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As I lie in the bathtub, the blood trickling down from my veins I sit and think of the things that lead to this. The bulling, the laughing, having no friends and being depressed all the time. How could people be so cold hearted, how could they not see what they were doing to me inside, as I fell to the floor in tears from the things that happened, how could they laugh at me? I used to feel for the other people who got bullied, I would wonder how people could do what they were doing.

Now my life flashes before my eyes, Iím happy that pain is finally over and I will never have to feel it again, I feel the anger drain from my body, I feel content with who I am, what I had done through my life, glad I had never caused pain to any one else. But I felt pity for those who had hurt me. I knew that they would never feel what I had felt, and was feeling. They would live a life as someone who they wanted to be, not who they were, they would turn around one day, and see they had wasted their lives.

I will never forget how you hurt me, all the pain you caused, and you think the shit you did to me could be forgotten? Hell no, you ruined my life, I could have gone somewhere, but you made me end it all because of what you did to me. I hope you live your life full of guilt and regret. I hope that you finally see that what you have done is wrong and should never be forgiven.

No one ever heard my voice of silent cries. As I lay crying, not afraid to hide what I was feeling, and people would walk past chuckling at my pain. No one could see the pain that lead to this, no one cared, I was known as a freak, had no friends, I was picked on because I was weak.

The worst thing they had done to me, was when a new person came to the school, he seemed like a social reject like me and we became friends, it was the first time in my life I was happy. But it turns out he was friends with the others, they had done this so they could turn around and laugh at how stupid I was. I felt a dagger go through my heart, it hurt more than anything else, I tasted the sweetness of a friendship, just to be laughed and bullied over.

As the water turned red and I my mind went dizzy, I began to think of other things. My 13th birthday party, the most humiliating thing ever. I had just begun high school, and people where only just starting to dislike me, they all came, that wasnít a problem, but what they did was the worst, one of the girls that came was one I had a crush on. And when all the guys arrived, they decided to throw my face into my cake, pour coke all over my brand new clothes my parents bought me, and then throw a box of ants onto me. It was the worst thing, they were everywhere. And I had the biggest fear of ants, I had said this earlier that week in class. And there went the only girl I ever wanted a chance with.

And now my time has come, I feel myself sinking into the water, I close my eyes and let my life drift away. As I journey to a better place, away from all the pain, I do not regret what I am doing, it is the only way to escape it all. And now the light fades for the last time. As I lie at the brink of death, I say goodbye to this cruel world, shut my eyes and never return.
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