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Zack and The Protectors Ch. Cut

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God, angels, Satan, demons, Heaven, and Hell . You’ve all heard the stories cause you’re told

them throughout school and people preach the word on the streets all the time. The question is what if they weren’t stories, what if it wasn’t a legend, a myth or whatever. What if it was all true and the best part is it’s still going on. So why don’t you know about it and why does it seem like it can only be a story when no proof except for a bible or word of mouth are all you know of. You haven’t seen anything according to your senses. Well to answer that there is a group called the protectors and they are what they are. Ever since the earth came into existence the war between Heaven and Hell has been going on. As centuries have gone by times have changed and so have the protectors. You have the military, you have civilians, and then there’s the secret that’s been held since time began, the protectors. Their an elite group of individuals who protect our planet from the outside, below, and above. Only the very best are chosen to fight off what our world is really against. Anyone in life can be a protector. You can be the guy who puts his life on the line to save someone he doesn’t even know or run into a burning building to save an older person or kid. It’s all about what’s going through your head at the time. It’s what you decide to do to help another survive, that is what makes you a protector. The ones out there fighting in the war are protectors but when you go to a greater extent and go further than anyone has ever gone to help someone or something, that is what makes you a protector. You don’t have to believe in anything to be a protector you just have to know, is it what you want to do. To do what no one else will do at a certain time and place makes you that guy. Even when you’re the one who is an outcast around everyone else who believe they are perfect in every way. The protectors began as priests and exorcists who took their jobs above and beyond serious. People who believed in a war that was beyond our natural comprehension. Everyone has the questions of the meaning of life. Its simple really. Think of a chess board and humans are the pieces to be moved around. The devil uses his minions to screw with humanity in different ways and God uses his angels to protect us but only if we pray to him. Course that’s when your told have faith and God will not put you through more than you can handle. Unfortunately some people really can’t handle the pressure their in so they commit suicide. Through time the humans began to evolve intelligent wise, while most just wanted to be human and civil, others wanted to fight. Those who decided to fight didn’t fight ghosts or demons but themselves. They fought overseas where people were fighting each other for the right of peace or destruction. Rule the world that’s what most want. The more we fought each other the more Hell was pleased by the challenge. Things got worse people either did not believe or fought amongst themselves forgetting about the Heavens and damnation. There’s also the question of aliens and that’s simple too. Yes, there are aliens but their like humans and have also advanced. No one really knows where they came from or who created them but there not from our world. A lot of earth’s people have seen them on earth but those are more or less scout ships that have gotten past our radar and they aren’t weak at all. This is where the protectors have come into play. Their the elite group who live in stations in our universe and some also live on earth that fight off the whatever alien scouts that come around. Which is why you hear and see sightings of aliens that have been on earth. The protectors cannot weed them all out due to lack of people wanting to leave Earth to fight off far more destructive forces. Really the whole point to all of this is simple It’s all a game to see who will survive the longest. For the most part the earlier exorcists were taking out the demons coming above to wipe our planet from within humans. That was good for the most part until later on one exorcist was taking a demon out of a young boy. This boy was having problems in school, bad nightmares, he thought they were bad because of all the stress at school. He was being attacked in his dreams by some kids. Kicked, punched, chocked, spit on, and it wouldn’t end till he woke up dripping sweat. people made fun of him cause of the dark circles under his eyes. The teachers were constantly asking if he was doing drugs but they wouldn’t believe him even when he spoke of his dreams. You know the stories of kid’s like this and they go on. one night when he went to sleep he didn’t wake up and instead he was meant to stay asleep being tormented but the next morning his parents sent in a doctor and the doctor recommended an exorcist. Taking the demon out went well except before it went back to Hell the demon began laughing and jammed it’s hand through the exorcist releasing it’s essence within him. He in turn began feeling inhuman powers, he had nor resistance to this new ability and had no experience in dealing with it so it took him over. He went out on a rampage killing anything and raped a woman and gave birth to boy. At two years old the boy grabbed a knife off the table and killed his mother. Walking the streets looking for more blood he was picked up by a kind young woman who already had a girl of her own that was adopted. the girl was only three years old at the time and didn’t know who this knew kid was but her mother told her to treat him like a best friend or brother. They eventually went to school together and the boy began to snap. The boy would get angry for no reason, had extraordinary strength when called upon. He also had the gift of telekinesis being able to lift things into the air without using physical abilities. he knocked the mess out of kids without question, basically the first kid to run his mouth or even look at him wrong was on the ground bleeding to death. He scared his adopted sister bad and of course she ran to their mother telling her what was going on. The boy was only six and was too young to be put in jail. Mom sent him to a shrink and even he couldn’t help the kid. He couldn’t hold himself together, couldn’t understand himself. He learned quite quickly what sex was cause he had a way to sneak around the house at night. Sometimes he would get lucky and see mom and dad in their bed room completely naked under the covers or bare. He felt something in him wanting it but didn’t know what it was he actually wanted. One night after a few years went by and he believed he had seen enough of his parents doing it he believed he had the charm and experience to persuade his sister. No boy really liked her and it wasn’t because of her looks it was her brother that scared them away. This night would be his he thought to himself. He and his sister had gone at it a lot and yes it’s incest within the family but they weren’t blood related. At the age of thirteen she got pregnant and he got pissed cause he didn’t want the child. Out of the rage he killed his parents and ran off but not after beating her nearly to death. His parents didn’t know about them having sex cause they were secretive about it. The boy hadn’t felt his anger come out through the years cause it was like the sex had actually calmed him but he went up in flames when he found out she was pregnant and told mom and dad the news. They were furious and he killed them. When he went out doors he began killing everyone out side with a knife at hand. He didn’t get to far when a cop came around shot him down real bad. The young sister did survive and gave birth to a boy who didn’t like going to church, hearing the words related to it, or having holy water splattered on him. Mom wanted him baptized and when the water hit him he screamed bad and the church was furious stating it was a demon baby and she must get rid of it. She moved away to a small town hoping to get away from it all and she succeeded for a moment. Her son didn’t have problems really bad or that he showed until he and his mother were at the store and a man tried to rape her. The boy was seven and just about killed this guy beating him to an inch of his life. It took several men to get him off this rapist. This boy felt the power as well but was able to hold it in. He made many friends, learned a lot in school, got into some fights and one fight that could have been fatal but was able to restrain himself from killing the guy he blew up on. He had gotten into so much trouble because of this rage that was consuming him that he finally got kicked out of school and was sent to court. he was given the chance to join the marines or go to jail because of the way he had turned out. He took the job but stayed in the same town he grew up in where most men worked normal day time jobs and women were doctors or school teachers. He was on leave from over seas and was also the kind who kept getting called back to war on call every other year. He did find love while on leave. He also had a son with her that was almost a chip off the old block. His wife was very loyal to him even while he had to keep going back to fight the good fight. She took care of her baby with no complaints or problems except from the neighbors who scorned her for being with that man her life. The town didn’t like criminals or military and her husband was in the military. He was the only out the whole town that fit the profile very well but she didn’t let that bother her. She understood what her husband was fighting for. While at war he was getting post traumatic stress disorder because that’s all he knew but he didn’t bring it home. He just liked to be home with his girl and just having her in his arms was enough to calm the evil in him. There were a few times where he would raise his voice or attempt to attack her just from paranoia but she wasn’t scared, she would put her hand on his chest or face, look at him in the yes and he would calm down. His wife would take him to church saying it would relieve him of his demons that plague him. She knew of his abilities and what he could but he still bottled it inside. He hadn’t reached the full potential of his ancestors and he didn’t want to. What he wanted was to stay human and protect his family. his abilities in battle and knowledge of war were so unique that higher authority wanted to speak with him about a knew mission. While overseas he was in the bunker lying down when a helicopter landed and wanted him on it. He was taken to an office where these marines were but these guys had on space suites with the marine emblem. He was asking real questions about what was going on. They were asking him about his past and he didn’t know anything. They explained to him about the protectors and what they do and he was given the option to do something bigger than him and all the things he had known about, needless to say, he took the job. Course when he came into the picture along with his abilities he brought a whole knew meaning to the word protector. Anyone can protect another person just out of being noble but the protectors take care of other enemies plus demons that like to infect others. Course when you preach the bible to aliens they don’t really listen so you just kill them. When he was given leave to come home he told his wife everything and she understood the situation and believed in the cause. He was able to bring home some equipment to put in his house just In case they overlooked certain scout ships that broke through the space station. When zack was born mom and dad were extremely happy and they were happy together although he wished he could spend more time with his son. When zack, their son was growing up he only knew his father went over seas to fight bad guys cause those were the stories his father told him. His father didn’t no if he inherited the curse as well because Zack hadn’t spoke of anything unnatural or showed it in any way. Zack was very quite, didn’t speak unless necessary, and obeyed his parents at all times. Unfortunately he didn’t get many friends because of his fathers past. Going through school wasn’t going to be easy for him. Everyone has a destiny if they choose to except it. Everyone has their own story to tell about themselves or their past alone. This is zack’s story and what he chooses to do with his future and the choices he makes will have an impact on his and everyone else’s lives. Zack didn’t have the picture perfect family nor did he really want it. As he grew up friends weren’t really available to him. Everyone in time knew his father somehow or another. He seen his dad a couple of times out the year and when he did times were great. His father taught him how to fight toughen himself, and study. While dad was gone to war zack and mom had to take care of each other which wasn’t difficult. Zack liked to learn anything and everything so cooking and cleaning didn’t bother him a bit. Since he was thought of as an outcast at school he had no problems making time to study hard, learn much and forget nothing. These are the words his dad taught to live by. He studied at school and at home but he also worked out getting stronger everyday. Course that wasn’t all he did he also played games and watched tv on occasion. At times he would feel this anger build up within him but he was able to overcome it. It was more like a feeling of heart burn at the time. In school there was this girl that liked zack but knew about his father like the rest of the kids making that the excuse as to why she wouldn’t talk to him. She was having problems with math and science and took those classes with zack. She wanted to so bad talk to zack about helping her but feared she was betraying her friends talking to the outcast and that zack would deny her the help. So many times she was tempted while playing outside or during lunch to go sit with him and get help but she just used the same excuse over and over. Another thing that made her interested in him is the way he dressed. He wore cloths totally different from everyone else around them. He wore all black from top to bottom which everyone else called him gothic. She didn’t complain though cause it matched his dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His hair was short on top and in the back but his bangs came just above his eyes which she began to like. He was quite, very quite unless someone spoke to him. The guys she hung around smoked, drank, and hung out at the local store all the time and really didn’t have a life. They would go mud riding, drive around the parking lot, and basically do the same things everyday. Zack didn’t do any of that. He didn’t smoke, drink, do any drugs or anything bad. He really tried to re frame from any of it. Although she had it in her mind every good boy needs a bad girl. He was so different from all the other guys that dressed like cowboys , emo, preps, you name it. Zack wasn’t depressed and barely showed any emotion whatsoever. She kinda understood because her parents always went to softball games and left her at home to do her own thing almost like they didn’t really care. Her dad was a driver transporting different things from one town to the next, played soft ball and tried to further his career by trying to get in with the professionals but he didn’t make it. Sure he had the upper body strength but he kept getting refused on different accounts so he just stuck with his day job. He still went out with his wife and played ball with his friends though that way he didn’t have to feel to bad about his life. Dad was always going out to games every other day, which is why she hung out with her friends when she did cause they were there when mom and dad weren’t. Zack didn’t have his dad home all the time cause dad did the thing every one else in town detested. He was military and no one liked the military let alone the government. There were other reasons as well why zack was an outcast in town but she only knew a few. She couldn’t help it though she still liked him. Well it was a weekend and zack was outside beating on a punching bag that hung on a tree that was covered in duct tape in the corner of his back yard. Instead of taking his anger out on people he figured needed it on a daily bases he hit the bag. He could hear voices on the bus at school, snickering about him and his parents and how his dad was such a coward for going to war amongst other things. One boy on the bus just couldn’t resist one day and came to sit next to zack. Zack was staring out the window when the boy sat next to him to share his opinion of zack. Ya know what I understand your situation and I really do think it’s a load of crap don’t you. Zack sort of glanced at him. Yeah man, a couple of guys up front began to laugh trying to keep it silent, my dad left a few years ago too. Ya know he left to go to war and all saying it would benefit me and mom or something but me and mom know why he really went. See, he’s a coward and doesn’t want to spend time with me or mom. So he left and used the I’m going to fight for yall over seas as an excuse. See, I told you I know what’s going on with you and I’m here if you need to talk so you can quite acting all depressed cause your daddy left you. He’s just a coward who doesn’t want to take up the burden of being a full time parent. The boy pats zack on the back, gets up and gets back in his seat explaining to his friends what he told zack. Zack stared back through the window at anything and everything not really caring what the boy said. Although he did kinda want to just throw the kid out the window and call it good but the kid wasn’t worth it. Zack’s was good at a lot of things but wasn’t always good with observation. What he didn’t know was ashley would sometimes come outside to do whatever and would watch him train. She wanted to talk with him so bad but feared he would turn her down in an instant. She liked him cause he was somehow different in his own way. She heard all the rumors of his dad and how dangerous he was but it didn’t seem to be true for zack. He showed no improper madness to people at school and was quite and never threw a punch only blocked them and made a point. She watched how fast he was and how hard he hit the punching bag. There was one day she went outside and actually seen him after a few rounds hitting the bag he sat down on the ground and began to cry. She started to cry as well. She wanted to go to him, hold him in her arms, and for once in her life speak to him. She had an idea as to why he cried but she didn’t know all of it. Theres only so much a person can really take before they break down alone and tear up only beginning to let it all go. She could tell by the way he trained himself if anyone touched him he could wear them out quick even john, the one guy who thought he could bully Zack around the first time. Words were said and john was the one up against the wall being spoken to Zack but he didn’t respond. Zack with one hand had john up against the wall being cussed out from left to right although he really just rolled his eyes remembering a headache he had. He dropped john down put his hands in his pockets and began to walk away while john stood up and stared at the one guy who actually stood up to him. John picked on others because he was the biggest and baddest or so he thought. At home he meditated normally before going to bed but didn’t pray although mom took him to church every Sunday saying it was good for him especially to release the demons within. Course the demon within him was patiently waiting for him to finally bring it out. It didn’t understand why it was unable to take control of this boy like it had all the others. It was like zack had built up a resistance to it’s seed. He meditated because he wanted to keep a straight mind throughout all the crap he was dealing with at school. I mean you only have twelve years to go right, til you graduate. He was doing good in school and he didn’t pick fights that he couldn’t take control of. He didn’t fight but he made a point and no one messed with him. After a fight or two with some guys messing with him people began to really think he was a chip off the old block and it wouldn’t change. He didn’t start the fights but he ended them and not brutally all he did was make a point. He didn’t have to speak cause he didn’t have to his actions spoke for him. His movements basically said I’m stronger than you don’t mess with me. Always fighting, soon be kicked out of school, and eventually either end up in prison or go fight in the war cause he can’t hack it the towns point of view. He didn’t show it at school but he did hurt on the inside, he cried while he hit the punching bag. Every now and then blood would splatter on the bag from hitting it so much and he would wipe it off so his mother wouldn’t freak out. He didn’t hate his father, and actually they were best friends when together, but wondered why his dad was the way he was and if he would take that same road. Zack wondered a lot why he was always working out, becoming stronger and smarter, always asking what’s the purpose of it all. He was strong enough to be head of security at school or the prison and smart enough to tutor the students and yet they still hated him. For a moment he looked at the tree the bag was hanging off of and tried to run up it. While working out he always wore a heavy vest and weights on his wrists that looked like regular fuzzy wrist bands with the symbol of his favorite band on them. They were disguised that way so he could wear them wherever he went even in school. He also wore weights on his ankles that were basically the same as his wrist bands. When he went for a walk he always put on his dads extra duffle bag filled with heavy weights as well. Either way if he was building muscle and speed and if he took all his weights off he would be pretty dangerous. Still dealing with the tree he could only make two steps up it though. Kept trying and trying after five attempts finally making three steps then four. He eventually was able to reach the limb about a foot above him. He stood around 5 foot ten so with the limb being a foot above him and he’s capable of touching it kinda made him feel like he was doing something. He got tired of messing around and started for the back door to for a walk but turned toward the bag. Planted his right foot pivoted on his left swung around and kicked the bag off the tree sending it into the wood fence behind the tree. He looked down and shuck his head. Damn, he thought now I have to put it back on the tree. After picking up the bag and hanging it back up he went for a walk down the street not really going anywhere. Head was low but was able to see where he going. he just so happen to look up and a van was slowly going over the bridge that he was crossing. The van was hanging onto the bridge only by the back wheels. He could hear screaming and from the looks of it Ashley was in the back window with her mother yelling for help. The bridge was over the lake he and his dad normally fished out of when he was home to do so. He immediately stepped into gear heading for the van and stopped at the back wheels where on the driver side he saw her dad hanging out of the car holding onto the driver’s side door. Her dad was yelling for help when he looked up he’d seen zack standing there. Hey kid go get some help or were gonna fall. Her dad took a closer look at zack and realized just by the face of who this kid belonged to. He went back to a memory back in high school when he was messing with keith, zack’s dad. Keith made it on the football team but got kicked off due to his violent behavior but he could get on anything cause he was a beast when it came to muscles and speed. He had also been talked to by college coaches at one point about going pro but declined them all. Sam ashley’s dad was not pleased with keith because he bettered him in everything. In this memory sam took up a fight with keith and was put on the ground in a heart beat and almost beaten to death. Keith stopped himself and unlike a few times before this was the first time keith managed to stop himself from going further. After the memory he thought to himself oh man I seen his father and he bout killed me in a fight and now his sons hear to watch me fall to my death. Now I’ll fall off this bridge his whole family’s a curse. Zack stood there for a minute calculating what he could do and seen Ashley crying her eyes out staring at the one boy she’d liked for a long time but never tried talking to. She yelled out him as loud as possible for his help and her mom did the same banging on the back window. Would he be their savior or would he be their downfall. Zack looked at the wheels as they began to lose what ground they had left so he grabbed the railing with his left hand and a piece of the car in his right. He felt that heart burn again and it was burning bad. At one time when the heart burn began he tried taking pills for it but it made him spit up blood so he just stopped and took the pain. His eyes were turning red and stuff flashed before his eyes like they say before you die except he wasn’t dead. He thought of his dad and when he’d get home and all the stuff they would be doing again. This wasn’t his dad though this was someone who despised Zack’s very exsistance because of his father. Though at this point he thought, who cares lets do this. He held onto the car with his right hand, dad was still yelling for help and the girls were screaming. Ashley’s face went white when she felt the car move backwards and seen Zacks face begin to sweat just a little along with his eyes turning red. She had to close her eyes and reopen them to make sure she wasn’t seeing anything out the ordinary. Zack began to groan from how much strength he was putting in to the car to pull up on it. Her dad looked up to see zack still standing their and hadn’t left yet to go get help. What are you doing I said go get help you can’t pull this van back on the bridge it’s too damn heavy. Zack didn’t say anything he just continued to pull. Her dad felt the oddest sensation how was he being lifted when the car was supposed to be going off the bridge. He thought could that boy really be picking this car up it must weigh a ton. Ashley was in complete shock seeing this mere boy who didn’t speak more or less at all pulling this heavy van back on the bridge. Aaahhhhh zack began to groan heavier pulling with one hand and holding onto the railing with the other. He had thought about letting go of the railing in order to pull it the rest of the way up. Zack noticed the back wheels weren’t turning as he pulled it back up and he knew her dad couldn’t lift himself into the car or else he would have done it already. Oh boy he thought to himself need to think fast. He noticed that the van had windows all around it and it clicked. He looked at her mother and made eye contact. She could see in his eyes he was saying get back. She pushed ashley out the way and let zack do whatever he thought he could. Cover your eyes zack yelled out. He quickly let go of the bottom of the car and slammed his right hand through the side window grabbing the door bar. Both girls closed their eyes and covered them, Ashley and Zack looked into each others eyes and she was completely white. She had so much going through her mind at the time and so many questions and apologies it was just unbearable.. She looked into his eyes as they were turning crimson red. She seen him in pain but didn’t know where it was hurting. His heart burn was ecstatic and wanted to grab his chest where it hurt. He made a bit of a groaning noise and spoke silently, please not now. Ashley read his lips and wanted to ask the concerned qeustion she had but figured she’d wait til another day when she actually had the goll to speak to him. he pushed the feeling away and thought of good times with his dad and pulled hard. The van began to come back onto the bridge. He saw a pattern with this pulled up on the car letting it rise. Slamming his hand through to the front of the van and brought it up again. As he pulled on it some more her dad was able to reach the bridge itself and let go of the van lessening the weight of the vehicle he thought. Dad didn’t bother picking up on the van knowing he didn’t have that kind of strength and felt bad about it. Zack could care less what her dad was doing at the moment but he steadied himself. The van was on the bridge far enough now that he could let go of the railing and now all he had to do was pull the rest of the car up. when the car was on the bridge enough he grabbed the front end, picked up on it and walked it to the right then put it down. Everyone was safe and secure now and zack bent over to take a breath. Her father was on the way to thank zack for the help when this flash came out of nowhere. Ashley flew out the car and jumped at zack holding and hugging him very tightly. After a moment Ashley finally let go of zack and was very tempted to kiss him but dad was standing there. Dad this is zack he’s a friend from school. I know who he is. His father and I fought in high school and almost killed me and I really don’t know what stopped him but he did. Zack just stared at him not really knowing what to say. So he stuck out his hand to shake her fathers hand so he could leave. Dad shook his hand and pulled out his wallet holding out a ten dollar bill. Zack put his hand out pushing the money away and said, don’t worry about it I just helping out a friend in need and I don’t want you money. He began to walk away until her dad touched his shouler. Wait Zack how did you do that I’m strong but not that strong, are you on steroids or something. No sir, I’m not but some things are meant not to be questioned. Her dad shook his head up and down with a tear coming down his face. Oh by the way I’m sorry about the windows. Her dad looked back at the van with both the girls, I’d rather have broken glass than a lost family any day. He nodded and began walking off. Sam her father put his down then looked back at zack, I’m sorry for anything that has been said kid. Zack put his hand in the air and waved at him batting away his words, don’t be sorry it’s in the past. He started walking off when her dad shouted at him. Hey you want a lift. Nah I’d rather walk but thanks anyways yall have a good one. Zack waved at them and continued on his way to wherever. So you knew zack’s dad and what do you mean he about killed you why didn’t you say anything. I really didn’t know the man had kids I thought he got kicked out of school and went to war. Does he, he pointed at zack, fight in school. He doesn’t fight, he really keeps to himself but he did put his point across two guys messing with him. Did he almost kill them. No he put them up against the lockers and told them to stop and they did. One of them was john. Isn’t that the big football player all the girls like. Yeah but he runs his mouth too much cause he thinks he’s all that. The following Monday it was back to school and back to the normal criticism. zack was in all but one of Ashley’s classes which was a more advanced history because he figured maybe he would learn something from his past to who he really was. Ashley wasn’t liking this at all cause before she just liked him and now she couldn’t get this boy out of her head. He saved her family from a big problem Saturday and it was bugging her to death. When lunch finally came around she was next to her friends again. At first she just wanted to stare at zack cause he’s so different and what he did for her family. With the crew she was with and the way she was going she wasn’t going to graduate due to her grades. In her mind she said screw them I need this and she walked away from her friends to finally speak to zack. Zack was just calmly sitting at a table minding his own business, mind on the books when Ashley come walking over. She pulled out a chair, zack can I sit here. He just looked up at her with a sarcastic look but didn’t say anything, he merely nodded. She sat down, zack I wanted to think you for the other day. Zack was looking at his book and shook his head from left to right. Look don’t worry about it, it was nothing. Why did you do it I mean I figure the way everyone. He stopped her by putting his hand on hers. She turned red in the face unintentionally and hoped he didn’t notice. Look it was the right thing to do and it just so happen I was in the area at the time. Well I don’t know your whole story line or what all my dad was talking about with your dad but I was hoping we could put all that in the past and become friends. He took in a deep breath, smiled and kinda grinned at her. It’s already in the past and no I don’t mind being friends with you. You’d be the first out of many years. She wanted to talk about so many things but instead she pushed her books towards him. Zack your in all my classes and your passing can you help me pass too. Zack smiling on the inside said I should have known becoming friends with you would come with a price. I didn’t mean it like that zack. He took his hand off her hand and waved towards himself. Come sit over here next to me so we can get you in gear kid. She got up without question and a big smile on her face and sat down next to the one guy she wanted to be with for a long time. She felt like she won the lottery although they werent dating and in her head she grinned, not yet. Adam was standing in the crowd Ashley normally hung around and was staring at zack and Ashley wondering what could be going on here. Ashley thought her friends were going to say something but it’s like they never noticed, just Adam. It was at the end of the day finally and zack was off the bus on the way to the house. Ashley lived only a few houses down from him and she jetted to the house like she was in a hurry. Zack went inside threw his book bag on the couch and headed to the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly sand which. He grabbed a dr. pepper out the fridge and popped it open. He put it on the counter where his sand which was about to be made. Pulled out the bread and the rest of the key ingredients. After making the sand which he took a knife to it slicing it in half. He picked up the soda and before he could get a sip he heard a knock on the door. He squinted his eyes which is something he does when he thinks. Who could possibly be knocking on our door. We didn’t have a window in the door to see the outside but it did have one of those holes you could look through. He never really like those cause you never know a screw gun could be on the other side and there goes you eyes. When he got to the door another few knocks acured and a little harder this time. Alright alright hold on mr. Impatient give me a second. He opened the door and Ashley was standing right there with a big smile and her book bag ready to come in and study. Do you mind if I come in zack my folks aint home so I’m alone like normal and the only thing to keep me company are my phone, the tv, the radio, and the dog which is in the back yard now. He pushed opened the door stepped to the side and held his hand to the living room, welcoming her into the home. Mom comes walking out and asks who the guest is. Ashley this is my mother Sandy and probably the coolest mom you’ll ever have. My father isn’t here for me to introduce you to him cause he’s , zack pointed out the window, somewhere out there. Mom looks at Ashley with a smile and looks at zack. Ashley if zack hasn’t already told you anything you need just ask it’s an open house to you, all I want is your honesty. Ashley put her head down as if to cry and walked over to Sandy to get a hug. I just want to apologize. Before Ash could get the rest out mom squeezed her tightly it’s ok don’t be sorry just feel welcome. I see you brought your bag over here I take it your having a hard time in school well Zack will definitely be able to help you there. He’s a very bright young man with great intention and still hasn’t a clue what to do with his life. Ashley gave a bit of a chuckle and smiled at zack while she was still crying. Zack grabbed his dr. pepper to try and get that sip again but Ashley held out her hand to him. I haven’t had an original dr. pepper in a while cause my parents drink diet all the time. He took in a deep breath and sighed surrendering the soda to her. Mom just smiled at him and winked at him like he won something. Oohhh! Did you make this peanut butter and jelly sand which I love these. She picked it up and took a nice chunk out of it and smiled yet again. Zack put his head down it’s just a sand which it’s not special just cause I made it. Mom, what do you want for supper. Ashley looked at zack with a curious look. Go ahead and make that cheese dip, Ashley have your ever had homemade cheese dip. Yeah my mom makes it too sometimes but Zack I didn’t know you cooked. Most guys don’t cook I mean my dad does sometimes but he says mom gets mad cause he’s better at it than her. While getting diner started up he went ahead and pulled out her books and looked through them and there was nothing there he couldn’t handle. Ashley stood with him the hole time and watched what he did as far as cooking goes being suprised that her dad wasn’t the only guy that cooked. She thought to herself, this could definetly be a very good relationship if it goes any further than this as she smiled on the inside, which she hoped that it did. After dinner he showed her through the house and his bedroom. He opened the door to his bedroom , pointed inside. This would be my bedroom and without saying anything else she saw the computer. He closed his eyes and shuck his head cause for a minute it looked as if she just teleported from the door to the computer. Women he thought now what. She hopped on the computer and headed for the internet. Zack could definitely say she was making herself at a second home. Depending on how you wanted to look at it. Wow this internet is faster than the one at the house, how did yall manage that. He just smiled just takes a creative mind I guess to configure computers. he started to leave the room when he felt arms around him. Thank you for everything Zack I mean it thank you and your mom’s cool too. Don’t mention it kid I’m going for a walk so have fun with the internet deal and I’ll be back shortly. Wait can I come with you I only like walking with my friends anyway cause being alone is so boring ya know. They walked down the steps and zack told his mom they were going for a walk. Ya’ll be careful were supposed to get bad weather later on. No problem mom we’ll be back shortly. They began their adventure down the road and Ashley was trying to hold Zack’s hand bad but he kept resisting it. Everytime she went for it he would turn, pop his fingers, pop his wrist, or something to resist from touching her. wow either he is playing really hard to get or he doesn’t have a clue what flirting is. They looked up at Adam’s house as they started passing it by. He was kicking a soccer ball off a tree and trying to catch it. The storm had made it’s way into the town and lightning was sticking in a few places. She finally grabbed his hand, I think we need to head back now what do you think. He looked at the sky and started to sense something eary, he couldn’t explain what it was so he just ignored the sense. Adam was watching them out of his perifual vision just getting angrier at the fact that of all people Ashley was with Zack. This time he put the ball down and kicked it harder than the last few times. When the ball flew off the tree Adam jumped in the air to catch the ball. Zack stopped for a minute and felt that sense again. He looked at the sky again and looked towards adam. This loud boom came from the sky, Ashley went to speak and grab his hand to remind him she wanted to go but by that time Zack was out of sight. By the time his name came out of her mouth Zack was in Adams back yard and he was holding Adam down with one hand. Adam went to grab the ball, Zack came out of nowhere and pushed him on the ground. Dude what the hell is your problem you want to fight is that it cause honestly. Zack put his right finger on his own lip telling Adam to hush and pointed to the black burned smudge on the ground where lighting hit. Adam was stunned and didn’t know what to think. Zack got up placed his hand down towards Adam to help him up. He took the hint and got up. Where’s my and before the rest come out zack handed him his ball back. Dude I don’t know what to say except thinks. Don’t worry about it man I just so happen to be around same thing almost happen to Ashley as well except she was in a car at the time. Hey man you saved my life I hate to say it cause of this but can we be friends now. He just smiled sure and took out his hand for a shake and they shook hands. Hey by the way zack do you care if I come over to your house too your really good in class so do you think. Yeah I’ll help you with your studies too and I’m helping Ashley too. Hey are you guys dating. Zack just shook his head from side to side. Adam went inside after saying goodbye and told his folks what had happened zack walked over to the fence he leaped over and ashley was standing there waving him on with a worried along with a mad look on her face like he just left her. Comon zack I think it’s about to start raining. They were heading back to the house and lightning hit somewhere and making a big bang. Ashley yanked zack’s hand from his pocket, squeezed it and clenched herself in his arm trying to get as close to him as possible. He just stared at her try figure out what she was doing. I don’t like bad weather she say’s so you might as well get used to this as she looks at him with her puppy dog brown eyes. Coming back to the house he checked the mail opened the door and mom was sitting at the table with a candle lit so apparently the power went out. You guys alright I thought yall would be back already. Yeah I thought so too mom but I was helping Adam, another guy from school out so that’s why were late. How long’s the power been out. Oh it just went a few minutes ago. Zack was heading up the stairs when the power came back on and ashley got a text from her folks. Zack , honey, could you grab some blankets from the closet it appears Ashley will be with us tonight. He was almost to the restroom when he heard that and his head went down. He thought to himself I should have known this would happen. Alright be down in a minute. he come down threw the blankets on the couch and told Ash she could have his room for the night and he’d be on the couch. Mom smiled and was heading to bed, Ashley gave her another hug with tears and thanked her yet again. Mom usually read a book before she went to sleep. Zack sat on the couch, turned the tv on to see what was on and As soon as mom went to bed Ash turned to zack and sat on the couch watching tv with him. Why would you give me your bed and you stay on the couch zack cause I have no problems at all sleeping on the couch. He looked at her for a second wanting to be sarcastic but with held it. Ash you have the bed, the internet and whatever else you’d like so don’t ask questions just accept kindness ok. You called me ash, my other friends didn’t call me ash, but with you saying it, it’s almost like wev’e known each other for ever. Zack nodded his head thinking, thatt’s cause we have. She wanted to kiss him good night but decided against it feeling it was too early in the friendship for that but she felt like they been together forever. The next day at school she couldn’t stop staring at Zack throughout class especially when he was called to the front to do a math problem just to say he could do it, he was volun told. In the hall way she was questioned by her friends about the way she’d been staring at that zack guy and how she’d been hooked on him so bad. Other girls liked him too cause he a certain charm about himself but they were skittish about talking to him as well. Throughout school zack wouldn’t fight but when it came down to it he’d make his point. If someone tried to physically mess with him his senses would come out it was like heart burn. Before a knee hit him in the chest or a fist to the gut he would knock it out of the way and just put the person up against the wall and ask nicely to please stop. Trying to calm himself because the madder he got the worst the heart burn got. Part of him wanted to fight real bad but the other half said no. at lunch he had two people sitting with him now ashley and Adam. They were his students and he was a good teacher according to them and unlike some of the teachers he was more calm on subjects and could help a hell of a lot better. As a leader though he couldn’t see that in him his father on the other hand was most definitely a leader. Dad taught him everything he knew. He missed his dad too. A week went by and ash only spent he night three times out of each week cause her parents were always playing sports but it was a plus now cause she got more work done and her dad knew who she was spending time with the whole time and trusted him. One day when the weekend finally came around Ashley had become more accustomed to the house and the door was always opened so she didn’t need a key. Zack was outside beating on the bag and running up the tree again. Ashley and mom were sitting in the living room watching tv having all kinds of conversations. He wasn’t in there when there was knocking on the door this time but ashley was and she answered it. It was Adam with his book bag this time and he come over for the same reasons. Ashley showed him around the house along with mom and he helped himself to the fridge. Zack still didn’t know what was going on cause he’s still out there bouncing around. Adam opened the back door and was astounded at how acrobatic zack was. He didn’t say a word yet he just watched thinking him and zack being friends there could be something special here. Zack wasn’t even paying attention to adam watching him he was working out, beating on the bag, and running up the tree grabbing branch after branch and finally reaching the top. When he got to the top of the tree he just looked around at the neighborhood for a minute amused by it’s appearance. Hey you got time to show me some of those moves man. Zack looked down the tree and saw adam standing at the door with his hand covering his eyes from the sun. zack looked at the roof of the house, positioned himself and leaped from the tree to the roof. Adam’s eyes got real wide thinking oh my did he really just do that. After landing on the roof he jumped to the ground with his head facing the ground, right knee on the ground, his left foot on the ground, and his right fist in the ground. Zack looked up at adam grinning from ear to ear. Ashley was talking to sandy and watching her soap opra when she turned to the back yard window which was two big sliding glass doors. She saw zack and adam fighting and started to get up to stop them but noticed they were just playing. After their match adam was showing off his soccer moves to zack and zack was helping him with his tricks. Ashley just smiled and noticed that something special was happening now. This boy she liked for a real long time was an outcast who didn’t care about pleasing anyone but also wanted to help people. It took her ten school years to make a friend out of zack but not either their faults although she blamed herself for not trying to talk to him. She made a friend out of someone very special to her and he was something new to her in the ways that he did stuff. He also made a friend out of adam who was her friend from the get go but now they were like a group to themselves. She and adam were with a group that derived in trouble all the time hanging out at the same places all the time with nothing to do but now they were really doing something. Adam finally had someone to spar with who actually out matched him in everything and he was fine with that. She could tell zack hadn’t changed any but in his eyes she could tell he found a reason to be. They both fought each other for a few minutes and zack wasn’t even showing his true potential but was also helping Adam out with his ball and tree kicking skills. Apparently Adam wanted to join some team later on down the future. It didn’t stop here though aside from helping Adam and Ashley he was also helping Ashley’s dad with their vehicles when they malfunctioned and he didn’t ask for anything in return, he just liked to help. A few weeks had passed the three friends had come to know each other pretty well. It didn’t take long for them to get along cause they had originally known each anyway. mom was sitting on the couch watching her soap oprah and the three were at the table studying. Ashley couldn’t resist so she asked zack about the rumors and his past. Mom was quite and she began to cry but kept it to herself. Zack looked down and back at her and adam. I don’t know my past just the present. Dad never mentioned my grandparents or other family so I’m blank on everything. Ashley wanted to cry but held it in except one tear. Zack wiped her tear with his finger, don’t pitty me it’s only a thing of the past. It’s not right everyone should know their past. Ashley pulled her hair out from her eyes and rolled her eyes around kinda like restarting her mind for a minute. I just don’t understand how you can just not show your feelings and be calm with all of it. He just smiled for a second and went back to normal.. Once they knew they could trust zack everything pretty well fell into place from there. Ashley was pretty much in love with zack but was too nervous to say anything. She had shown many signs of flirting with him but zack didn’t notice. Adam was just glad he had a sparring partner. Adam was also the kinda guy who was pleased with the smallest things like if his arm was in a picture and his face wasn’t he was pleased. Zack was still doing well in school along with his two good friends at this point he couldn’t get rid of even if he tried. Usually when dad come home to see him he called before hand and a week later the guy would be home. Well he got the call but he got another call stating he had to delay coming home more fighting had to be done. So it’s kinda like getting a call from someone saying they’d be home and you can’t wait for it to happen but now you have to wait even longer. He just hoped dad was alright. Zack wasn’t concerned a bout dad cheating on mom cause it wouldn’t happen especially in war. He had an excellent relationship with his family and he wanted his dad, his best friend home. His friends were just fine but his dad was his mentor over everything. He considered dad being delayed taking time out of the father and son deal, which didn’t bode well for him. He understood the process though and he wouldn’t question it. Most things didn’t bother him that bad but this delay was and it was almost showing. It was Sunday after church mom was inside doing the norm and zack was beating on the bag. Dark Clouds began to form and it began to rain. Zack stood looking at the bag for a moment, looked down at his hands as he cuffed them. Why, why, why, he thought, what the hell, why don’t you just take me over and be done with it, huh comon, just come out and fight me. Clinching his fists he slammed into the bag beating on it over and over and nothing but sand began to slowly pour out. He thought of everything just to get the heart burn back up. Only it didn’t want to work unless it needed to which pissed him off worse so he slammed into the bag some more. After beating on the bag for a moment he yelled for his dad towards the sky to anyone that might be listening to him. He gave the bag one more look then turned to the back door. Without even thinking about it he turned back to the bag with a fist full of rage slamming it into the bag sending it into the fence. Ashley was in her house getting ready to head over to zack’s when she heard him yell real loud. She was stunned for a moment cause he scared her but she snapped out of it, grabbed her stuff and ran to his house. She made it inside and found sandy next to the back door watching zack leaning up against the tree caughing real bad. She shook her head and ashley came over putting her hands on sandy’s shoulder. What happened, is he alright. Sandy turned and held ashley in her arms and began to cry. His dad called in and will be delayed from coming home for a while so zack’s a bit upset. Ashley looked out at zack and noticed he was still coughing and there was also a few smudges of blood on the tree and the bag. She also noticed the bag wasn’t on the tree but against the fence. He picked it up and hung it back on the tree then he came back inside. He seen mom and ash hugging each other and rubbed their heads with his hands. He grabbed a drink out the fridge and headed up stairs. They were sitting next to each other on the couch when ash got a call from her folks. When she got off the phone she asked if she could stay the night or two this time. Sandy shook her head. No I don’t mind at all and actually I think it’s a really great idea that you now friends with zack now. He doesn’t know his past but his dad and I do. Ashley got comfortable cause now she was interested. As a matter of fact I think it’s time I told you about him. She spoke about what had happened a long time ago within the family and even spoke about the exorcism. Ashely’s eyes got real big and she began to get a little nervous but at the same time was still comfortable being with zack. Something about him said he wouldn’t hurt her no matter what. Sandy smiled at ashley. I know you like zack a lot and with you and adam being his new friends yall have very little to worry about. There is far more to zack that any can understood by anyone. Ashley told her about how zack saved her and her families lives a while back and also about his eyes going red when picking up the van along with saving adam. Sandy put her head down and smiled real big. His eyes turning red must mean the demon is effecting him but he is able to resist it. His dad didn’t know if zack had it inside him or not cause he never mentioned anything so we hoped zack would be safe. Perhaps with you and adam being in his life he will be able to control himself even better now. If what you say is true then zack has it in him but can somehow suppress it. Ashley don’t let all this turn you away from zack he really is an angel on the inside. You don’t have to worry sandy i’ve loved your son from the very first time I laid eyes on him in kinder garden. He’s always had this look about him I was the nervous one not wanting to get to know him. No one in school is as quite as he is but I was afraid he would reject me because of everyone else. They both hugged, now go tell him the news so he can get his stuff. She made it up to his room and peeked in to see what he was doing. Zack was just laying on the bed reading a Stephen king book and in the zone. She was just staring at him thinking he was just so cute just being the way he was and how he was. She knocked on the door. Without looking, you know you can come in, right. She didn’t say anything instead just walked over and sat next to him then laid next to him. She pointed at this one paragraph, when you get here read it to me please. he kinda thought that was odd but he did. She loved how he spoke and how he used certain accents in certain situations. He could pull off just about any accent without a problem. He had thing for using british when he was arfound her for some reason even when he tried sticking with his natural voice. She thought maybe it was the movies he watched but she didn’t care she just noticed it was really cute. He turned the page, so are staying the night again. Yeah actually two nights cause mom and dad are going to another state to see my other parents. Dad wanted to think you for putting the new breaks on his car and whatever else you did. He also said you probably wouldn’t care either way he just wanted me to think you since I was staying here with yall tonight. Then he started to read again to her and she put her finger on his lips and he gave her a really strange look. Shh. I don’t think I’d like this book. I just wanted you to read out loud cause you never talk to me. When he finished that page he got the covers out the closet and headed down stairs and threw them on the couch then jumped on it. He laid down and took his book out, when he opened guess whose face was right there. He looked up and there she was. Can I get a hug before bed. Sometimes in the process of thinking he kind of twitched his nose. She smiled, you do the cutest things and don’t even know it zack. He sighed, closed his book, and got up she hugged him and kinda growled at him for not hugging her back. Which he did and after the hug she went up stairs and jumped on the computer. He thought to himself what have I got myself into. It was still early yet at school and second period bell rung. He was at his locker getting his stuff together when he heard a lot of noise and a crowd gathering. Thinking maybe a fight had broken out and maybe he could just push through it and get to class. He began walking to his next class when he saw the crowd the noise was coming from. He thought nothing of it at first just another fight. So he started pushing through and what he saw as he rose his head was not what he expected. Ashley was up against her locker with her jeans pulled down just below her but cheek. John, this football player preppie rich kid was behind her with his pants half way down as well. The crowd was cheering cause they were hoping for group sex I guess and Ashley was screaming her lungs out. Of course no teachers could hear this or they did just didn’t care. He didn’t know the answer but he wasn’t going to let this happen not now after what almost happen to Ashley the first time. He placed his hand on his chest, the heart burn was there again. What is wrong with me he said. His head started pounding with a bad headache. He looked up to the ceiling hoping for some relief but that wasn’t happening. He looked down trying to shake the pain off but still nothing. It’s like he only felt the burn when a fight was on the way or killing was necessary. There was only one way to rid himself of this pain and he didn’t want to but it had to be done. The pain began to worsen, he wanted to fight but held it in. Instead he yelled releasing his anger over the crowd let her go now and I won’t say it again. Ashley turned to zack’s voice with tears in her eyes. John rapped his arm around Ashley and held her right breast in his hand. Really, zack what are you gonna do about it you little bastard. You gonna do like your bastard daddy and beat me to death like he beats on every one else. Hey I know why your so silent all the time man. Did he beat on your mother too huh did he, is that why he left to go fight the good old fight. He’s a coward isn’t he zack it’s ok you can say it cause he aint here. Your just a little wimpy bastard zack but it’s ok nobody here likes you any way. As he continued to talk he began pulling his stuff out to penetrate Ashley from behind. Tell you what bastard I’ll pay you whatever you want to quite school so you can be at home with your abused mommy. He couldn’t do it anymore, zack couldn’t hold it in any longer. Normally these kind of things just flew past his ears but dad wasn’t coming home right now and this dude had Ashley up against the wall in a bad manner that he couldn’t take in. It was done, zack let go of his book bag and then his vision went dark. Ashley had seen zack before it all happened, his eyes went red again and she remembered what sandy told her so now she knew what was happening. He must have blackened out. He finally woke up, it was that feeling like when you first get up in the morning you’re still kinda out of it and every things coming into focus. He was trying to focus on everything and when he finally come too he seen red. The red was blood from john face. It was everywhere john face was bruised all over but that wasn’t all. He turned to the side and if you didn’t back up far enough you were on the ground as well. The whole front end of the crowd was on the ground the rest got the hint and backed the hell up. There wasn’t any noise anymore everyone was quiet. Zack went to move his arm down from the I’m going to hit you again position and felt a force holding him back. Adam was holding on to zack’s right arm and sweating. Zack that’s enough man for real. Zack took in a deep breath twice still focusing on the situation at hand. Zack that’s enough hell die if you hit him again. He didn’t notice adam sweating or the fact he was on his right foot cause his left was in the air trying to hold zack back. Zack he said yet again wake up bro. Alright, adam, alright let go. You sure man you ok. Zack turned his head to adam let go, I’m fine. Alright I’m letting go but get up with me. Zack turned to Ashley pull your pants up, please. She was scared to death with what was there and what just happened. She never seen zack move so fast he was like a blur with his fist and feet. Lets get to class although the bell had already rung and everyone was late. Zack was being held by adam to keep him stable cause he knew zack was strong but he just released some skill and was exhausted. As they walked everyone esle got up to get cleaned up in the rest room but of course john wasn’t gonna take this lying down mess. His face might have been brutally damaged but by golly he wasn’t done with zack. He got up to focus like zack had to. Looking in all directions for that ignorant bastard, there you are. Adam was holding zack and they connected eyes. He seen zack’s eyes turn red. Adam gave the oh shit look and moved out the way. John planted his right hand on zack’s left shoulder. I’m not finished with you yet bastard you think you can do that in front of everyone and my friends you got another thing coming. The burning came back his eyes turned red again as if this heart burn were feeding off his pain, his fear, and his anger. John threw his left hand out to smash zack’s face in but zack countered it with his right hand smashing john’s hand instead. Groaning with agony from a few busted knuckles john started crying out but wasn’t done. Zack used john’s weight and john’s right hand to pick himself up. Zack went into the air planting his right knee cap into john’s face and there went some serious blood gushing. The knee to the face sent john into the air. Zack used this, landed on the ground grabbed john’s feet and slammed his whole body into five wall lockers. Continuing towards john adam seen his eyes still in the red an grabbed him. Look at me, calm down cause he ain’t worth you losing your cool. His eyes went back to normal put both his hands in the air silently saying stop. John please stop and go get cleaned up. I know you hate me but I don’t care. You and the people before you are the reason my father popped off when he did. Let it go get up, and go get cleaned up I don’t want to fight you. John was pissed but listened. Ashley headed off to the restroom and then for class course she wasn’t in zack’s class this time. Adam walked with zack to their next class and seated themselves. Everyone was staring at zack almost like he’s just got into a fight or almost killed a guy. He slumped down into his seat relaxing his head down on his chest. He was worn out but not because of the fight hell he could of taken a lot more than that considering he picked up a car off a bridge. What was wrong with him. Meanwhile john and a few others were in the bathroom cleaning themselves up. Some hurt worse than others and calling zack all kinds of names some of which they couldn’t back up if they were to fight him themselves. John told them to shut the hell up or he would knock them out himself. He was in bad shape but thinking of zack in a different way now. The principle was walking the halls making sure no one was hiding in the bathroom and heard running water in the boys restroom. He sated to go in when one, two, three, up seven guys came out cussing and wiping their faces. What are yall doing and who you been fighting. Were gonna kill that little gothic bastard zack. Zack he thought to himself. Yeah right, how about yall just head to my office and well talk about your sorry excuses there. Whatever they all said, punching walls and everything else they put their minds too. That boy shouldn’t even be in this school. Ashley was in class and heard the boys talking crap about zack. She leaned back in her chair, yall just don’t understand zack he’s so much better than what yall see on the outside. One of her friends tapped her on the shoulder. So I hear you’re friends with that zack now how’s that going for you. Has he done anything weird yet. I heard he knocked john slap out. Ashley just shook her head from side to side, yall don’t know him he’s so much better than the rumors that were spread about him. One of the girls next to her tapped her desk. I heard you even stay at his house sometimes and your sleeping with him. Oh yeah is he any good. So many questions came up she couldn’t figure out what to answer first. She just shook her head, what ever yall want to believe I don’t care. He did save my life and my families life a couple weeks ago. She started to cry the one guy every one hates saved my families life. I should be dead right now but I’m not because of him. Really one of the girls says what happened and what did he want in return. Ashley lifted her head to the front of the class. That’s just it he didn’t want anything, he never wants anything except to be left alone, and he just so happen to be there when it happened. He’s always walking the streets and never drives. A tear fell from her eye onto her cheek as she thought back to that day her and her mother were at the back window hitting it hoping someone would see. She seen her dark quiet wonderer walking there way with his head down then up seeing her and her family about to go off the bridge down to the lake. If he hadn’t been walking that day I wouldn’t be here. The two girls listening looked at each other and frowned. One smiled put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder. Zack’s cute there’s no question about that but you know what they say about him and his dad. Ashley grinned, you know him and adam are friends now right. Both the girls looked surprised. Wow really, that’s weird and to think I wanted to know if Adam was single or not one of the girls says. Yeah, Adam doesn’t hang out with those mud riding guys anymore thant you used to hang out with ashley. Yeah, that’s because we found someone more interesting to get along with. Girls is there something you all wish to share with the class the teacher asked. Everyone turned to the back of the class. The two girls told Ashley to call them when they got home to finish the discussion. The principle walked into the restroom and seen john standing next to the faucet and wiping the blood and snot off his face. John who did you get into a fight with this time or was it the boys who just walked out crying about zack. No mr. Clive it was zack who did this to us. It started out as a chuckle then turned into a laugh are you telling me that zack did this, wait which zack. John looked at mr. Clive really seriously. Zack Vincent is the dude that did this, pointing at his face with a circle motion, to them and me. He couldn’t quite chuckling. Mr. Clive was around ‘’6 ‘5 and stuck out his right hand as if to measure him self to Zack. You mean Zack Vincent right the boy who has no friends, who dresses in black all the time, the boy who gets higher grades than anyone else. John was still wiping his face and looked into the mirror, Yes sir that would be the one. If you don’t believe me go look outside on the ground next to the lockers my blood is probably still on the ground along with the other guys. Ok john get yourself cleaned up and head to my office so I can get your story straight along with the other cry babies. The principle walked out into the hallway and headed towards the blood on the ground. Wow he thought could zack of really done this to that giant of a guy john. Then again he is his fathers son. His dad even almost killed a few people in this school so I guess it’s only natural for the boy to want the same thing. He walked to zack’s class, knocked on the door. The teacher waved mr.clive into the class. He came in, is zack in this class now I need to speak with him. Zack was nodding off like he just took a sleeping pill and was on the way to sleep when Adam tapped him on the shoulder. Hey zack mr. Clive’s here and wants to talk to you man. Zack woke up a little and seen the man. The teacher called out zack’s name and waved him to the front. He took in a deep breath and sighed alright on the way. He got up and walked out the room with mr. Clive. Mr. Clive ut his hand on zack’s right shoulder and walked with him. Before mr.Clive began heading to the office john was already on the way there when he walked passed ashley’s class. The girls were looking at him with frowns on their faces while Ashley had a smile on her face. John covered his face and had it down while he walked down the hall. One of the girls touched Ashley on the shoulder again. Your with zack, did you see john walk by and how his face looked. Girl are you sure you know what your getting yourself into with that boy. Ashley smiled, yeah he shouldn’t done what he did in front of zack. The girl kinda chuckled, are you two dating now. Ashley shook her head, nope were just really really good friends and I think that’s all he really wants. Mr.clive put his arm around zack neck like they were buddies or something. So I was walking the halls like normal zack and a few guys come out with blood on their shirts and cursing your name. That’s not it though see I also went into the restroom and john was in there wiping himself up as well. He says you did the damage so my question is did you. As they walked by Ashley seen zack and the principle walking to his office. Now she started to worry hoping he wouldn’t get suspended. So you want to tell me what happened zack. Cause I’d like to think john was just saying you did all just to make you look good but if you did like he said were gone have problems. He wasn’t gonna lie about it so he explained the deal. It was me and I did do it. They also stopped right in ront of the window of ashley’s class. The class of course couldn’t resist but watch this moment with the principle and Zack. Tthe girl behind Ashley put her two sense in. Yeahi have to admit he is cute but ya know if he can do that to a guy as big as john and those other guy imagine what he would do to you Ashley. Ha, ashley laughed then covvered her mouth. The girls who orinaly spoke to her looked at her curiously, what was that ashley. She spoke with a little laugh, Zack wouldn’t hurt me to save his own life. Both the girls looked at each other and smiled, ok Ashley hope your right. She looked out the window, I hope he’s not getting suspended for this cause I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at all then. Mr. Clive stopped and looked at Zack in the eyes. You look tired Zack what’s wrong you taste blood now you want some more. It takes some energy out of you. Your no better than your father it seems but maybe when can help you to at least graduate. John spoke ill of my dad I lost control and blacked out. I woke up to them on the ground and told them to get cleaned up. I did not want to fight. Well I’m going to have to suspend you for this Zack at least for a week to get your head straight. your a smart student with a bad attitude. I didn’t put up with your dads problem and I wont with you. He got kicked out for violence and you will to if this happens again. Zack wanted to say something or knock the guy out but just let it slide cause it wasn’t worth it. He told Zack to go ahead and leave and he would do the paper work. Zack headed to the house, course mom wasn’t gonna be too thrilled with this situation but it happened. With a week off though he could spend more time working out now and concentrating on other things. Well while Zack was on his way walking home Adam was also taken out of class being a witness to the fight that happened earlier. Course unlike Zack who the principle was more than happy to personally come get him out of class good old Adam was called on the intercom. When Adam entered the office all the guys Zack knocked out were in the office complaining and yapping about how they were gonna do a beat down on Zack and Adam. Adam smiled, you know it’s funny how all want to talk smack about Zack but can’t say it to his face but I can tell you first hand I spar with the guy and I wouldn’t want to start a real fight with him. He doesn’t show his true strength and don’t have too. John was thinking to himself and after the whole deal itself he couldn’t come to hate Zack now. There was something about this guy he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He sat there for a moment thinking about Zack and how different he was compared to everyone else. He flashed back to the fight and how he was talking to back about his folks. John was a wealthy spoiled brat and could have any girl or anything he wanted. He was also a seven foot tall giant that could bench press other football players. He thought to himself how he was to Zack and the crap he said to him. It didn’t take a second for this scrawny "5 10' dude to put him on his ass. He and Zack had gone at it before but that was cause he wanted to be the bully at the time. No one stood up to john except for Zack. He also knew Ashley liked Zack from the very beginning but he wanted her and she was one girl he couldn’t have unless he forced her. He didn’t think that Zack was gonna be there to do what he did though. Everyone knew Zack although they didn’t talk to him. He was the smartest dude in the school and now the strongest but didn’t show his skill to anyone. John was thinking hard about this and the whole time mr. Clive was talking to these guys and john who wasn’t listening like normal. What Zack told him made sense though with what the guys do to him and what they did to his dad are really why he turned out the way he did. John’s dad along with a few other guys ended up in the hospital after messing with Zack’s dad. The man had a serious anger problem that he couldn’t hold back according to john’s dad. A good percentage of the town had picture perfect families except a small few like Ashley and back. He began to shrug all this off it was beginning to be too much for his head to take. When back got home he went inside and did his normal, grabbing a sand which and a soda . Mom was outside messing with the flowers and dad came down the steps. Hello son zack bout jumped to the roof. What’s wrong with you boy you act like someone snuck up on you. I wonder why dad maybe it was you, by the way I thought you were supposed to be delayed. I was supposed to be delayed but we got it done and out the way. So it’s pretty early did yall get out early or something. Zack put his head on the counter and shook it from side to side. No actually I got suspended for a week. Ha ha ha ha oh my, are you serious how did this happen. Wait you got suspended please tell me I got to know. Zack shook his head wondering what was wrong with his dad. Well after you called and said you were gonna be delayed I was bothered by the fact but I went to school any way. So I’m in my locker getting stuff out for my second period, right and I hear this noise like a crowd hollering. My first thought is a fight and I don’t fight. Dad shook his dead understanding this cause zack doesn’t fight he just avoids. So I head to class and I see this crowd and I’m thinking ok it’s a fight I’ll walk through it. Well as I walk through it I see this girl and her names Ashley. Wait his dad interrupts your mom said you made a few friends so this is your girl friend Ashley. No she’s not my girlfriend she’s just a friend that I somehow saved the other day which we need to talk about that too and another thing. His dad looks at him for a minute. wait. You saved this girl and how did you manage to do this. Zack put his hand in the air I’ll get to that in a minute but I see Ashley up against the wall lockers and here’s john. John is this big giant dude who plays foot ball, he’s rich, and can get any girl he wants so he chose Ashley I guess. Her pants were down below the butt cheek and his zipper was open waiting to do his thing while the crowd goes wild. His dad stops him again, wait is this girl good looking, so she had her pants down, did you get a good look, comon son I need details. Zack kinda stared at his dad for a moment trying to find the words for this moment cause zack’s being serious and his dad trying to be funny. He takes a breath, Well I just saved this girl the week before and now this guy is doing weird stuff to her. Every one was screaming and cheering and I started to get this headache. As zack speaks he moves his hands to show what he’s saying. I looked up to see if maybe I could relieve it in some way but it didn’t work so I put my head back down. I felt this burning in my chest and to me it feels like maybe heart burn or acid reflux I’m not really sure but it burns. His dad was getting curious now and wanted to speak but just listened. I rose my voice over everyone else and said stop now and I wont say it again. Course everyone got quite except john of course he just started talking smack about what ever came to his head and called me a little bastard about three four times. Normally words don’t offend me but I couldn’t hold back anymore my bag dropped off my shoulders I blacked out. John was on the ground knocked out along with about ten other guys and Adam this other dude I also saved stopped my last punch from killing the ogre. Well I finally woke up from the black out Adam helped me up we started heading back to class and john wanted some more. He went to hit me a crushed his hand, broke his nose with my knee, and slammed him into the lockers. I told him to please stop and go wash up and he did. Adam and I went to class the principle came in to take me to his office. On the way he said I acted just like you dad. He said you killed one student and put a couple guys in the hospital. He was tired of your crap and kicked you out of the school. I was suspended for a week for what I did and can still graduate if I don’t fight again. so that’s my story. Dad shakes head for a second trying to picture all this. Ok zack tell me about how you saved your friends. Zack took a breath and sipped his soda and put it on the table. Mom was still outside watering the flowers. After school a couple weeks ago I went out back to beat on the bag and ran up the tree which is a trick I’d like to show you. Dad just smiled. Well after beating on the bag for a while and doing normal exercises I went for a walk like normal. I started going over the bridge and there was a van hanging off the side. It went through the railing on it’s back wheels.i ran over to see what was going on and seen Ashley in the back window with her mom. I heard screaming so I went to the side and seen her father holding on to the drivers side door calling for help. He seen me and told me to get help. Instead of going for help I stayed to try and help and that burning sensation started up. It got bad too just like the fight. I grabbed the railing with my left hand and grabbed the van with my right and tried to figure out what to do next. I punched though the glass grabbing the door bars and pulled the car up and kept doing it till I pulled the car back on the bridge. Her dad knew me through you beating on him in school. I don’t know hat happened between you to but he’s happy to know us now. Dad paused back for a minute. Back I’m sorry for doing all this too you. Back paused him this time. Don’t apologize I’ve made some pretty good friends I course I only have two but hey it’s a start right. So after saving Ashley now she’s following me everywhere and wont let me out of her sight if she can help it. Now Adam was different. I had shown Ashley the house and went for a walk. It was about to storm so I figured I’d make it a quick walk course she wanted to tag along. We come up on Adam’s house cause it’s on the way to the bridge. When we got there it began to storm and lightening so ashley grabbed m hand and wanted to go back to the house. Which with the situation I was fine with. When we began walking back I had this feeling I was looking at Adam and he was playing with his soccer ball kicking it off a tree and catching it. I seen the lightning striking and felt that heart burn again. I ran jumped over his fence and grabbed him out the air and his ball before the lightning hit him. Course he was cussing me all up and down. I gave him his ball back and showed him the black spot that could have been him instead. He started apologizing quickly and wanted to b e friends right off the bat. Soon after that though it was ashley over here spending the night cause her folks are off playing sports and adam wanting to spar with me and teach me his game with his ball. Mom came in seen me and looked at dad. Zack got suspended for fighting but we’ve already discussed it and it’s really not a big deal. He just can’t fight anymore and hell be out for a week. Mom just come over and hugged us both and done the whole I love you routine. She wasn’t concerned about the suspension she was just glad the family was all there. Mom had some soap oprahs to watch and dad gave me the lets go outside and talk look. We went outside stood on the porch next to the railings. Dad what’s wrong with me is this heart burn or acid reflux or what why am I angry and how can I pick up a car and put it back on a bridge. I’m confused over our family deal too cause it seams everyone has grand parents and I haven’t seen mine all these years and no one has spoken of them. Dad put his head down then rose it to look at the sky. it’s time you got to know your self and family. Every one has an anger problem it’s just has to be fused the right way before you erupt into chaos and can’t be stopped. Your grandad and his and beyond experienced the same anger except it took them over and forgot who they were. I could not control myself at one point during school which in turn led to one thing then another. You say you feel heart burn when you get frustrated by something which is the anger building up. You’ve been able to over come this demon embedded in you. What’s supposed to happen is it takes you over and you go on a rampage an are eventually put down by someone. Instead of doing harm you do good and it fuels itself off the anger you put into help others. Just by what you told me inside You’ve over come what others before you could not. If you use this curse as a gift to help the innocent you could push yourself to new heights beyond what any human has done. It’s hard to find someone capable of stopping to help someone on the side of the road or with groceries or anything. If you want more feel free to contact me with my email or by phone at the top. thank you. there's alot more than this.

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