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The GangBangers

                                                  Highway And Gangbangers

The wood rats Enie Meanie Moe was so tired, they decided to sleep in.while they were sleeping in, there wasa a loud noise going on outside in the Gr Leaf Forest.The noise was so loud,It frightened all the animals so bad until all of them ran and hid.The noise finally reached the wood rats ears,and before they knew what happen they were wide awake.What is all tha noise?Asked wood rat.I don't know replied the other wood rats. So as soon as the wood rats got dressed,they went to the door,and looked out the door to see what all the noise was about.

To their surprise , they soon found out,that the noise outside,was none other than one of their old rival gangs,Highway and the Gangbangers.who also call themseleves Elmore,Skeeter,Peanut and Alabama.

They were destroying the Green Leaf Forest,They were riding on these Marley Gavidson's motorcycles,and they were juicing it up all over the place.The wood rats knew they had to do something right away,or the Green Leaf Forest would be ruin.

Highway and the Gangbangers had been around a long time,but most of their time had been spent behind bars.

The Gangbangers was a very charming foursome.They were four beautiful white foxes,who wore black and purple riding helmets,black leather jackets with purple boots.And to top everything off,right on the back of their leather jackets,were the words gangbangers,written accross the back in big pretty black letters.

When the wood rats saw the motorcycles,they knew they had to get motocycles also because,there was no way they could keep up with Highway and the Gangbangers without them.

So the wood rats hurried and got dressed,and went shopping for marley Gavidsons for themselves.When the wood rats reached the motorcycle shop,they in a hurry decided on what colors they would use.Well the wood rats loved the purple bikes,but they couldn't get purple because,Highway an the Gangbangers were purple and black.So the wood rats decided on red and white,and boy!were they the wood rats had to get their helmets,so they decided on red and white helmets,white jackets with the word wood rats printed in big red letters across the back.They also decided on some very pretty red boots.When the wood rats got all dressed up in their attire they was something to look at.Now,they were ready to tangle with Highway and the Gangbangers.But one thing was for sure,and that was this was not going to be an easy task,because Highway and his faithful Gangbangers never went down without a fight to the finish.The next thing the wood rats had to do was learn how to ride the bikes,and this was not going to be an easy task.Since neither one of the wood rats never rode a motorcycle before.The wood rats had a lot of hard work in front of them.They knew they were going to get a lot of bumps along the way,but were destine to ride.Soon the next day had arrived,and the wood rats were on their way to their motorcycle training class.The first day was pretty rough on the wood rats,as a matter of fact the wood rats got a lot of bumps and knocks all over their bodies,and they couldn't ride their motorcycles.But the next day could be different.The wood rats could turn out to be the best riders that ever sat on a motorcycle.who knows mircles do happen.Especially in the Green Leaf Forest.

Since this was their third day in training,seems like the wood rats was finally getting the hang of it.Enie were the last of the wood rats to catch on,but when he finally did,he was the best rider out of all the wood about that?Now that the wood rats had finally learn to ride their motorcycles they were they knew they had to be civilized when they rode the bikes because they couldn't ride them like they ride their mountain bikes.They had to be careful of the pedestrians not to run them over.Now that Enie were the best rider,he could do all kind of tricks.Enie were a very fast learner he could ride with no hands.he could ride on the handlebars,he could stand on the seat.because Enie had learned all the safety tips that came with it so he wouldn't hurt himself.The wood rats had now pass their test,they were on their way to catch the bad boys.bad boys,bad boys what you gone do.speaking of Highway and the Gangbangers of course.

as the wood rats were coming around the corner,they spotted the Gangbangers sitting at the Fat Burger Cafe.This cafe was the gangbangers favorite hangout,that's why they were so over weight.So after the wood rats park their bikes,they went inside to confront the Gangbangers about their behavior.Moe were the first to go through the door,the other wood rats followed.When the gangbangers spotted the wood rats, their appetite left them.they couldn't swallow another bite.You guys wouldn't be followering us would you?Asked highway the gangbangers leader.Why would you think that ask Moe?the wood rat.You all must something to hide?asked Moe.we have nothing to hide,could have fool us,the way you all are so suspicious of everybody.since it was sought of late the wood rats started for home.The wood rats had such a day they were so soon as their heads hit the pillow they were fast asleep.The next day soon arrived,the wood rats had to come up with a plan to out smart the Gangbangers.The wood rats didn't know what to do,so they went in their closet and put on their thinking caps.Once their thinking caps were in place their creative juices stated to flow.I've got it yelled Moe.bad boy bad boy what you gone do.Moe say well it gone take a lot of practice.I got it figured like this,if we can get the Gangbangers to follow us to Dead End's Bluff we can bring them down. how do you epect to do that?asked the other wood rats.come I will show you replied Moe.But first i have to go by and pick up a friend of ours who just blew into town last night.The wood rats didn't have the slightest idea what Moe was talking about.suddenly they found themselves in the company of an old friend from the hood.When Moe open the door their stood their old friend Poochie Mama.she still was beautiful grey and still very good looking.I see you still wearing them black sunglasses these glasses are selling everywhere.You still like that jewlery.oh I wouldn't go anywhere without it.When moe went up and rang the door bell we had no idea you were in town.Yea guys.What you bad boys up to?What storm blew you into town?asked Enie.Well last night as I was about to lay me down to sleep,in hope that my tied body would sleep.I got a strange call from Moe,asking me to come for a visit.I got right up and threw a few pieces into a suit case and here I am.With the wood rats looking so puzzle,Moe began to explain.and that poochie mama was part of the plan.When the wood rats heard the plan,they all agreed.That explains why he sent for poochie mama she was part of the plan.and what was so important is that poochie Mama was a expert when it came to riding motorcycles.Her expertise was about to be put to good use.

The next day was a very busy day for the wood rats,they had to practice their plan.But first they had to go to the motorcycle shop and get Poochie Mama a Marley Gavidson.Ater the wood rats got Poochie Mama all fixed up with her jacket,boots and helmet.The next thing the wood rats did was hurry off down to Dead End bluff.As soon the wood rats reached Dead End bluff Moe shared his plan and how it was to be carried out.So after practiced everybody knew what to do.Now it was time to teach Highway and the Gangbangers a lesson.The first part of the plan was to lure Highway and the gangbangers up to Dead End seem as though that would be a hard job.But it wasn't sense Poochie Mama was to be used as a decoy.once poochie Mama got all dressed up in her red and white,and got on her motorcycle,she sure was a looker.Bad Girl bad girl what you gone do.As Poochie MaMa was out strolling around on her new motorcycle,she spotted Highway and the Gangbangers coming up behind her on their  motorcycles.As soonas Poochie Mama thought they were closing in on her,she took off like a bolt of lightening and the chase was on.Highway and the Gangbankers were so close on her tail end until, they never knew where they were going.When they did take a notice,they were clueless to their surroundings.It never crossed Highway and the Gangbangers mind that they were being lead in a trap.

as they were going around this very deep bend in the road,whata you know. there they were Enie,Meanie,Miney and Moe.They were just standing there waiting,for Highway and the Gangbangers to come around the bend.The wood rats had set up a camouflage canvas of the road they were traveling on. Highway and the Gangbangers never new the road they were traveling on was make believe.They were so taken with Poochie Mama they never knew they were tricked.when they did take a notice Poochie Mama was nowhere to be found.Where could she be ask Skeeter,i don't know replied the other Gangbangers.Before they knew it they thought they were going to crash into the mountain.But it was only a big picture that was made to look like a mountain.When the Gangbangers landed they realized they had been tricked by the wood rats.Once again they had been tricked by the wood rats.When the Gangbangers got through bouncinc around,only then did they realize they were on the back of some kind of truck.and they were headed somewhere.But the question is where were they going?Then all of a sudden the truck stop,and the bars were open,and now they were back to their favorite place the Green Leaf forest penitention.And to Escort them back to their favorite home was none other than Enie,Meanie,Miney and Moe,and of course your's truely Miss Poochie Mama.Now that her job was done Poochie Mama caught the wood rats favorite jet the Golden Eagle which is now own by Enie,Meanie,Miney,and after the wood rats joj was finished, they return home to get some relaxation.After the day the wood rats had they had nother bad to do. Bad Boy bad boy what you gone do when they come for you.

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