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My Name is Whisper

All my life I'd lived as a Speechless who could only communicate with the other Speechless using HearSpeak, the native tongue only Speechless knew. It was unlearnable, an instinctive language Speechless immediately became fluent in. The way the Speechless live is wonderful, living with the beauty of nature after the Earth had nearly been destroyed. The falling leaves of autumn slowly fell to the ground as the chilly north winds breezed past my cheek. An aroma of rose petals swirled around me and I knew this was Lilia’s bidding. Only she smelled of roses, a flower that had long perished from the face of the planet, Earth. Whisper, hello there, it’s Lilia, I’ve come.

        Hello, Lilia, I answered with my thoughts.

        How’s it going? Are you still holding a grudge against Murmur for naming you Whisper?

        Of course……… what kind of mother names her only daughter before she died Whisper?  I huffed, rather annoyed Lilia brought up the subject of my mother at a time like this.

        Aha! So you ARE one of those grudge-holding people! You lied to me! Lilia clapped her hands in delight. Now you must do your fifty thousand push-ups!

        And just WHEN did I agree on doing fifty thousand push-ups if I lied?  I mumbled in my head, feeling silly.

        I made up the rule about…….. What, two minutes ago?

        WHY DO I HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU?! I screeched in my head, clutching my sides in pain.

        Because I’m your twin sister………….. Whisper……… Would you like to know my name?

        No, not really…… but sure, go ahead…..

        I’m Secret.

Oh, really. Your Speechless Name is Secret? How does that make sense, exactly? I angrily muttered.

I don't know, but Murmur gave me the name not too long ago, in the Dream. Lilia's brow was furrowed, deep in thought, as if recalling a memory long lost in the apocalypse.

Well, okay, I believe you. Now, let us go find Calypso, and tell her your name. She'll at it to the Speechless book. I smiled, but in my heart I knew it wasn't genuine. 

Will she tell the elder? I don't know if he's available. Lilia shushed me before I could say anything. Anyway, for now, I'm Lilia. I began to think she'd been lying about her Speechless name. It was a major sin that could ban you from Speech forever. At least Lilia knew HearSpeak.

Whisper, WHISPER!!!!!! Calypso's voice sounded, right next to my ear.

Oh, Speak of the Forbidden, yes-what is it? My voice chirped perkily. When had I learned to Speak in that Tone?

The river flowed by gently as I curled up in my bed. Lilia and Murmur used to SingSpeak me to sleep. Now Murmur was gone, and Lilia couldn't SingSpeak without supervision because she didn't have her Speechless Name. I'd gotten mine, Murmur whispered it in my ear and told me the story of Elongdad before she'd passed on to the Eternal Resting Forest, where Kili said she'd be safe. Are you alright, Whisper? Calypso sat next to me, propped on the edge of my bed. I nodded, trying to smother her presence so I could fall asleep. She seemed to notice, so she slowly tiptoed back until she got out of my room. Calypso was so young, but she was the co-leader of the Colony. Why did the Humans destroy their home so badly? Earth hadn't bothered them intentionally, but the Humans abused their gifts. Lilia would tell me many Human stories, each one more frightening than the other. I remember hearing about Paul Bunyan, a massive man who tamed a hurricane that had a lady in it. Scary. We the Speechless, who had no rights and were silenced to the Woods, were peaceful people. Peace shouldn't have led to war, yes? But the Humans couldn't resist going over the Border to the Woods, trying to seek for ultimate power. Their selfishness resulted in war with us the Speechless. The thing is, the Speechless cannot die in battle. It is impossible. The only Human which the Speechless kept alive was John Johannason, a man who was strong-willed and determined to learn our ways, convinced he could teach other Humans our way of life. What a pitiful man. Little did he know, there were no more Humans on Earth.

We were PlantPeople. People who were originated from plants, born to be with plants.

Good morning, sister, Lilia yawned.

Good morning.... I stifled a yawn as I sat up, back in bed.

GET UP! Thorn, our Fauna, yelped. Academy begins today, if I'm not incorrect?

Double negative! Lilia and I shouted in unison. We smiled at each other and headed off for the Academy.

My children... Murmur murmured, but I didn't notice. She was my dead mother. No one could've heard a spirit, but I could've SWORN I heard her voice. The only one who believed me was Lilia.

Mother, I said aloud, to no one in particular, just my thoughts aloud. Is Lilia's Speechless Name really Secret? I need answers, not more questions.

Yes, why yes, it is. My mother's soothing honey voice slurred. I abruptly stopped moving. Was this my imagination? No, spirits of the Forest can read minds, and I'm not a figment of your imagination, Whispering Leaves.

It was my mother. No one else knew my full Name, not even Calypso.

Then again, I knew, so this could still be my imagination.

Still don't believe me?

Never did, Mother. I snarled.

Do me a favor, ask Lilia this: Whisper your secret, murmur. She will Awaken to her Name then. Bye now, child. You have my blessings. 

I immediately started to hunt Lilia down. Lilia! I screeched, once I'd spotted her. Lilia! Lilia! Get over here-NOW! Lilia ran over, her tiny feet thumping on the brown earth.

What is it? She snapped, agravated. Now I felt agitated. I was HELPING her. Gosh.

Listen carefully, Lilia. She eyed me carefully. Whisper your secret, murmur.

Ahhh..... Now I see. You contacted Murmur, yes? I nodded to her question, only half-listening. Yes, I will.

You'll what? I prodded her to answer.

Whisper your Secret, Murmur. Lilia's eyes glazed over. Hello. My Name is, Secret. I had to smile to stop myself from gasping out loud. For once in my life, I was proud of my name.

My Name is Whisper.

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