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The Crazy Eights

                                              "When You Snooze You Lose'

Once there were eight monkeys,one was purple,one was a very bright red,one was pink,one was marroon,one was orange,one was royal blue,one was a bright yellow,and one was black and white plaid at the top,and black and white polka dot,at the bottom.They were called by their names,according to their colors  except for the one that was black and plaid at the top and black and white polka dot at the bottom,everyone that knew him called him Two Tone. but when they all would meet up together,they were called the Srazy Eights.And boy did they love sardines. One day as the crazy eights was walking through one of their many forests,they spotted a very vicious pack of wild dogs,so up the coconut tree they went.The monkeys were so afraid.The monkeys were so afraid,they couldn't bare to look down.The wild dogs were so busy fighting over the bone they had found,they never saw the monkies when they hurried up the tree Then all of a sudden,one of the wild dogs kinda glimpse up the tree,and spotted the eight monkeys.That was because the monkeys had a very peculiar smell.All of a sudden,the dogs started to barking and scratching the bark of the tree.The limb that the monkeys were standing on was very tall,therefore the dogs could not reach them because the monkeys were to high.Especially Two Tone he was on the highest limb of all.The more the dogs tried to get to the monkeys,the more diffucult it became.No monkeys no dinner said Step Easy.Since it was getting late the monkeys were beginning to believe that they would have to spend the night in the coconut tree.Without thinking the monkeys started to throw coconut at the dogs,hitting them everywhere including their heads.Now this made the dogs really mad,and they wern't about to let the crazy eights down out of the tree.When night finally came,and everything had gotten very quiet,the crazy eights thought this would be a fine time to escape.But the sad thing of it all that the monkeys got so comfortable,until Two Tone just all of a sudden,up and turn a flip,and fell out the tree.ThereTwo Tone lay flat on his back.Before the dogs could get a chance to grab Two Tone,he was up and on his feet running.with the wild dogs sniffing on his tail.What the wild dogs didn't know,that with Two Tone's battery fully charged,he could run about 150 miles an hour.Two Tone's feet be turning so fast,they never touch the ground.Now that Two Tone was about to go around a bend in the road,with his speed reaching about a 100,Two Tone was now on cruise control.There were no way that the wild dogs could keep up.When the wild dogs looked up,all they saw were a trail of dust,Two Tone was nowhere in sight.The wild dogs were so tired from chasing Two Tone,until they just gave up.All of them just fellout on the ground hassling away with their tongues hanging out.Now what?asked Step Easy.Nobody answered because they were all out of breath.Not could Two Tone out run those vicious dog,he could out think them.While the wild dogs were strech out on the ground trying to catch their breath,Two Tone doubled back where the monkeys were.When Two Tone arrived where the other monkeys were they were still up the tree.What yall still doing still up in the tree?asked Two Tone.Res monkey answered with his teeth knocking together. we were afraid to come down.I sure am glad you came back when you did,because I have to use the restromm said Yellow monkey.I'm sorry to tell you this Yellow monkey but the toilet is out of order.You all get down out of that tree as fast as you can before Step Easy and that pack of wild dogs find out that I backtracked them.So all seven of the monkeys in the tree they came down as fast as they could,and hurry to their hiding place as fast as their feet could carry them.They were all soon safe in their comfortable hiding place.Two Tone dicided that he had to go to the general store to get some supplies,it looks to Two Tone that the monkeys were out of everything,including their famous monkey dip.While Two Tone was gonr to the grocery store,Step Easy and the rest of the clan had gotten their breath back and continued their search for the Crazy Eights.Step Easy always was out in front with the other dogs behind. He never wanted anybody to know why his friends called him that.He earn the name Step Easy because he ran on his tippy toes.Back at the monkeys hideout they knew they were safe because the wild dogs had to have a pair of 3 D glasses to see them and that was the monkeys most intimate secret.They were next to invisable except for the sardines they all so loved.The scent never went away it was a dead giveaway.There had been times when the wild dogs would run the monkeys all the way up to the hideout,and then they dissapear vanish into thin air. The dogs didn't know about the 3D glasses.The monkeys then heard a peculiar sound outside,they knew whatever it was,it had nothing to do with them. The monkeys moved a little closer,and they heard this strange noise,that went like so.heehaw........hehaw...... Up until this moment the monkeys had never seen are heard of a donkey.The monkeys then realize it was part of their diguise,that Two Tone was putting together to help them on their so daring escape. The donkey was one thing,but when they got a look of them outfits Two Tone had bought back,now they really were puzzled.What kind of outfit is that? asked Royal Blue.These are what you call gypsy outfits replied Two Tone.I pick out all the colors according to the colors that you are.Now enough of these questions lets get on these disguises.All the outfits fitted perfect except bright Yellow.Oh! Oh! screamed Bright Yellow,what am I going to do? This thig is to big! Stop your whinning said Royal Blue,I been sewing since I was two. so in a hurry Royal Blue went over to her sewing machine,and made Bright Yellow a perfect fit. Now that the big emergency is over,the monkies finished putting on their Gysy outfits  they were now almost dressed,except for their natural curly black wigs,that were waist length.Now for the finishing touch,which was their bright Rosey Red lipstick,their gold chains,and their shoulder length hoop earrings.It took the crazy eights only a few minutes to load their wagon.once the wagon was loaded.they said goodbye to their home again.They were on the road again.Everybody was happy and singing,everyone except Two Tone he was tryiny to figure out how he was going to get by Sleepy the owl.Everyone knew he wasn't nothing but an old tattle taleThen Two Tone as he was driving he slowed down a bit,as not to awake Sleepy the owl who stood watch at the gate.As the monkeys were approaching,Sleepy the owl was just hanging there,upside down from a branch with his black sunglasses on.When the Crazy Eights slipped by Sleepy the owl,he saw them as guess What? he didn't even reconize them,and that's because they were dressed in those bright gipsy clothing.Sleep the owl could see better in the night,that's why Two Tone left in the day because he knew that to.One thing the monkeys couldn't understand was how could hang upside all day upside down an his black sunglasses never fell off his face.That was a mystery to them.After two hours had passed Sleepy the owl has passed all Sleepy the owl could remember was seeing  a lot of dust.When the dust finally cleared there stood Easy Walker and those vicious dogs.Have you seen them Crazy Eights? no replied Slepy the owl.All I saw was a wagon load of gipsies Gipsies scream Easy Walker man how dumb can you be? Don't no gipsies live aroun here.But onr thing I know for sure they sure had a funny smell said Sleepy the owl. What kind of smell?asked EasyWalker or like sardines maybe? that was them and you let them got away.Easy Walker hit Sleepy on the head with the bib of his cape,and Sleepy the owl for his first time he fell out the tree.What do you have to say for yourself.ain't but one thing to say broe and that is WHEN YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE.............The End

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