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Cruelty to Him

we had meet at the park. like an online dating thing. he wasnt dressed as a normal teacher of course because it was saturday. the fact that he meet me so easily amused me. i had just left a note on the park bench to where i was to have met him.
it had said to meet me in the middle of an open field right next to the park. like an idiot he followed the notes instructions.
he looked around the field for his blind date. he must have stood there for at least 20 minutes waiting. he started to leave and i took my chance.
"hello sir how nice to see you here." i said walking to him.
"what are you doing here? im suppoused to be meeting someone." he said dumbfounded.
'men' i thought 'soo ignnorant.'
"oh yeah she told me to tell you to burn in hell." i said off handedly
"huh" he was lost now.
i took a gun from my jacket and fired one shot into his left shoulder.
the look on his face was totally priceless. the shock confusion and disgust was too much. i laughed in his face. he was left handed so now he couldnt hurt me. his glistening red blood flowed freely through his fingers.
"what the fuck do you think your doing?" he asked trying to stop the sticky liquid from escaping his arm.
"oh" i said "just giving you what you deserve. you made fun of me. teachers are suppoused to punish bullies not help them." i spat in his face.
he didnt dare remove his arm away from the wound which was not bleeding quite as badly as at first.
i looked at him with a smile on my face.
"bitch"was all he could manage. "you were my favorite student."
"ohh thats soo touching." i said. i walked over to help with his wound. i took my gun and hit him over the head with it so now he had blood trickling from his brown hair. "now whos laughing you incomitant mother fucker?" i asked him.
he was curled on the ground whimpering. the teacher whom i had hated forever was finally getting what he deserved.
"trash. filthy filthy bloody fucking trash." i said to him, kicking him in the back. he groaned.
"im sorry." he whimpered.
"really?" i asked.
he merely nodded but barely.
"too late baby doll." i said digging my shoe into his head wound making it bleed even more. i put my trusty little gun back to the pocket in which i had taken it from. i knelt next to him and took out my favorite of all things. a lighter given to me for my birthday. it had not been used. it had a flaming fairy on it.
"i save the first light for you." i said. i lit it and put it to his shoulder blade wound. he tried to sceam but it came out as a feeble croak. the blood spilled out freashly. i smiled and watched the liquid drip onto my hand. i had always been facinated with fire and blood.
he cried like a child all the while. i stood and let the fire die. "pathetic beast." i muttered. walking around to his front i made him look me in the eye. "i have waited a whole year to do this. dont cry. you will have plenty of time for that in hell." he seemed amazed that i was really about to kill him.
i put my lighter up "i will save that for the finally." both of his wounds were bleeding fiercly.i took my gun out once again. "for you i said." i took aim and shot his right knee cap. his leg shattered. making him cry out. his tears afreash i smiled. "well "i said expectantly. "what have we learned?"
his racked sobbs sounded like "dunt fic on oders."
"good boy." i said laughing a little. i droped my gun into m pocket and took out my lighter. "last words?"
"im sorry." he said through the tears and sobs.
"of course you are." i said "any one in the pain would be. dont have too much fun in hell."

i lit the lighter and held it to his pants zipper where i waited for it to catch fire. when it did, i backed away and smiled at the body being consumed by flames. "well at least i gave you a chance to speak up in my class." i said .
i walked away without a second look back. the smoke rose above the field. i watched the crime scene burn from my bedroom window.
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