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2 Dead - Barry #1

Dark thing rome on this earth and only one can stop them. There on his bed lied barry heartbeat. A brave young 10 year old boy. He heard a faint sound downstairs and he decided to cheack it out. He walked out of his room griping  is most favorite book, Fercy Packson. I wonder whats down there he thought. Maybe just Anabelle on Facebook. He smiled at that thought, but when he go downstairs nobody was there.


Little Barry decided to get a glass of water, he turned on the lights and opened the fauset. "What the hell!" he yelled. Blood was coming out of the fauset. Dad burst into the Kitchen.  "Whats wrong?" he asked. " Look!" I replied. He looked at the blood and said something I coudn't hear." Get Anabelle now tell her to pack up!" I looked at my father in bewillderness, but I didn't protest.


Anabelle and dad packed all of our cloths. " Dad this time we should come with weapons." Anabelle said. " What are you talking about?" I asked, but dad just looked at me sadly."Your right, Swords, cheack. Guns cheack. Grenades, cheack!" and thats when I passed out 



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