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BY: Emmanuel Barraza


Juliya arrives home and finds Kernad seated on her bed and he goes toward her hastily. He grabs her arms and shakes her whole body and almost makes her head come off.
“Juliya, where have you been? Everyone has been trying to look for you!”
“Let go of me Kernad! You will never try to handle me again, understood?!”
“Milady, you don’t understand! I have been worried sick about your whereabouts! You don’t know how it feels! And I am sorry that I shook you up like that.”
“I’m also sorry that I didn’t tell you that I was at Adrian’s, I mean at a friend’s house.”
Juliya exposed her secret about her being at Adrian’s house.
“Juliya, what were you doing at a mortal’s house? Did you……”
“No I didn’t! I got drunk at the club and he was so kind enough as to take me to his apartment and let me sleep there since he doesn’t where I live. Does that explain some stuff for you?”
“How do you know that he didn’t take advantage of you? He could’ve done something to you!”
“Well I trust him Kernad! I know that he wouldn’t do that to me. I even trust him with my life.”
“So is he more than a friend to you? Probably, a boyfriend?”
“NO! Of course not! He’s more like a best friend. You know very well that I can’t handle being in a relationship. Look, Kernad, just because he’s my new friend, it doesn’t mean that I will not be best friends with you. You have always been there for me. We grew together as friends and became best friends. Our friendship is strong so don’t worry.”
“I know Juliya. I just don’t you to get hurt by him. If he ever does, I don’t care if he is a mortal, I will kill him.”
Juliya thought this over in her mind and remembered about the dreams that she has been having. ‘Could this be a sign,’ she thought. ‘Am I supposed to be aware of this outcome with Kernad and Adrian? I just don’t know.’
“Hello, Juliya? Juliya?”
“Oh, sorry I just day dreamed right at that moment. Um, thanks for saying that but, I’m sure that he won’t, even if he does I will kill him myself.”
“Ok. I’ll see you around, ok?”


Ring…… Ring…... Ring……
“Hello, this is Adrian.”
“Hi baby.”
“Juliya? I didn’t expect to hear from you until tonight. What’s up babe?”
“I was just wondering.”
“Do you want to go out for lunch or dinner today? If you’re not busy of course.”
“Sure, lunch sounds so great. I’ll meet you in one hour?”
“Bye Juliyaaaaaah!”
“Adrian!? Adrian!? What’s wrong? Hello? Hello? Adrian!”
And at that moment, a strange voice answers the phone. Juliya is wondering what happened to Adrian.
“Adrian is a little preoccupied at the moment, do you think that you can call him later?”
“Who is this? Where is Adrian?”
“Oh you’ll find out who this is soon. But for right now, let’s just say that I’m really close with Adrian. Like family.”
“You best have not have harmed Adrian! I’m coming over right now!”
“Alright I’ll be waiting for you, Juliya Dawn.”
“How do you know my name?”
“All will be explained in due time. So anyways, as Adrian was saying, bye Juliya.”
And like that the strange person hung up. With out thinking what might happen to her if she goes to Adrian’s apartment, she teleports to her destination with worrisome in her heart.


She arrives in front of Adrian’s door to his apartment. She opens it abruptly and runs inside and finds Adrian on the ground with three gashes across his left cheek, bruises on his arms and his shirt is tore off. She runs toward him and tries to wake him up from his unconsciousness.
“Adrian! Adrian! Wake up! Please wake up!”
“Huh? Juliya! Get out of here! It’s not safe for you here.”
“Nonsense, I won’t abandon you here! Now get up, I’m going to try to teleport us both to my room.”
Bang, bang! The noise came from the closet and it couldn’t have been anything.
“What was that?”
“Nothing, let’s just go to your room.”
“Why do want to leave in such a hurry? Wait, what happened to your tattoos on your chest and back? You’re not Adrian.”
“Of course I am.”
Juliya drops the so called Adrian to the floor hard.
“Who are you?”
“Alright, you caught me. It’s the voice you heard on the phone.”
“But how do you look like Adrian and sound like him?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m his twin!”
“He never mentioned a twin!”
“Well let’s just say that me and my brother have our differences here and there. He’s got the brains and I’ve got the cunningness.”
“But why do this to your own flesh and blood? You know what don’t answer that I’m just going to get him out of here. Is he in the closet?”
“Yes, he is. But you’re not going to be able to get him out. You know why? Because, I’m not going to let you.”
“I’d like to see you stop me. Now if you don’t mind I’m going for him.”
Juliya walks toward the door and opens it. She finds Adrian inside there and he is a total mess. This Adrian has bruises all over his body; his shirt is torn off and has slashes across his chest.
“Adrian,” Juliya screams out loud, “what happened to you? That’s such a stupid question. Look I’m taking you home with AH!”
And like that, Juliya falls down to the floor and falls unconscious.

Juliya wakes up groggily and tied up to the bed post. She tries to tear the ropes with her free hands but can’t. She tries to find out where she is by looking around her surroundings. She well knows that this cannot be Adrian’s room. No, she has to be in a different place. But where did this person take her? Is Adrian there as well? Juliya now tries to reach for Fumata blade, which is in her back pocket. She is to get it and unsheathes it. She tires to cut the ropes and is successful!
She now tries to find Adrian assuming he is in this room. She manages to find Adrian’s aura and goes in the direction in which it is in.
“Tisk, tisk, tisk. Leaving already when the fun is just about to begin? Now isn’t that a little ill-mannered of you Juliya?”
Juliya rushes forth to the creature that harmed her and Adrian. He escapes passed her and hits Juliya with a blow to the spinal chord. Juliya screams out in anguish and falls to the floor again.
“At least this time you didn’t pass out when I hit you.”
“You monster! Adrian, where is he? Tell me at once or I will rip your head of and…”
“And you’ll do what? I wouldn’t be making threats if I were you. I mean you’re not in a position to makes those suggestions. So I would watch my tongue. And anyways so as to not prolong you saying I’m a monster anymore, my name is Ryan Cornelius Rivera.”
“Why are you doing this to me and Adrian? Why now?”
“Adrian and I have our differences so don’t ask anymore about that. All you need to know is that all this will be over in due time.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Don’t worry you little tramp. All this will be over like I said. Now, SHUT UP!”
Ryan slaps Juliya across the face and makes a little flesh wound on her right cheek bone.
“Now let me run off and get my brother. Don’t go anywhere now. Ha ha ha!”
Juliya tries to get up but that hit really knocked out her energy. Why did she even try to attack him? He must be stronger than her. And that’s all she needs to know.
It didn’t take long for Ryan to bring his brother to the room where Juliya was held at. Adrian looked in worse shape than Juliya and he even has some new wounds added on from what Juliya saw last time. Ryan sets the wounded Adrian right by Juliya and he is unconscious.
“Adrian! Adrian! Adrian! Please wake up.”
“It’s no use, Juliya; he is way out of it. He can’t hear you for the moment. So can you please stand up for me?”
“You expect me to stand up? How do I know that you’re not going to hit me when I get up?”
Ryan takes a while to answer that and comes up with this.
“Look, I won’t hit you when you’re getting up so just get up.”
During that time that Ryan let her on the ground she had regained some of her strength. She gets up at an alarming speed and attacks Ryan with her Fumata blade. He gets cut by the blade on his left knee, and screams in agony.
Juliya runs immediately to Adrian’s side and teleports him and herself to her room. She arrives in exhaustion and faints on her feet………


“Juliya! Juliya wake up!”
Kernad hollers at her at the top of his lungs. She shakes her to wake her up. And she finally wakes up.
“Um, what? Kernad! Where is Adrian? Is he alright?”
Juliya didn’t expect to see Kernad in her room. More importantly, she didn’t expect to let Kernad know that she teleported him to her room.
“Yes, he is alright. He is being tended by the druid healers. He has taken some damage but he’ll be okay.”
“You’re not mad that I brought him here are you, Kernad?”
“(Sigh) No, I’m not Juliya. I was at first but I figured that he was he was in grave danger and you thought that he needed that help and had nowhere else to turn to.”
“Yea, that’s it. Um, I have to make a confession. Adrian’s is not like other humans, he’s a …”
“General Kernad, it is me, Oni, one of the Druid healers.”
“Come in, Oni.”
As the skinny and pale woman comes in with a note, she is trembling tremendously. She has dark circles around her eyes and has her hair in a bun.
“I come to bring some news from the elders. We come to a conclusive decision about the patient. He is a Lacree.”
“He’s a what?! Juliya, please explain this to me NOW!!!”
Kernad urges in her direction. Juliya starts to edge away from him.
“Kernad let me explain what happened. Today, I called Adrian again to set up a lunch date with him. But, when we were about to decide when to meet and where. He was attacked by someone but I was unable to know until I came to his apartment.
“When I did arrive, I found him on the floor. Or so I thought it was him. It was actually his twin and well he did all of this to me and his own brother. When I caught his brother off guard, I slashed him with my Fumata blade. Do you believe me?”
“I don’t know what to believe. I somehow do but, this story seems so unreal.”
“Please try to believe me. I am very sorry did not tell you before.”
“You knew he was a Lacree before all this happened? But, why go out with a Lacree, Juliya, why?”
“I got to know him better and well I love him, Kernad. I truly love him.”
“I’m sorry Juliya but, I can’t allow you to go on with this relationship. I’ll have to kill him. I know that he caused you those injuries so don’t lie to me. Oni, please bring me my Tri Bladed Boomerang.”
“Yes General Kernad.”
“Kernad, please don’t kill him! I beg of you, don’t!”
“I’m sorry but, I have to Juliya. It is good for the Dawn line and it is my sworn duty to do so if it comes to killing creatures like him.”
“If you do I will kill myself!”
Kernad walks away from her and goes straight to the ward where they are keeping Adrian. When he arrives, he sees the beaten up Adrian on the steel counter. He tries to reason things out in his mind and now goes toward Adrian and grabs his shoulders. He shakes him awake.
“Wake up you stinking Lacree! It’s time for your demise.”
At that moment, Juliya arrives at the knick of time and kicks Kernad ferociously at his left side. Kernad falls to the ground and at the same time hits the wall. He falls unconscious and breaks his arm from the impact the wall gave him.
“Adrian, are you awake? Please tell me you are.”
“Hey there beautiful. What’s happening? Where am I?”
“Don’t worry I’m here. Oh, and we’re at my place.”
It didn’t take that much time for Kernad to recover and resume what he was about to do.
“Juliya get out of my way! He is too harmful for you.”
“Good-bye Kernad.”
Juliya latches herself onto Adrian and teleports again to the club.
“Juliya? NO!!!”
The lovers arrive in the alley where they decided to be lovers. Juliya sets down Adrian by the wall and sits by him to keep an eye out for anyone that approaches. She speaks to him softly to calm him down and sleeps by him all cuddled up to keep each other warm. The night covers them like a blanket and they both go to sleep.
Day comes into view and Juliya sees that Adrian has disappeared from view! She goes and searches him every place that she knows that he would be in but could not find him. In her mind she thinks where he could be.
She then senses his aura and nearby and immediately goes toward it. She finds him in a restaurant ordering food and goes inside.
“Juliya? I thought you were sleeping, I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up. You must’ve been worried about me.”
“Yea I was you butt-head. (Sigh) But now I know that you are alright. You seem to be all healed up.”
“I feel so terrific. I have all wounds mended and my bones aren’t even broken anymore.”
“I’m so glad to hear that. So do you want to go on that lunch date we were supposed to go on like three days ago?”
“Um, would you settle for a breakfast date instead? Since we are here right now, Juliya.”
“Alright baby.”
The two sit down in a nearby table and eat away from such hunger they have. From there the two walk away to the movies and see a horror movie. When it ends, they walk away together, with out a care in their mind, to Adrian’s apartment. They arrive at the door and they begin to close in on each other for a kiss.
“Uh, uh, uh.”
Adrian struggles for air and falls to the ground.
“Adrian!? Adrian!? Adrian!”
Juliya turns around to see who had done this to Adrian and then sees Kernad with a grin at his face. He had taken Juliya’s knife and used it on Adrian. He had used his speed maneuver abilities to cause a gash in Adrian’s stomach. Juliya goes to Kernad and takes away the knife from his grip and kills Kernad!
“How dare you do this to me?! You knew I was happy and you had to ruin it! Now I’ve lost three people that I loved! I can’t stand this anymore. I’ll have to kill myself in order to be with my loved ones. Good-bye cruel world!”
Juliya readies the Fumata above herself and….
“Juliya wait! Don’t do it.”
Adrian had called her before she could kill herself. She hurries over to his side and awaits him to talk again.
“Juliya, don’t kill yourself. Not for me. Please don’t.
“But I have to in order to be with you. I love you Adrian, and I want to be with you forever so I have to do this.”
“No you don’t. Please, stay alive. My time on this world is almost over and this time I had with you has been great.”
“It has been great for me also.”
“Then don’t end it yet. I have to leave you now. Good bye Juliya, I love you. And I always will.”
Adrian’s eyes roll to the back of his head and he dies.
“NO!! Adrian, I don’t want to say goodbye but, here goes. Good-bye my love. Good-bye……”
During the time that Juliya was killing Kernad, Adrian’s life flashed right before his eyes. And so, our next journey starts off in the year 1820. Where Adrian started his life with being a Lacree……

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