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William Ulcer


William Ulcer loves the smell of chocolates. He loves falling asleep with chocolates on his moist tongue. His favourite spot is just under the left side tucked between the cheek and next to the teeth.

William decided to visit a little boy who lives three houses to the left of his home. He heard from his Mom that this little boy loves eating chocolates and does not like to brush his teeth.

William could almost smell the chocolate. He ran as quickly as his legs could carry him. There he was! Harold had just finished three large blocks of chocolate and all around him were the wrappers. He had not brushed his teeth for almost a week. He ate them with a great Munch Munch Yum Yum and with chocolate smeared on his lips and between his teeth. Ohhhhh the smell of the chocolate William Ulcer clapped his hands with glee.

Harold gave out a loud yawn and folded his hands and decided its time for a nap. Harold wiggled in his chair and leaned his head back then dosed off to sleep.

William Ulcer waited for this moment, Harold’s mouth was slightly ajar breathing in and out and with each breath the smell of the chocolate drifted to William.

William crept up slowly then leapt to Harold’s left shoulder and took a quick look around to make sure no one saw him. Up the chin he crept and into the mouth, then slowly on the tongue. He sat on the back of the tongue, then on to the top middle, he squeezed at the back on the right side and then to the left side. Ahhhh! His favourite spot, just under and in between the cheek and the teeth is a cozy, warm, moist spot with strong flavouring of the ever lovely chocolate. William closed his eyes and fell asleep hugging tightly onto his tongue.

After a few moments, Harold felt a sore in his mouth and felt an ache somewhere in his mouth. His eyes opened wide, and he did not like it at all. His tongue wiggled around not knowing what to do. Harold ran to the mirror, opened his mouth wide and starred at his tongue, trying to figure where that sore spot was.

There it was as he lifted his tongue up, a white spot of an ulcer. Harold did not know quite what to do. He ran to his mother and pointed to the white sore.

"An ulcer dear, I have told you to always brush your teeth!" said his mom. Why don’t you brush your teeth now, the minty tooth paste may do the trick."

Reluctantly Harold took his tooth brush and put some paste on and started to brush. Swish, brush, swish the bristles rolled on to William. William was startled and cried out in shock. Then Harold took a mouthful of water and gurgle, gurgle, gargle the terribly cold water made William shiver terribly.

I must leave before the next mouthful, it’s too cold! William Ulcer quickly let go of the tongue, got his legs ready to bolt out. As soon as Harold’s mouth opened and just before the next gush of water comes swirling in, William Ulcer shot out like a rocket and ran as quickly as he could all the way home.


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