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Cherry Pooper And The Big Bum

Walking Down The Hall Was A Retarded Kid Named Cherry Pooper. Cherry Lived In The Mental World Where Everybody Sniffed Eachothers Butts " Divine!" Cherry Always Says When He Sniffs Horebinny Sangers Butt. " Don Kisses It Every Five Seconds " She Dreamilly Says. " Yes It's Very Soft too" He Said Running To The Nearest Bathroom With Horebinny.Cherry Walked Past The Hot Girls Who Tryed To Flirt With Him, He Walked Past The Nerds Who Wanted To Show Him A Game They Just built. He Walked Past Professer Gaybilldore Who Quickliy Opened The Door And Motioned Cherry To Come In. Yell "Push It!!!!" Gaybilldore Yelled.



Sorry But This Gay Person Told Me To Stop Writing, Sorry Again  Cry

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