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an old friend

An old friend 

it has been a year since I lost an old friend the story goes like this when I was very young   I   came to this country so I  didn’t have much friends  I   usually got really angry all the time after some time   I  started going on small walks around the place I  live and in all my walks I  went along the an old tree

slowly it became my friend I  went to play on it I  played with it leaves and fruits  by this time I hade passed my 3 grade and was going to 4 with a

New grade came new friend and had much to learn soon I forgot about my

old friend one day after I  passed 4 I  went to visit my old friend and to my horror he was gone he was cut done by the owner of the house and still today when I  go by the house I  think about my old friend




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