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The knife goes across her face
The blood starts dripping
I put my hands on her breast
Her heart beats so fast

I slide the blade along her chest
She lets out moans of pain
The noise that she makes
Is like music to my ears

I drag a cut across her leg
A tear begins to form
I wipe her eyes with my nail
I always love the taste of tears

I slip the knife through her hair
A golden lock falls to my hand
I collect it together
It will go with the collection

As I cut along her arm
The deeper I go
The louder she screams
I get to the bone

The pain I am inflicting
The damage I am making
The screaming I am causing
The joy I am having

And now you loose your ear
The one you never use
The one you could have used
The one that could have saved you

The blood begins to pour
Your face is red with stains
It drips on into your mouth
You spit it out at me

A bad move you have made
Now the knife goes inside
Goes to your teeth
And cuts them out

Your lips canít form the words
But I know what you are saying
You are calling me a bastard
Not you say? To bad

I take my revenge for that
I gently take the knife down
With out leaving a mark
I go to you toe

With a soft gentle hacking
I get through your toe
And pick it up
So very small it seems

I put it in a bag on the table
Along with your teeth and hair
What a collection I will have
When Iím done with you

But what should I do I think
With all your flesh
You do look rather tasty
I think you will be nice

A soft gentle kiss I give
To the side of your neck
Next what I do though
I bite it for some blood

Are you thinking I am evil?
Well think what you have done
You broke my heart my love
This is the only way I have left

I begin to make you look nice
I take my knife and paint you
I give you the marks of a bitch
One to show your true self

And now your body is red
The blood flowing down
You begin to get tired
You slip to the floor

You are not dead yet
You have a lot yet to go
You cannot escape yet
Not from so little pain

You try to scream but fail
Your mouth is full of blood
How beautiful and unique you are
The way you lie there in pain

I drag the knife another time
Across your throat
This time you will die
I watch you gasping for air

I seal your throat so can breath
Then open it so you choke
The pleasure is divine
How can I let you die?

I leave you alive for a while
So you can feel the pain
As I remove your flesh
And you die from pain

I begin with your leg
I slice off the meat
I keep it safe in a fridge
It looks so tasty

As I finish with one leg
I see you begin to fall
You canít last very long
But you miss the best

I finish the other leg
Just to see you die
Your eyes are full of pain
I say goodbye, and let you die

Now I have you forever
Your bones are hanging on my wall
Your teeth made a necklace
You hair is now a pillow

You made a meal for a whole school
The kids loved you
They kept coming back for more
How could I resist?

I dream of you everyday
My one true love
Why couldnít you love me?
We could be together forever

Now all I have to remember
Is a mangled skeleton
A pillow of hair
And of course Ė the video I made
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