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BeWare Cheating Don't Get You NoWhere

Today was going ti be a very exciting day in the Green Leaf forest,because it was the day of the Annual Animal race.This race has been held in the Green Leaf Forest for the last hundred years,but they had never had the same winner ten years in a row before.Because of this rumor had it that Pee-Wee the fox was a cheater.

The other animals didn't believe that anyone could be that lucky.Pee-Wee the fox was knownas the fastest thing on the trot.he was also known as the only fox,indeed the only animal,to wear HiFy Knee-High sneakers.

All the animals were preparing to run in the race because the prizes were great!First prize was a 2003 convertible Lynchburgh,second prize was 10-piece livingroom set which include a 52in.TV,and the third prize was 50 pairs of JazzEwalker shoes with three buttons on the side.The JazzEwalkers came in all colors,including flowers and plaid.They were compliments of the jazzEwalker boutique which was owned and managed by none other than Enie,Menie,Miney,and Moe the four wood rats.

The wood rats had begun to wonder how Pee-Wee the fox could be so lucky as to win the Annual Animal Race 10 years in a row. The wood rats decided that the race needed some looking make sure there is no hanky panky going on,we have to come with a plan to trap the cheater,suggested Enie.I've got just the plan.

What's your plan?asked the other wood rats.Enie began to whister into the other wood rats ears.he told them about his plan,and they all agreed,saying,If any cheating is going on,we will find it out.Then we will teach the cheatera lesson he or she will never forget.The lesson will be"BeWare,Cheating Don't get you NoWhere.

After the wood rats were through discussing their plan,the animals started to get ready for the race.First to enter the race was yours truly himself,Enie the wood rat.Since the four wood rats looked alike,who could say who was who and be really sure.Nobody really knew,and that was the plan!Oh boy ,was Pee-Wee the fox was in the shock of his life.he would not even see it coming,until it was to late.especially since he was the guilty Party.Next to enter the race was the two bears,Honeysuckle and Buckwheat,and of course their cousin,Little Said,who had a very slim chance of winning he was so short and plump,and very low to the ground.But he was going to try anyway.nothing fails but a try,Little Said thought.Who knows,I just might win by some small to enter the race was 2White,the white monkey.Next was Mr. Simms the lion,and then T-KaKe the mouse.Next was Chatty the cat,then Pelo the squirrel.Last of all Pee-Wee the fox step upto the statring line,the balloon went pop,and...the race was on.After they had been running for awhile,everything seems to be normal,but of course the race was still young.Finally Enie was getting tired,and he signaled for Menie to take over.After running about two laps,Menie began to get tired,he signaled for Miney.Miney took over at the point when the race was almost over and ran his course.Now it was Moe's turn.All Moe had to do was wait at the finishing line,and the wood rats would know who came in first.Moe was at the finishing line when he spotted Pee-Wee the fox coming down on a sky glider.Now Moe had found out Pee-Wee the fox's mostintimate secret.Pee-Wee the fox was about to loose everything.But the wood rats still didn't let on that theyknew he cheated,and how he did the meantime Pee-Wee the fox couldn't figure out how Enie,which was really Moe,beat him to the finishing line.Now that the race was over,honestly,Pelo the squirrel was the winner.he won fair and square without breaking any rules.Therefore the 2003 convertible Lynchburg was his and he was so happy.He was thinking of all the girls he could pick up.Second prize went to Buckwheat the bear.He was very happy because,he so needed that new 52in.TV and furniture for his pond-side apartment.Honeysuckle was especially appreciative of the 52in.TV considering he was a sports fan.He got to watch it all the time because,he and Buckwheat shared an apartment together to split the rent.The third and last prize went to T-KaKe the mouse.His prize was 52 pairs of JazzEwalkers shoes with the three buttons on the side in his choice of colors.

After everything had quited down a bit,everyone noticed that Pee-Wee the fox lost for the first time in 10 years and he was a sore loser.I don't understand how you beat me Enie,said Pee-Wee.First of all Pee-Wee before you get the wrong understanding,I'm not Enie i'm Moe,said Moe.Then all the wood rats step foward,and the eyes of Pee-Wee the fox was as big as two fifty-cent pieces.Until that moment he always thought it was only one wood rat and that was Enie.Pee-Wee the fox never knew about Menie,Miney and Moe.Then Pee-Wee the fox realized a joke had been played on him. But Pee-Wee the fox was the only not laughing.Enie starts to explained since it was his idea.the reason you don't understand is you cheated and so did we,Enie explained.We thought you were cheating,but without any proof,we couldn't accuse you.Now,that we have the goods on you Pee-Wee,you will not be allowed to participate in any other games because you cannot be trusted.You are banned forever.We hope you learned your lesson,said the wood rats to Pee-Wee the fox.Wherever you go.what ever you do,always toBEWARE CHEATING DON'T GET YOU NoWHere!

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