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Our show

Sitting at the table,thinking of you,sorry to tell you,but we're through[chorus:]well i,hope you understand that,this is for the best,and,my love will never rest,yeah,so,i'm,writing you this song,and i hope you sing along,cause,i never wanna let you go-o,but i just want you to know,this is the end of our show[CHORUS END]momma says,i know it hurts now,but trust me,life comes back around,i've been shot,with cupid's arrow,so many times,true love,is what i wanna,find[chorus]i've tried telling you,that we're through,but every time i look at you,i wanna break,down and cry[chorus]too bad,love never works out,just look at romeo,and juliet,i'm still hoping you understand,i'll love you,forever and ever,but this is the end of our show

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