on them, which carried the shinning yellow pears; and all the beautiful pictures are saved in my memory. The sky was so clear and blue, and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, but still sending its rays to the dancing green grasses on the music of the whispering wind to draw a magical picture of the field. I stood there looking in the village’s people eyes. The kids were coming from everywhere to great us with their beautiful smiles, and you can see through their innocent eyes their stories. Looking in their eyes reminded me of their stories, the story of their families’ sacrifice, their parents who lost their lives to save their country and children from the oppressing enemy. I felt the sadness in their faces although they were smiling, but with all that sorrow I felt their pride of what their families did. I continued walking on that road, and after a few minutes I found myself under a roof of trees’ branches that prevented me from viewing the sky; the road sides were covered with colorful flowers; the yellow bees were moving from one flower to the other, and the butterflies where all over the place flying and reflecting their wonderful colors on my eyes, and you can hear clearly the birds singing. It felt like it is heaven! I kept walking to see what is after this fabulous place. Then I reached what I was looking for. At the end of that heavenly road there was a very large empty green land, there were no trees, the sun came from behind the clouds to make the view very clear, and the wind stopped, there were no people, the only thing there was the ruins of destroyed houses, the only remaining thing of the houses were the buildings’ foundations; as if it wanted to say that no matter what happens we will stay here, because this is our home, and we will never give it up. I tried to listen to every story that each of rocks there is telling; and I knew then that this place was the city of the heroes who risked their lives. I looked back to that heaven behind me and I wondered why does that heaven come after this destroyed city? But after a time of rewinding everything in my mind, I realized that it is a symbol of the destination of the heroes of that city.

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