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The Clash Of Time

" I hate this school!" My brother moaned. I stared at my brother jake and felt sorry for Him. " I know it's hard fitting in at a new school. But we better ride home now" I told him.My name is Nick and I loved riding my bike. We rode our bikes until we reached a dead Dog. I stoped myself from gaging. " Sweet, lets take a good look at it." He said joyfully.Five words came to me, My Brother Is A Freack. Jake took a stick and poked the dead dog. The air felt thicker, and suddenly a huge portal appeared from the dog. " What the heck!" Both of us yelled.Still holding the stick my brother attempted to throw it, but before he could a greek armed warrior jumped out of the portal. " Enemys, thee shall be  killed" LIKE IT? EMAIL ME AT [email protected]( NO CAPS) FOR MORE

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