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Put Your Little Foot, Put your little foot.
Put your little foot right here.
Put your little foot, Put your little foot,
Put your little foot right there.

This was my first experience in music and dance.  The song was an old song my Grandmother would play while she tried to teach me and my sister to waltz.

I must have been about 4 or 5, but I can still hear the music as if it were today as Debbie and I struggled to move our feet to the One-Two- Three, One-Two- Three movements of the waltz.

My Grandparents were not much on partying, however, they did have a small TV (black and white only at this time) and a small radio that we would listen to on Saturday nights.

I enjoyed the music very much, I guess it was part of my roots.

My Grandfather had a brother Ludvik that had a band called Slim and the Playboys that lived in Temple, Texas.

Occasionally “Uncle Ludva” would come to visit us and bring his accordion where my Grandfather and he would play polkas and waltzes all night in the living room. Being a silly young girl, I would giggle and watch as they played the accordions ..in and out, in and out they would go, over and over till all hours of the night.

My Grandmother would clap her hands and Debbie and I would run all over the house in excitement, only stopping when it was time to have a half a cup of coca-cola, as this was a real treat to us.

As I grew up I gained interest in dancing and you might say it became a great hobby of mine.

For many a year I danced ever night in the Country Western bars, as I perfected my skills in the polka and the waltz. The two step was a given, as I had become a regular in many of the bars in town.

For a period of time I spent my time in the rock and roll clubs, jumping, rolling and screaming for “More, More, More”! These days brought on the sex and the drugs to complete the phrase, sex drugs and rock and roll.

I continued on with this venture for a few years and then completed my dance years with what they called the Blues.

After being interested in Rock and Roll, I thought the blues were “elevator music” and never had a desire to spend my hard earned money on sitting around with a bunch of old folks drinking Shiner beer.

In my late 30s however, I decided to give blues a chance, and to my surprise it was the best thing I had ever heard. They played some Elvis songs, slow songs, fast songs and even songs that left me screaming once again, “More, More More.” I would go to hear the band each night as my love for dancing continued, dancing all night to every song, I just could not stop.

I loved the excitement and the feeling that I got when I danced the blues, sometimes I remember, it was better than sex, but then that’s another story!

I thought I had found my goal in life – to dance every song for the rest of my life!

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