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The Cat Squad

There was this beautiful city,that was called Sidewalk City.It was one of the neatest places around.There was no garbage on the streets,and the city was covered with a lot of purple and yellow violets.Just like all the other cities in the world,they had their share of the Good,Bad and the Ugly.Sidewalk City was protected by the good,who were two tom cats and a very fine feline.Their names were Catfish,Whistling Pete,and the very fine feline,her name was Figure8.Everybody kinda look up to them,as though they were were some kind of super heroes are something.These three were thought to be special,because nobody could make a pair of roller skates do what they could make them do.Nobody in the world can out skate these cats.Especially Figure8.That was because she could skate backwards,than anybody thought possible to skate foward,and that was saying the least.Now the people of Sidewalk City have their share of the bad also,and his name is Hurricane.He earned that name because,wherever he went along he left everything in a tumoil.Meaning garbage,in the streets,frombaby pampers,rotten food,old newspapers,you name it.Garbage could be found everywhere,when Hurricane got done turning over garbage cans.Then their was this ugly one,who never come around,until Hurricane got done turning out the garbage cans.Everybody knew him in Sidewalk City as the Hustler.One day everything was going pretty smoothe,along came Hurricane sniffing,and turning over garbage,and rummaging through garbage dumsters.As soon as Hurricane had suceeded in messing up the street.Along came none other than Ugly himself.What are you doing in this part of town so early in the day/asked Hurricane.Well it's like this Hurricane,whenever I smell garbage, I'm your Johnny on the spot replied the Hustler.Oh by the way said Hustler to Hurricane,can you loan me a dime?Dude i ain't got no money,every time i see you you begging.You need to get yourself a JOB replied Hurricane.i don't see you knocking down no unemployment doors.Anyway if everybody could despose of their garbage some other way besides throwing it in the garbage.Where would that leave you?asked the Hustler.I never thought of it that way replied Hurricane the cat.Okay you win,and here's your dime,now you scat!Said hurricane.Thank You replied the Hustler.As soon as he put the dime in his pocket it fell right to the ground,because the Hustler had never noticed he had a hole in his pocket.By this time everybody in town had started to complain,about how Hurricane the cat was messing up the town.It really didn't take Catfish,Whistling Pete Figure8 who also were the cat squad to get the news that Hurricane was back up to his old tricks again.Lottering up Sidewalk City.Before hurricane and the Hustler knew what hit them,they were now being chase by th Famous Cat Squad.The cat squad came around the corner so fast,it made Hurricane dizzy in the head.It didn't take Hurricane long,to figure out he need to be turning corners about now.Now the chase was on.the hustler was shaking in his boots,when it came to fighting.Hurricane was all mouth and no action.The Husle was worth he was what you call a real scary cat.the Hustler was a quick thinker though..the cat squad could catch up with them,the Hustler and Hurricane made it to the city skyscrapper building, which was 500 floors up,and then on to the elevator.The Hustler and Hurricane thought they were safe on the elevator but they were wrong.Now that the Hustler and Hurricane were almost on the 500 floor they again made the mistake of thinking they were safe.What they didn't know was the Cat Squad were already on top of the skyscrapper roof.And they were waiting for them on the roof.The elevator finally arrived  on the 500th floor. Hurricane and the Hustler got off.When the two of them walked out on the roof top.Surprise the Cat Squad they were in place ready to rumble. The cat squad already had their ropes out of there backpacks and ready for whatever.The cat squad put handcuffs on the Hustler and hurricane.Then they tied ropes around their waist and push them off the building,with whistling along side them making sure they reach the ground safe and sound.It seem for awhile that Whistling Pete was having a little problem,but he put his fingers up to his mouth and gave one of his famous whistles,and Figure8 threw him another rope,because the one he had was about to break.When Whistling Pete and the others reached the grown Catfish and Figure8 was already there.That was because they were go at skating up the side of buildings.Now that the Hustler and Hurricane were in the Sidewalk City Jail,they cat squad dicided to sit down an take a they were resting along came Midget.He was called Miget because he was so small.Midget said to his sister,I wish i could skate like you.Then Figure8 let out a huge sigh. what's the matter?asked Whistling Pete. i got something in my eye.Let me take a look said Whistling Pete so he pull out a kleenix out of his backpack and went to the right eye,not that one screamed Figure8.So then Whistling Pete went to the left eye not that one either screamed Figure8. what eye then asked Whistling Pete about this time Figure8 parted her hair in the back of her head. and said these eyes.Then she showed them to Midget,and said unless Sugar you got eyes in the back of your head don't try skating backwards. You could get run over by a car or worse.

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