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I call Bull Crap On That One

My english teacher said it would be a swell idea to write a short story about my recent "adventure". Even though in my amazing "adventure" people got hurt and even killed. So yeah its not the type of adventure with rainbows and unicorns. Well I guess to start off I should introduce myself and give you a wee bit of background info huh? Well I'm a freshman, and some would even call me a slacker. But I don't like the word slacker. So I prefer working impaired. I go to Mcminn Central High School. Not really much to say about the dump. Except that the people who built the school had some weird obsession with circles. But I'm not really going to get into that. I'm to lazy, sorry. But more about me, I've always sorta had this "gift" for high observation. For example. If a teacher asked a student if they did their homework and the student said no, I could usually tell if they were lying just by reading their body language. Most of the idiots just laugh and say no. And it doesn't take an ivy league scholar to figure out that their lying. But let say that they say "no ma'm (or sir) I didn't do my home work". And rub the back of their head as their saying it. And their voice cracks. That tells ME that their flying by the seat of their pants and making up the lie right there and then. But if their Cocky and siting up straight that tells me that they came prepared for the lie.

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