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The sun was gleaming in the sky of Andaman . The shore was like a holy place
of solace. They appeared and vanished like a never-tiring athelete .
The fishermen went out of their way to seek a favor , with their nets ,from
their fate –the river. The crabes kept wandering on the dry granules friskily
like an elated group of nomads.Among all these was Surabhi staring at the river
and everything around her with fascination. The river ,the trees, the sky and everything
the nature consisted of were like herself – serene ,silent ,beautiful and calm but very
expressive that explains to the river well enough .Yet she could never be accused of being
immodest for nobody in the town could understand her mute language except her compassionate
family which consisted of her elder brother and parents.
As she gazed ,her eyes rested on a kid running towards the river followed by a nervous couple .She came to her senses and got up to go home which was a cute little cottage in the adjoining lane with a garden around it.

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