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the stray

a stray tan kitten, was roaming around the neighborhood, just as he turned the corner he heard a voice saying " get out of here you ugly cat" and the boy said and then started throwing sticks and rocks at him.
the next day he went out to find some food " you need a bath " the kitten heard this guy saying to him when he turned around to see who was talking to him, noticing the guy had a hose he tried to run but the water hit him before he got away, few blocks away he hid under a bush.
" i wonder what i did so wrong, why people dont like me" the kitten asked himself, tears started rolling down his check. he stayed underneath the bush for the rest of the night and cried himself to sleep.

the next day he crawled out from underneath the bush to look for food when he got to some garbage cans , the kitten found some chicken bones was starting to eat it when some boys suddenly put a garbage can over him. " we got that ugly thing" the voice said.
the kitten was very frighten and didnt know what was gonna happen to him. they boys started hitting the can with sticks.
a little girl seen what was happening,ran home, got her mom. the kitten heard a voice saying " hey you boys leave the cat alone" the mother said.
" pick on someone your own size" the little girl told the boys.
" im gonna lift the can up so stay back" the little girl mother told her.
"ok mom" she responded back.
the kitten watched as the an was started being lefted up so he went to the opening ,started to run and then he heard a kind voice saying " here kitty, kitty" the litle girl said.
" we wont hurt you " the mother told the tabby " you have a home with us if you like"
" a home" the kitten said to himself "they want me but what happens if i go there" he thought to himself " and decide they dont want me"
while the kitten was thinking on this the little girl brung him a bowl of milk and a chicken leg, slowly went to him ,putting the items in front of him.
the kitten knew they meant him no harm so he slowly went to the little girl, purring loudly and then he went to the mother , gently rubbing against her , purring loudly.
they started walking towards home but the kitten was very hesitate " we can be best friends" he heard the little girl saying to him.
"a friend, a home" the kitten said to himself .
" come on little fellow" the mother said .
the kitten watched as they slowly walk away and he ran after them.

" you will like it here " the mother told the kitten when she opened up the front door. he cautiously went through the front door .
the little girl gently picked up the kitten, hugging him " im glad you decided to join my family" she told him i always wanted a cat and now i got one."
"im gonna name you dumpsey" she told him
" i finally got a name" the kitten told himself.
" dumpsey,dumpsey" he told himself " i like it.

the mother went up to her daughter , telling her its time to give dumpsey a bath.
" i wonder what a bath is" the kitten thought to himself.
the mother picked up the kitten and gently put him in the water.
"so this is what a bath is" dumpsey said to herself " i dont like it". he started meowing loudly and was trying to get out of the tub.
" where done" the mother gentle pick the kitten up , wrapping the kitten up in a towel and cuddled him .
dumsey felt so much love and kindness and knew he was finally home after a few minutes the little girl took the towel off and started brushing his hair and getting rid of the all the knots .
" you look beautiful" the little girl told her.
the next day the little girl had dumpsey outside when some kids came by he ran and hid. "where did you get that beautiful cat from" the little boy asked. the boy slowly went up to him and started petting him.
" im finally home " dumpsey told himself.
" its time to come in sweetie" the mother called for her
" come on dumpsey its time to go in" the little girl told him " i love you dumsey " she then gently picked the kitten up and they both headed towards the back door.
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