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Ghostly School

GHOSTLY SCHOOL Once upon a time there was a school named H.I.S. (Howard’s International School). It was the summer season going on. Children were playing in the ground. Suddenly a child fell down there. We took him to infirmary and sir gave him medicines. After he was conscious he told us that he saw a 7 feet tall man. All the children playing with him said that they did not see anyone there at that time!!!!! This encounter took place in the ground and next one was in the fitness center. The F.C encounter was somewhat like this:- When we went inside, we saw a long stream of blood, a thirty or forty skeletons, many eyes were watching us, dead bodies roaming here and there et cetera. All the masons’ dead bodies were thrown in a room. There was a secret room locked from inside and when we asked to our teacher about it, she told she is having the key although the room was locked from inside. Very scary voices were coming from that room which would give anyone a heart attack!!!!! Section B: Planning From that day we were very afraid of Fitness Center. Many people did not believe but once they went there they started believing. H.I.S. was completely covered by ghosts. The ghosts daily killed one child, which led five more children to leave school in fear. Therefore, daily six people were reduced from our school’s total population. Many teachers also left our school. Soon our school was completely filled by scary voices of ghosts. When any ghost came in our class, we had no place to escape. Our school’s total population was only ten and they were: our principal, vice principal, 3 teachers and 5 children: Aakash, Apurva, Ark, Shivansh, and Shivanshu. This group was called Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters did a lot of research throughout internet, encyclopedias, books and every informative thing .Finally they plan to fight with ghosts. Ghosts accepted this challenge and became busy in planning out for fight. Section C: World War I The Ghostbusters arranged a meeting in which they decided to use onions as a weapon against ghosts because they thought if a Dracula can be defeated by onions then why not ghosts? They also decided to use wooden sticks as their primary weapon. Like ghost busters, ghosts also arrange a meeting. Ghosts were not at all worried. They decided to use their canine teeth which were six centimeter long and their nails which were also six centimeter long. Ghosts also developed an eye at the back of their head. The war started. The Ghostbusters’ secretary general, Shivansh decided that every person will cover one ghost. The king of ghosts sent five ghosts only. All the members of Ghostbusters attacked with onions on ghosts. The ghosts started laughing as they ate the onion. The Ghostbusters started using wooden sticks. They would have succeeded but the ghosts’ eyes at the back of their head became the reason for being defeated. The war ended. The ghosts celebrated their victory. Section D: World War II Ghostbusters discover that they lost 1st war because it was held in evening. This time they find that ghosts’ weak point is light. Ghostbusters again challenged ghosts. Ghosts decide to kill Ghostbusters in this war. Ghostbusters were using mirrors (to reflect sunlight) and foil stones (black colored). The war started. The ghosts attacked horribly on Ghostbusters. When ghosts came very near, Ghostbusters reflected direct sunlight on them from which they started vanishing. The king of ghosts sent more powerful ghosts. This time Ghostbusters used mirror for light and when the ghosts started sweating, they threw BCFS (Black Colored Foil Stone). The ghosts started searching for BCFS because it was dark in color, till that time the Ghostbusters killed the ghosts. They killed every ghost other than the King of Ghosts. Ghostbusters brought many torches, candles and everything which emitted light and finally won over the ghosts. Ghostbusters enjoyed their victory and from that day Howard’s International School is the best school. THE END

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