Dusty Deadly Road | By: Brittany Walker | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Dusty Deadly Road

This lifethrob in my veins is telling me I should stay,

But I know this is not the place for my heart to rest.

They still wish me gone,

So gone i shall be.

I'll find my place somewhere,

Along this dusty deadly road.

Will you travel with me,

My companion in danger?

If it weren't for you,

My will to go on to my resting place would be gone.

This dusty deadly road can kill me,

But it can't kill us both.

So come with me,

And let us brave the dusty deadly road.

Many adventures we will have.

They challenge our wits,

And our bravery,

And our will to survive.

But most of all,

It tests our friendship.

This dusty deadly road cannot break our trust.

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