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Sea Shells

Where have you hidden my sea shells?!

I wandered the meadows
looking for something I did not know.

A little crow croaked tunes of sorrow and
I followed its track.Thus, I found my
long lost friend who survived the test of time
and retained his loving face.

As I beamed at his doorstep,he excitedly
gushed at my mentor who could look at him
at his eye-level.

He showed me an indifferent glimpse of himself
and vanished into the fog. From the fog came
his sweet 'n' smiling puppy trotting but
it asked who I was as I began to cuddle it-
hardly did it know that its master its
has'nt spared me a smile

As I got up to leave, leaving his groomed 'n'
perfumed puppy who was puzzled and looked smug on his tea poy,
my friend flashed his sheepish smile as I found my way back
into the fog to join my mentor ,hardly aware that he
had vanished into the same fog. So, on my way back
I could see that the route looked exactly the same
but this time round with all glitter and gold.

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