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Wednesday 19th January was the day when Melissa found her dream house, It was perfect..for her but not for her sister Clara, “This looks like a ruined castle that someone died in” Was the first thing Clara commented on when she entered the Gothic house, it was dusty and spooky like a living human never visited this house. The only reason Melissa bought it was because it was going for so cheap, it had to be either sold or burned down for various reasons but the sisters that bought the house for £999 didn’t have a clue.

They have both lost their jobs of alcohol and smoking and needed a place to shelter. They came from a very rich background but the two sisters wanted to live a normal life but then went into rehab. As they were driving their ‘normal’ Fiesta car they just happened to see a house for sale and stopped by and immedietly bought it.


“Look, this will be for the best” Lucia informed Janice “They will buy this house, we’ll earn money or otherwise the house will be burned down, after all, its 387 years old”


Bang, the brick hit the ground “Ok, this is bad but we’ll fix it up” Melissa tried assuring Clara but it didn’t work, she was still curious about the house, it looked old and the door was burned and jammed, “We bought the house but we cant get in it, great” stressed Clara. On the door mat it was suppose to say “HELLO” but the ‘O’ seemed to be faded from Earth and it was left with “HELL”. Melissa worried if thats what living in this house would be, hell.


Finally they unblocked the what used to be a wooden door and Melissa coughed as the dust fell into her eyes that were as blue as an ocean, sure, Clara and Melissa were similair, blue eyes and blond natural hair but now Melissa dyed hers flamingo purple and Clara’s is now a mahogany type colour but Clara worried more and Melissa, the emo style chick was the ‘chill dude’ type. Clara wondered in, frowned and sputtered, “Really? is all that worth it? We could have bought a flat for cheaper than that and pay no attention and certainly not this much work, this is a wreck, Mel, How? I mean...Why? WHAT IS THAT!?”

“What’s what?” Melissa asked, confused.

“Umm, nothing just a white shadow, probably the sunlight”

It was getting late and they were trying to fix the door.”Lets call the plumber and buy a new door, im not staying here without a door” Clara said, so they did but they had to leave the house, to buy foods and drinks.

They returned home. Something Happened. “Where’s the plumber gone?” asked Melissa and just got a one shoulder shrug of Clara.


Melissa came originally from a poorer background, lived with her dad, they lived in a huge house, he was a wealthy man but a goth and lived in that terrfic house. One day, her father; Nathan ran into their mother and got back together and thats how Clara and Melissa grew up together again.


“Where is he? I paid him! I’ll phone his company....Hello...Yes...Thats right....but....why?....NO....thats the house but why.....whatever. Melissa, they said that he could not be  on his own in this house, and she told me well us to be careful in that house”

Melissa looked around carefully and the place looked so familiar. “You know, this house looks so familiar, like my old house” Were the words that stumbled out of Melissa’s dry pink mouth.



They worked hard, stayed up until midnight, not daring to go upstairs, they slept downstairs on the yellow stained couch which was kindly donated by a charity, “Look, I hated being the rich girl but i don’t want to be a tramp” Clara spit out bitterly when she saw the sofa.

“We got no other option, have we? Think about it Clara.” Melissa told her. So far the two sisters only explored the downstairs, they currently been working on the living room, repainting it bright red, added some furniture and thankfully removed the stained couch. They added bright red and black flowers for the effect on the modern, not at all scratched glass table, they had there furniture on one side of the huge living room and the stereo, plasma TV, DVD, and their pink laptop their mother bought them for their 18th Birthday.

“Lets work on the kitchen now, after all, its morning now and its thursday...Hey...You know that our 19th birthday is in a month, shall we have it here?”

“Yeah!! Good Idea Melissa! We shall rock this place and make it so perfect.”

They walked into the kitchen, there were no furniture and the once white blinds were now gone a horrible faded yellow, like somebody used them in the toilet! They decided they wanted to buy new furniture today, after all, they wanted to get the downstairs done, there was the kitchen, the living room, the toilet and a study. The study was horrible and yukky, the only good thing there was the nice calm blue wallpapers. “Should we just keep the wallpaper here? It looks ok, Just add some furniture, but i dont want this to be a study” Argued Melissa as soon as she stepped on the squeaky floor in the so called study. 

“Yes, what about a little resting area? You know? Like a games console, we got that in our luggage”

“Exactly, we have got a PS3, Nintendo DSi, a laptop and a PSP and some other games, we shall use them in here, we got another wooden table so place it in here,Yeah? then buy another sofa, blue to suit the wallpaper and yes, is that it? for the Game Room?”

“I should think so, thats another room planned, now we just need the kitchen sorted, the bathroom is done except maybe a little cleaning and that pretty picture of Marilyn Monroe hung up,eh?”

“Yes, that would be perfect, lets focus on downstairs at the moment and the halls are suitable and the carpet work, too hard unless a workman comes but he might run out like the last one, Bob. Get moving we’re going shopping” and with that they left the house, they took their car, they weren’t used to this atmosphere in this city, it looked so dull but most people looked happy. They arrived at the store, bought a couch which was on sale, a nice wooden chair, black and white tile wallpaper for the kitchen.

“Hello, Do you need delivery?” the salesperson asked.

“How much for?” said Melissa


Took a moment for Melissa and Clara to think it through then finally answered yes and told them the address.

“Excuse me, Im Nancy, You live there?” A woman with widly black dyed hair questioned them.

“Yes, why?” Clara wondered.

“I know i’m a stranger to you but can i look at that house properly, i’m not a stalker, dont worry” and with that the sisters agreed.

They even gave Nancy a lift and suggested she sleeps over even if she is a stranger and its getting dark and no way anyone wants to drive or get away from the house or even be left alone in that scary house, it was on a hill, the nearest house was 10 minutes away, so you could see how scary it was for them.

“Wow” Nancy exclaimed when she entered. “This is unbelievable!, so its true!”

“Whats true?” asked Melissa.

“I dont want to say this to scare you or something but haven’t you heard the history of this..this house?”

“No, we haven’t, tell us”

“I heard, a girl, 387 years ago lived here, her name was Angelica and she still haunts this house, no one dared living here, why did you buy this place anyway?”

“Because it was on sale” Answered the now scared Clara. 

“Well, I also heard a girl lived here, about 10 years ago? No! More than that, It was a daughter and her father living there, she had blond hair and blue eyes, the stories tell, and so rumours spread, when I heard this address, I thought how brave are you two to live here?”

“Who is that girl?”

“What Angelica? She was a 12 year old girl who died, her father strangeled her in that house and apparently now she doesn’t want any girl to live in this house, also, apparently, theres a message she wants to give people, she doesn’t come at daytime, only at nightime, but I dont know if all this is true! Oh yeah she only haunts the upstairs and so on, the cellar and basement especially. You’re living here now so you’ll find out!”

“What about the other girl?” Clara sputtered over her own words.

“Right, no one knows that much about her, just that she was a little rich and her parents spilt up. You been uptairs yet?”

And with the shake of Melissa’s head, she carried on. “Where are we sleeping tonight, gurls?”

“What about here? in the living room, we don’t want to go upstairs at night”

“I see where you are coming from” Laughed Nancy then she heard something break upstairs, the girls let out a scream.

“Probably nothing, just go to sleep now”

The girls locked all the doors and shut the living room doors.

Melissa thought in her sleep, about Anjelica, what Nancy said and thought about the girl that lived here with her father..Was that girl her?



Melissa couldn’t sleep, but neither could Nancy or Clara. Melissa saw it all. Someone coming quietly down the stairs then opening the living room door and Melissa closed her eyes quick enough and tried to sleep.It was all happening again. Her Childhood Memories. She was the girl that Nancy talked about, the girl that lived with her father. That was Melissa.



Finally morning came, Nancy and Clara were already up arguing and then that woke Melissa up.

“Whats going on?” asked Melissa.

“Oh, we don’t know whick one of us went upstairs and checked it out, because I heard someone coming down the stairs” Nancy was furious.

“Did you have your eyes closed?” gasped Melissa.

”Yeah” They both answered.

“Good, we got to get out of here”

Clara and Nancy were confused, they all stepped into the landing of the foot of the stairs and just as Melissa knew, there should have been a vase that was broken.

“Whats this?” Nancy picked up a piece of paper and read. “ ‘Hello, who ever is reading this, Im Melissa Brunole aged 11, GET OUT OF THIS PLACE NOW’ ”

“Is this a joke?” Clara asked Melissa.

“No, Nancy? You know the girl that lived with her father, rich one?”


“It’s me, remember?, Our parents used to be split up and I was the blonde girl, with my dad, we were rich but not millionares like Clara and her mum”

“Oh my god! So was it Angelica that went downstairs?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, Let me tell you, she only comes out at night, and dont ever mention her name, because when I was 11, I kept writing notes for the next people that are going to live there, to warn them but as soon as you say her name, she knows someone is taling about her, she hates that and first at 11pm she breaks the vase to let everyone know she will be visting you, and now thanks to Nancy she’ll come again. If someone calls her 3 nights in a row, she’ll go as far as coming into your body and trying to kill you, first night is nothing, secong night is bad and the third? DON’T EVEN ASK ME! It’s scary, really scary”

“But why did you ask us if we opened our eyes?” 

“If you open your eyes, well, lets say, she knows if you have or not, if you have, at first you dont see her then BAM! all of the sudden she appears in your face, she has really really white skin and always wears a long long white dress, she never looked human, her long back hair hangs in her white pale face, her eyes are red and bloody, and she walks really slow dragging her head on her left side, trust me, I saw her. I’m scared, If you see her also, she haunts you bad and you cry blood, just in this house, at night never open yor eyes. NEVER!” and with that Melissa still in her silky nighties ran out, Nancy and Clara also in their pajamas ran out to help poor Melissa. They catch her and calm her down and notice she is crying blood.

“So it is true, NO!” Clara screams and hugges her shivering sister. Nancy just gone pale and she starts being sick. “What should we do?” Nancy asked Melissa when she calmed down.

“We got to sort this out, I don’t want that to happen to someone else so we got to kill the demon. Nancy asked her how and simply, Melissa answered, “Girls, I know we will, so why don’t we finish decorating the kitchen and the games room, Nancy, we don’t know you so well but you proved you are a great friend, move in with us, got your stuff?”

Clara agreed with what Melissa said and Nancy seemed surprised and moved in right away. They finished decorating the kitchen and the games room when it was still 9am and chilled out. Then Melissa’s bones began to rattle when she heard Nancy speak, “Its still morning, let’s go check out upstairs when it’s still light”. 


Gingerly, one by one, they started to go upstairs, Melissa at the front, she knew the house well as she remembered it now. She stepped into the upstairs bathroom and looked around, surprisingly, it look cleaned. “Why is it clean? I thought it would be dusty” Wondered Nancy. The next place was the spare guest bedroom, it was empty, nothing was there, there were 4 bedrooms and an empty spare room, Melissa and her father used as the dressing room, they stepped inside, now there was nothing there, like no one lived there for years, they soon entered a room that was pink and had Barbie all over. “I’m guessing this was your room?” Clara asked Melissa and Melissa nodded. It was a great room and now it was horrible, her father’s room was discusting and smelled of foot odour. The other bedroom was the best looking out of all of them then suddenly she nearly stepped into Angelica’s bedroom, well, she knew that Angelica stayed there. Melissa shuddered. “What?” Nancy glided over to Melissa.

“That is her room”

“What An..” Nancy stopped midway, she didn’t want to say her name, too scared.

“I know what i’m going to do, you can stay here or go downstairs or even leave the house, I got to stay here until midnight, until she appears”

“We are not leaving you, we’re staying, love!” Nancy added sarcasticaly.

“Sure?” Asked Melissa, as it is going to be scary.

They both nodded their heads like a doll’s head which bobs up and down.

They waited for ages, then finally....the door from Anjelica’s room opened, they all had their eyes close then finally, bravely Melissa opened her’s. She saw everything she described, the other girls did the same; open their eyes, yes, same thing happened, all of the sudden Anjelica appeared in your face, they started crying, didn’t move, they were frozen, Melissa, kept a straight face, used to this and said to Anjelica.

“Im Melissa, the girl that had to go to the doctor because of you, a girl who gone mental because of you.”

Anjelica’s head, slowly turned up, i never did before, she was shocked but so was her sister and Nancy, looking at Melissa like she was going mad.

“I hear you got a message” Melissa spoke bravely.

“Yes, I do want you to leave me or I’ll kill you”

Clara had to slap herself to make sure she heard it right....Yes...the ghost actually spoke.

“Why? I grew up here”

”So did I, over 200 years ago”

Anjelica spoke in a soft scary slow voice.

“Let me be”

“I will, just get out, You deserve to be in heaven” Melissa wondered if she was actually speaking to someone who ruined her childhood.

“I ruined you because my father ruined me, killed me because of my politeness”

“What?” Clara forced herself to speak.

The ghost just looked at her.

Glared, saying nothing at all.

“I would leave if you knew manners, all I need is a word, one word, Melissa, no one spoke to me in 287 years, just say one word and I’ll leave and you could be a hero, and if you say that word, teach everyone else it.”

Melissa thought and said “Please” and as fast as Melissa said it, Anjelica dissappeared.....

Melissa woke up... It was all a dream, not everything but.....“This looks like a ruined castle that someone died in” Was the first thing Clara commented on when she entered the Gothic house. Melissa heard it before, she quickly looked up to one of the atttic windows and saw Anjelica smiling and she had written the word please on the dusty window.

Melissa, instead of saying  “Ok, this is bad but we’ll fix it up” she said “Let’s head upstairs”.

That is all they needed..The word Please.




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