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Friends, what are they?

How do you define friends? How true is the quote "A friend in need is a friend in deed"?
As I grow older, going from primary school to secondary school to college, I've met different types of people,
as well as different types of friends.

In secondary school, when is was still a teenager and in the process of growing up, all my friends
surrounding me were innocent and will be there for you when u need them. Although we sometimes quarrel over trivial matters,
we still care about each others' general well-being and up till now, after I have graduated for 2 years,
we still keep in contact and meet up for occasional gatherings.

Now that I'm in college, I was hoping to find more friends who are mature in their thinking and will not get angry over
silly things, but what I was expecting turns out to be the opposite.
My friends in college, or rather acquaintances as I would put it,were a selfish bunch of people.
They can be nice to you when it's a normal day, but when it's time for projects, they leave you alone to fend for yourselves,
of course those people I'm referring to are those smart ones. We people of normal intellect are left all alone, and therefore
those smart ones will get very high scores and we normal beings will get average scores. I was thinking why can't they help us out since we
are all classmates. But I still can't reach the end conclusion.

So what is friendship all about? Shouldn't we help one another out when it's necessary? Why do my classmates in college behave this way?
Are they afraid of the fact that we will someday score higher than them if they offer to help us? I seriously don't know...
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