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My dream

As I sat on the plane looking over the ocean of blue, I stretched my neck as far as I could, considering the plane windows only allow for a certain amount of stretching, I tried to see the Island of Hawaii, something I had waited 8 years to see again.

At one point I was not able to see the island, but instead I was mesmerized with the ocean of blue. It was so blue it was almost purple, and as clear as a perfectly washed glass, as I could actually see the rocks on the bottom of the ocean from the plane.

It was a sight I will never forget, I knew the water was perfect, however, I never thought I could see the bottom of the ocean from high in the air.

The island of Hawaii, I will refer to it from this point on as ‘my island” was now in sight, I could feel my heat beating faster and faster, I couldn’t wait to feel the energy beneath my feet again …the energy of my island!

When the plane landed I was one of the first ones off, and the first thing I remembered as I held up the line coming off of the plane, was inhaling as deep as I could!

The air smelled of flowers, a sweet, clean smell of flowers, almost like in a funeral home, but with a happier energy to it.

I continued to enjoy the smell of paradise as I went to the baggage claim to claim my luggage.

In Kailua-Kona, the airport is outside, so it was a joy not having to breathe artificial air I had been so accustomed to on the mainland.

I found my luggage and for some reason it looked different in Hawaii, I knew it was mine, but it looked so out of place there – it was mainland luggage, it just didn’t fit in there.

After I got my luggage I dragged it to the curb, approximately 20 feet, and not really sure on what to do yet and not finished enjoying the moment, I sat on the curb and lit a cigarette.

I watched as people past by me and I waved and introduced myself to many people, every chance I got I told them my story on how it was a dream of mine to live and work in Hawaii”¦..many were fascinated and wished me well as everyone spoke to me in some way and they were all so friendly with ‘good” energy. Being afraid of being alone and not knowing a soul, as I smoked my cigarette, I remember asking the universe to please guide me as I felt so small there on the curb. As I looked out across the way, I saw a mountain, known now as Halualia, it was so big and strong, and it seemed to call my name when I stared at it and again I was just smoking a cigarette.

It is funny how being alone in a new place in the middle of the Pacific ocean, 4000 miles from home, can make you realize just how small you are in the universe. I finished the cigarette and went about 20 more feet from where I was and got on the transfer bus to the rental car companies.

I managed to get my two pieces of luggage on the bus with the help of a young man about 19 or 20 with a backpack and cut off jeans. He said he was from Maui and was there to hike. He looked a bit rough and normally, on the mainland, I would not have carried on such a conversation with him, but I choose to tell him too of my story and my island. Excited as I was, I never stopped talking until we reached the rental car place.

Being the gentleman that he was, once again he unloaded my luggage for me and left them on the curb and gave me a sincere “Aloha” and went on about his way.

I tried to gather my luggage into the rental car place, but a lady told me there was no need to drag them into the building as they would be ok until I came back out. Looking at her in surprise, like “you have got to be kidding”, I decided to go with the flow and I went inside without the luggage thinking, well, if someone takes my luggage I will just go back home, after all I could not live without clothes or my alarm clock now could I?

I rented a compact car, the cheapest they had, and asked directions to the Kona Royal Resort as I had made reservations for the car and the hotel for a maximum of only 3 days.

I had very little money, $2000 exact, and I had decided to trust the universe and test it as well, so I gave myself 3 days to find a job, a place to stay and a car.

If I could not accomplish this in 3 days I would return home, afterall, what did I have to loose, as I held tightly to my return ticket.

I made it to the hotel after nervously driving down Hwy 11 towards Palani road where I was told to take a right to Alii Drive where I would find the resort. The hotel looked the same on the outside as I remembered, with the lobby being outside and tourist swimming in the pool sipping on their pina colodas!

It was such an island scene, just what I came here for!

As I got into my room, I was shocked at what I was assigned as my first three days in paradise! The room smelled musty and the carpet looked dirty. I do not remember it this way from 8 years ago, instead at that time, it was a fabulous room, being all new and smelling of fresh paint. I guess 8 years is a long time for a hotel in Hawaii.

I unpacked a few clothes and my alarm clock and sat on the bed, once again not believing I was actually here. I had called Shawn and Gene and Joni from the airport that I had arrived safely, but being in the room and feeling alone, I decided to call Gene and Joni again.

They were excited to hear from me and I remember Gene telling me how excited I sounded on the phone, like if anyone I had spoken with in the last three hours could not tell!

As I was telling them about my trip and my room, I heard music starting outside and I went out on the patio, lanai as it is better known in Hawaii, and some Hawaiian guys were sitting up tables for a Luau!

They were having a Luau right below me!

I could see the entertainers from my room!

What a delightful surprise!

Gene told me to go enjoy my first night in paradise and so we disconnected the call, little did he know, that I lie in bed listening to the music and couldn’t sleep a wink!

How is a person suppose to sleep when they are in paradise and know they have 3 days to settle in and find shelter, transportation and income.

I had a lot to do and could not sleep.

I did manage to fall asleep but I was wide awake at 3 am, with the time change from Houston it was about 7 am, and not knowing where to go or what to do, I went downstairs and asked the guy, a hefty Hawaiian guy, if there was a newspaper machine.

He offered me the daily West Hawaii Today as there was not a machine, but it was complimentary. I rushed back to my room, anxious to start reading the want ads and continue with my new life in Hawaii.

As I read through the want ads, it all sounded so foreign to me as I didn’t know where anything was or which direction I was to go to find the addresses in the ads.

I was frustrated, as that was big mainland fault of mine, so I folded the newspaper and decided to get some coffee at Dennys and ask about a job there, it was now about 6 AM so I got dressed and went and asked the “heft Hawaiian” guy how to get to Dennys.

With his directions and a leap of faith, I found Dennys, just where I left it 8 years ago!

I sat at a booth and the lady, known now as Carrie, asked me if I wanted coffee. I welcomed her offer and started telling my story again about how I came here to live after opening the restaurant 8 years ago. I also expressed my concerns for finding employment there at the restaurant.

After waiting patiently for the manager to arrive for her daily duties, I was offered a position to start my new career in two days!

What a relief that was, I had a job – one down and two to go! I couldn’t wait to call Houston and tell them that I had a job!

Now if I could only find a place to stay. The universe will provide.

I decided to drive around a bit and perhaps try to remember some of the names of the signs as none of the names made sense to me, as I did not speak Hawaiian, and I thought it would help when I go house hunting.

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