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Fox Vs. Wolf(Full Version)

Fox vs. Wolf
Chapter 1:The dreams
The air was bitter as he trod the ground in the forest,making sure his every move would be as silent as humanly possible.He continued to wander through the trees until he came upon a horrific sight.There,in a small clearing was a wolf,blood dripping from it's jaw as if it had just torn into another animal's flesh,which it probably had.The dripping wasn't the only thing that made the wolf look evil.It also had eyes that in the distance seemed to flash a crimson red,looking directly towards him.He looked around for some place to escape to,nowhere was found.All the trees that he had previously been sneaking through appeared to of vanished into thin air,levaing nothing but pure darkness around the small light that surrounded him.He heard light footsteps approach him along with the sound of blood dripping onto the floor.The wolf entered his vision but was only seen in half light.While it's dark grey fur was shown from the legs to about half way down to it's body,the back half of it was completely invisible to his eyes.He continued to try and back away towards the darkness,hoping that the wolf would be distracted by something.His hoping failed to work and the wolf,now in full light,dashed towards his head with it's jaws wide open...

He woke up in a cold sweat,sitting straight and looking forwards in terror."That dream again."he began to think to himself"Why?" He got up out of left the side of his bed,he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep any longer because of that dream.That was the same dream he had been having the past few months although he was still unsure why."Maybe I should tell someone about it."he began to think to himself as he slipped on his dressing gown and began down the stairs.When he reached the bottom he heard a smash from the kitchen.He rolled his eyes knowing it would be his sister"She's really gotta start being more careful."He moaned to no one in particular as he dragged his tired body through the living room and into the kitchen.When his Sister noticed his prescence she immediadetly stood up to hide whatever it was she had smashed.
"Morning Willis!How come you're up so early?"His sister said as she tried to brush away the smashed paricles of whatever the damaged object was with her foot.Willis just looked back at her with his tired eyes and replied
"I know you broke something so I'll make you a deal,make me a cup of hot chocolate and I'll pretend I never saw you,ok Silvia?"Silvia nodded and quickly dropped the pieces of the mug she had smashed into the wheelie-bin outside before returning and turning on the kettle.Silvia was only nine years old,five years younger than her brother,but she was quite capable of doing most things in the kitchen,other than handling cuttlery that is.She pulled up a stool and sat down next to him.
"Willis?Why are you up so early anyways?"Silvia asked,looking a little concerned.Willis stretched and yawned,accidently making his back crack,although he didn't really feel it that much.
"None of your buisness."He replied seeming to have a slight tone of annoyance in his voice.Silvia looked down sadly."I'm sorry I didn't mean to burst like that." Willis said laying a comforted hand on her right shoulder.Silvia looked back up to him and smiled sweetly.
"Well as long as you said sorry I can't be angry I guess,right?"Silvia replied,she had always been a good natured person."Now go get ready and I'll do your hot chocoalate for you."She said trying to impersonate their mother's voice.Willis let out a slight chuckle.
"Ok then mum."Willis mused and the two chuckled a little more before Willis went upstairs to get changed for school.Willis slipped on his white shirt,dark green sweater and black trousers.He didn't particularly like the uniform but he had to wear it,at least everyone else would be wearing the same.He was about to leave his room when something caught his eye.His computer still seemed to be on the internet and at the top left corner of the Aol screen the Read button was in red,signifying he had new mail.He promptly walked over and clicked it to see an e-mail from [email protected]. Andrew was one of his friends from school.He double clicked on the e-mail and read what it said.
"To Willis,
Willis are you up!?Oh yeah if you're reding this you must be,lol.Anyways,if you can try to be at school by 8 Am today.We're all thinking of going on a trip this weekend so if you wanna come then get over there now!Hope to see ya soon!
"A trip eh?"Willis said to himself"Sound like fun,what time is it now?"He checked the time at the bottom right corner of the computer screen."Seven-thirty."He thought aloud"I'll go down and have my hot-chocoalate then go there,I'll make it if I run."And with that he closed down Aol,shut off the computer and made his way down the stairs.He promptly sat himself down in the kitchen and downed his hot chocoalte in one.
"Woah,what up with you Willis?"Silvia asked him confused by his suddden burst of speed.Willis put down the mug.
"I gotta get to school to meet some friends,I'll see you later,tell mum I've gone ok?"He quickly replied.Silvia nodded her head and within a matter of seconds his shoes were on and he was out of the door.

Willis was thrashing through the fields as fast as possible,his rucksack banging off his spine.He looked at his watch "seven-fifty.I guess I can walk from here"Willis thought to himself as he decreased his speed to a fast walk.He went to the school so far away because he used to live near there and when they moved away he didn't want to change school,so he stayed at this one.He continued his power-walking for a while until he noticed something,he was an orange patch behind the trees.He decided it wouldn't hurt to deviate from his path a little to take a look.He walked over to the bushes and slowly pushed them aside so as not to scare whoever or whatever was in there.He peered inside the bushes to find a fox sitting there,nudging at another fox that was lying on the floor covered in blood.Willis felt sudden;y sad for the fox but decided it was for his own good to leave the fox alone,at least for now."Stupid fox hunters."Willis mumbled with an angry frown on his face as he continued off towards the school.

After a few more minutes of walking,Willis reached the school to find his friends waiting for him
"Hey Willis!Come here!"Andrew called to him,waving his arm around.Willis waved back and ran up to them."So,are you gonna come with us on our little trip?"Andrew asked him.Willis raised an eyebrow.
"Don't ya think it'd help if I knew where we were going first?"He commented sarcasticly.
"Don't try and be funny Willis,you know your not."Andrew retorted.
"Am I funny?" Mark asked them,he had always acted random,trying to fit in a joke wherever possible.
"Well,you're funny looking at least."Andrew said back to him snidely.Mark just looked at him and said
"I know,you have a problem?"Willis looked at Mark before returning to Andrew
"You let yourself in his trap that time,he'll annoy you all day now."Willis mused."So where're we off to anyway?"he questioned.
"Well Me,Mark,You,Sarah and Rachel were all gonna go up to camp in the woods,you gonna come?"Andrew asked glad to have somehing to keep Mark from bugging him.
"Sure sounds like fun,when're we gonna go?"Willis replied.andrew smiled at him.
"I thought you would,I know you've got the hots for Rachel."He mocked.
"What? I don't!"Willis yelled,his faceturning bright red with embarassment.
"Ok,ok!No need to blush!"Andrew replied,trying his best not to burst out into laughter.Willis was stuck now,how could he get out of this one?They all heard some heavy footsteps coming from the right of them.They looked over to see someone they all hated.Her name was Jeniffer.Although her name didn't make her seem like it she was a complete snob and looked down her nose at everyone,including the teachers.
"So,you are having another petty conversation are you?I suggest you take up an interesting habbit like I recently did.Fox Hunting is so exhuberant."Mark and Andrew looked at her with blank faces,they were sure she was making these words up.However Willis' face was filled with pure hatred."What's wrong with you,common boy?"Jeniffer asked in her annoying tone of voice.
"You...Fox hunt!?"Willis yelled at her.She was a little startled by this,no one usually dared to yell at her.Willis lashed out at her with his fist but was held back by Andrew.
"Woah!What's up with you Willis?I've never seen you like this before."Andrew said seeming a little confused.
"I'd rather not talk about it,now let's go find Sarah and Rachel."Willis replied as he took deep breths trying to calm himself down.Andrew nodded in agreement and the three went off in search of Sarah and Rachel.

After wandering around for a while they managed to find Sarah and Rachel sitting on a bench near the field.
"Hey you two!Willis said he's coming along to!"Andrew said to them cheerfully.
"Really?That's great!"Rachel said to him standing up,Sarah did the same."Well we gotta get going to class now,meet us here after school,ok?"Rachel asked them.They all nodded in agreement ans set off in opposite directions.

The day slowly dragged on and it seemed like an eternity until it was finally ten past three."Finally,I can go"Willis thought to himself.He scribbled down a few notes on his pad before the bell rang"Ok then class,you can leave now."The teacher said,and with that they all quickly began to move out of the R.E classroom.Willis thought for a moment before leaving"I wonder...maybe Miss can interpret what my recurring dream means."Willis didn't notice that he was standing still looking up at the ceiling.An arm waved in front of his eyes,snapping him out of his trance."Oh,sorry miss...Can I ask you something?"Willis asked,a little embarassed.
"Of course Willis,what's up?"She asked back.
"Well I've been having a recurring dream but I don't know what it means,do you think you can interpret it?"
"I'll give it a shot,what is it?"
"Well...I'm walking through some woods,until I come across a wolf and it spots me.I try to back away to the trees but they've disappeared and the next thing I know it's lunging at me,but after that I wake up."
"I'm not sure but I think it's because something like that's going to happen,I'd be careful if I were you."The teacher said.Willis nodded and said
"Thanks Miss."Before leaving the room and heading to meet his friends.

Willis moved out of the double doors slowly before encountering his friends on the bench outside waiting for him."You're certainly taking your time."Andrew said,seeming a little annoyed at how long he had taken.
"Hmm?Oh,sorry."Willis replied lightly as he lifted his head up.
"What's up Willis,I can tell there's something wrong."Sarah said looking at him curiously.
"It's nothing...unless one of you can interpret dreams maybe?"Willis questioned looking around at them.They all just shook their heads or shrugged their shoulders."Ok then,it doesn't matter."Willis said a little sadly as he returned his sea azure blue eyes to the floor.
"So then..."Andrew began,as he tryed to lift everyone's spirits."Are their any questions about the trip we're going on?"Willis looked up and raised is hand."Yeah,what's up Willis?"Andrew questioned him.
"You still haven't told me when we're going,and how we're gonna get there."Willis replied,still seeming a little sad.
"Oh yeah,well we're gonna leave tonight since it's friday and we won't hafta get permission off school to go,you think you can come along still?"Andrew asked again before continuing.Willis simply nodded his head."Good,also for transport we'll be getting a lift from my dad in his truck,don't worry the back's mostly empty so we won't get crushed by anything."Andrew finished.Mark,Sarah and rachel all stood up from the bench.
"Well then we'll see you all tonight and Andrew's place ok?"Sarah asked,brushing off her trousers.They all nodded in agreement and said their goodbyes before leaving for home.Sarah and Rachel one way,Andrew and Mark another,and lastly Willis took off alone.He lived quite far away compared to everyone else,so he usually had to walk home alone.As he reached the field he remembered something,the fox he had seen on his way here,with it's mate covered in blood.He lightly walked over to the bushes to peek again,he looked in to once again see the foxes dead mate with a crimson fluid covering it's body.However he couldn't see the fox that had still been alive anywhere.He walked up to it slowly and noticed something,rather than clean bullet marks into the fox there were large scratches in it,and at one point it looked as if it had been bitten.
"Woah,maybe this wasn't the work of a fox hunter after all..."Willis began to think.Suddenly his dream quickly flashed past his eyes."Did a,wolf,do this?"He thought aloud.Willis shook his head,there was no point in worrying about this now.He slowly left the bushes and continued on his way home jogging.

"Mum,I'm home!"Willis called up the stairs as he walked in the front door.
"No need to shout."His mum joked from the living room.Willis laughed.
"Whoops,sorry mum."He replied as he walked into the living room.He walked in to see his mum sitting down reading her book while Silvia sat in front of the television watching Digimon on the t.v.Willis promptly sat down next to his mum and looked over her arm and into the book."What're ya reading?"Willis asked as he peered at the book,scanning over a few words of it.
"Nothing you'd enjoy Willis,did you have a nice day at school today?"His mum asked back..
"Yeah it was okay I guess,Mum is it ok if I go off for the weekend with some friends?"
"Hmm...depends where you want to go."
"We was thinking of camping out in the woods for the weekend."
"I see,do you have any transport?"
"Yeah,Andrew's dad's gonna take us in his van,so can I go then?"
"I suppose so,go and pack some stuff and I'll give you a lift there."
"Alright!Thanks mum!"Willis said excitedly before he jolted off up the stairs to get ready.His mum shook her head and returned to her book.

Willis entered his room and quickly turned on his computer to see if anyone had decided to contact him.While it was booting up he changed out of his uniform into a grey shirt,a red jacket over it,and dark blue tracksuit bottoms.he turned to his computer and entered his password before pressing enter.A small blue box appeared showing that he was signing on.After a few more seconds the voice emitted from his speakers saying "Welcome to AOL"Willis sat down on his chair and lay his right hand on the mouse."You have e-mail"The computer voice droned once more.He let the rest of the internet load before double clicking on read.He found three e-mails.The first one said
"Free Viagra!Sign up now!"Willis rolled his eyes,he never did understand why so many people sent around all this junk mail.The second one said"AOL is changing!"Willis thought for a moment but then decided he didn't need to read it.The last on said "Details on tonight"Willis looked acroos to see who had sent it him and noticed it was andrew's e-mail address.He clicked on the read button. and looked through the e-mail.
"Hey Willis!Just thought you'd still need an actual time for the trip so as far as I know we're all meeting here at my place for seven,see ya then!"The E-mail was short but at least Willis knew when he had to go now.He decided to close down AOL once more and begin to pack his bags.

Chapter 2:The Trip
"Ok then,phone me when you get back so I can come pick you up,ok?"His mum said from the window of her car to Willis who was standing there outside Andrew's house with a bag in either hand and his sleeping bag attached to his back.
"Yeah ok mum,I will!"Willis called to her,waving back as he ran up to knock at Andrew's door.
"Oh hey Willis!Everyone else is already here,come on in!"Andrew said excitedly as he stepped aside,allowing Willis to step inside.He walked into the large house.Andrew wasn't really that rich,he had just got this house by luck as he had inherited it off his grandfather.Willis slipped off his shoes and followed Andrew up the stairs into his room.

"Hey you're here!Wasn't sure if you'd make it"Rachel said seeming a little suprised.Sarah and Mark where silent in the background having a fight on the computer.
"Ha!Thrashed you ten times in row!"Sarah yelled in delight.Mark just let out a low moan of dissapointment as he lightly put the control on the table and walked over to the others.Sarah followed with a spring in her step.They all stood and looked at each other.
"So then,have we all got everything we need?"Andrew asked looking around at the group.They all nodded their heads."Ok then,let's go get in the truck."He finished as he began to walk out of the room and down the stairs.Mark,Rachel,Sarah and Willis all followed.Once they were outside Andrew tryed to slide open the side of the van but had a little difficulty with it.They all laughed a little."Come on,gimme a hand will ya?"Andrew moaned.To no one in particular.Mark let a few more chuckles leave him before walking over and throwing the slide-door open with one hand only."Uhm,thanks"Andrew said a little suprised.Mark shrugged his shoulders and heaved himself up into the truck along with his luggage.
"Well...I never knew he was that strong.Lucky we was only fighting on a game earlier."Sarah mused to herself as she also walked up to the van and leaped into it.Afterwards Rachel hopped into the truck,then Willis and lastly Andrew before Mark stood up once more and tossed the door aside,closing it.After a few moments and they had all sat down the engine started and there was a slight bump as the truck began to move.

The group of five sat in the empty back of the truck doing different things.Mark sat in a corner with his sketch pad but he wouldn't tell anyone what he was drawing until he was finished.Andrew was chatting to Rachel and Sarah was playing on a gameboy,and Willis was leaning against the side of the truck,still thinking of the dreams and what they might mean.Sarah switched off her gameboy and walked over to Willis and sat down next to him."What's up Willis?You're not usually this quiet."She said to him,waving her hand in front of his face to gain his attention.Willis jumped back a bit which made her giggle.
"Oh,sorry I was elsewhere."Willis flatly stated as he turned to face her.
"You got that right,what was you thinking about anyway?"Sarah inquired.
"It's a dream I've been having a lot lately."
"Really?What about?"
"I'm in the woods and I find a Wolf with blood coming from it's mouth.I try to back away but I can't and then it lunges at me."
"Wow...that's interesting,then what?"
"I wake up after that."
"Awww...just when it was getting exciting to"
"I'll tell you if i have it again ok?"
"Yeah that'll be cool!"

The truck came to a halt sending Andrew and Rachel flying sideways.Not Mark as he was to heavy and Sarah and Willis had just happened to be sitting at the right side of the truck.They all stood and began trying to pry the door open.Mark walked over and was about to give it a try again before they heard the door from the front of the truck open and shut and a voice saying.
"It's locked,you will not escape and shall become my slaves!"The voice yelled triumphantly from outside.They all had confused looks on their faces before Andrew's dad's voice turned back to it's normal state"Only joking"He said as he unlocked the door and tossed it aside.Mark made the mistake of not letting go and was thrown onto the floor.They all laughed.
"You made a mistake there,didn't ya?"Andrew mused to him.Mark got back up and decided to return with a joke of his own.
"I've never made a mistake in my life."He began"I thought I did once but I was wrong."They all laughed even harder and after their laughs had died down they all hopped out of the truck one after the other.Andrew's dad slid the door shut once more and locked it.
"Remember phone me if anything happens,got that?"He said as he climbed back into the driver's seat.
"Gotcha' dad!"Andrew replied as he and the others began to wander off into the woods.His dad nodded in agreement and shut the door before driving off.

The group of five wondered through out the forest for a little while with Andrew leading them.After a few minuted Andrew abruptly came to a halt and turned around to face them in the small opening of trees."Well,how's about we set up camp here?"Andrew asked the group as they also all came to a stop.
"Yeah,this seems ok to me,how about you lot?"Rachel said as she also turned to face the rest of the group.Sarah and Mark nodded in agreement while Willis just continued to gaze up at the sky.
"I hope the dream doesn't have anything to do with these woods."Willis thought out loud.Mark,Rachel and Andrew gave blank looks although Sarah seemed a little excited,she was intrested in the strange dream he had kept on having.
"I know we can go have a look around later Willis!I really wanna find out more about this dream!"Sarah said excitedly as she ran over to him to follow his gaze into the sky,hoping she could see something of intrest.Willis jumped back in suprise and out of his trance like state as he almost tripped over but managed to regain his balance.
"Sarah,please don't scare me like that."Willis sighed as he began to move towards the group,while Sarah continued looking into the sky where he had been for something interesting.Willis lay down his bag on the floor and sat on it.Rachel and Andrew were still a little confused about Sarah's previous reaction,while Mark was setting up the tents as he had been camping a lot before and had mastered it.Sarah snapped out of staring at the clouds as she heard the sticks from the second tent clatter as they fell on top of Mark.He let out a moan of pain,but jokingly to show that he wasn't really hurt..They all tried to hold back their laughter but failed miserably as they fell on the floor laughing.After a minute or two they got up and decided to help Mark with the second tent.After a few minutes they managed to get the second tent up,a few feet away from the other one.It was getting dark now and it was about time that they slept.Mark and Andrew crawled into one tent and Rachel clambered into the other.Sarah was about to follow Rachel inside but she noticed that Willis was wondering off again.
"I suppose i ougtha follow him incase his dream comes true."Sarah whispered quietly as she slowly snuck of into the bushes after him.

Sarah slowly moved out of the bushes as the wind rustled them smoothly along with the trees.She looked around before spotting Willis,sitting on a log next to the lightly flowing river,staring up at the star lit sky.She slowly walked over and took a seat next to him."What's wrong?Can't sleep?"Sarah asked,looking towards him.Willis tore his gaze from the sky and towards her.
"No,it's because of that dream,I can never sleep because of it."Willis replied,seeming a little sad.
"I understand,it does seem a little scary although you told it pretty plain."
"Maybe I should try taking my mind of it."
"Yeah,so whaddya' wanna talk about?"After that they began talking for an hour or so before they both became a little tired and Sarah actually fell asleep on the floor.
"Heheh...guess she was really tired."Willis said drowsily as he felt himself also fall to sleep next to her on the floor.

Willis yawned as he woke up and stretched.He slowly rose up from the floor and noticed that Sarah was no longer there.He was a little confused by this but decided that she must of gone back to camp and also wandered back towards the others.After a few minutes he stopped in a small clearing with two tents set up in it.Willis leaned over and peered into one."Hello?"He said to no one in particular as his head entered the tent.he could see no one and got no reply.He gave a curious look as he walked over to the other tent."Anyone there?"He asked as he looked inside that one as well,still no one to be seen."They must be at the lake or something."Willis said to himself as he regained his straight posture."I'll go look for them."He thought aloud before he wondered off into the woods.
Chapter 3:When Dreams Become Reality
Willis began to search through the woods for any sign of his friends.However he suddenly stopped when he remembered something and said it quietly to himself."The dream,that was in the woods."He felt a rush of cold shoot down his spine as he shuddered.He quickened his pace a little,trying not to think about it.He continually wandered for a while,sticking to the path whenever possible.Eventually he heard the sound of gushing water behind a few trees.He gathered what was left of his courage and pushed his way through the few trees.He walked out to find no one there,not even any animals."Dang,guess I'll have to wait for them back at camp."He whispered angrily as he turned to wander back through the trees.He continued to wander for a few minutes before he found the place where he had fallen to sleep last night."Good,I'm almost back."He began to think to himself,but then he set his eyes on something...

There,in the small clearing was a wolf,blood dripping from it's jaw as if it had just torn into another animal's flesh,which it probably had.The dripping wasn't the only thing that made the wolf look evil.It also had eyes that in the distance seemed to flash a crimson red,looking directly towards him.He looked around for some place to escape to,he could find many but was to deep in fear to be able to move.He heard light footsteps approach him along with the sound of blood dripping onto the floor.The wolf entered his vision.While it's dark grey fur was shown from the legs to about half way down to it's body,the back half of it was completely invisible to his eyes as he focused on the front part of it.He continued to try and back away towards the trees slowly,hoping that the wolf would be distracted by something.His hoping failed to work and the wolf,now in full light,dashed towards his head with it's jaws wide open...

Suddenly a flash of orange dived past him,sending the wolf flying away.The wolf quickly got back to it's feet and growled at him,as if it was saying it would get revenge on him.He looked over to where the orange blur had landed and saw a fox,this wasn't just any fox though,it was the one he had seen before,near his home.It had a look of sadness on it's face.He knew why as well,it's mate that he had seen dead before hadn't been killed by a human,it was by a wolf,the one that had tried to attack him.As he looked towards the fox he noticed that it had a little blood seeming from a scratch."Damn,looks like he got you to."Willis said softly as he walked lightly towards the fox.He'd expected it to run away,however it just lay down,as if it were unable to move because of it's leg.Willis took a few tissues from his left trouser pocket and lightly wiped the blood from the scratch,trying as hard as he could to cause the fox as little pain as possible.When he was finished the fox rubbed it's head against his chest and let out a soft purr.He smiled and stroked it's fur gently.However the fox leapt up and ran away at the sound of Andrew's voice.
"Willis!Sarah!Where are ya!?"He yelled.Andrew ran through the bushes to find Willis sitting on the floor wih the tissues covered in blood lying next to him."Willis!Are you ok?"Andrew called to him as he caught up beside him,panting.
"Oh,hi Andrew,are the others with you?"Willis said as he seemed a little sad.
"Yeah Rachel and Mark are but we can't find Sarah,have you seen her?"Rachel and Mark also stumbled into the scene from the same grouping of bushes as Andrew previously had.
"She was with me at the river last night,but when I woke up she was gone."
"Damn it!We've gotta find her!Willis I need you to go with Mark and I'll go with Sarah,we've gotta find her!Meet back here by five 'o' clock ok!?"Andrew yelled,making Willis jump back a little.
"Uhm...sure."Willis replied.Andrew noticed the shock in Willis' face and took deep breaths to calm himself down a little bit.
"Great,see you two soon,come on Rachel."Willis said as he lost the growl on his face,although you could tell he was still a little angry with worry by the way he almost knocked Rachel over when he grabbed her arm to drag her along.Willis stood and dusted himself off before Mark walked over to him.
"Geez...why's he always so worried?"Mark asked Willis,although he wasn't really expecting an answer.Willis shrugged although Mark didn't notice as he had just spotted the blood covered tissues on the floor."You and Sarah didn't have a fight did you?"Mark asked,seeming a little worried now as well.
"Oh those."Willis replied as he cast a glance at the tissues."Nah we never had a fight,it's not important where they came from."Willis replied as he began to wander off to look for Sarah.Mark shrugged his shoulders as he began to follow.

"Seven hundred and ninety-six green bottles,standing on the wall."Mark was singing as he tagged along.He had started at one thousand and it suprised Willis that he had managed to get so far."And if one green bottle,should accidently fall,they'll be..."Mark stopped for a moment as he tried to remember what number he'd gotten up to.
"Seven hundred and ninety-five."Willis called back to him.Mark had a look of surprise on his face.
"Wow...I never thought you was actually listening the whole time."
"Well,I guess I'm a good listener."Willis replied as he pushed aside a few more bushes to reveal a lake.
"Hey look,over there!"Mark said,pointing down towards the side of the lake.Willis followed with his eyes to find Sarah lying next to the lake.Willis and Mark began to run down towards her.Willis stopped behind her and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.
"Sarah,are you ok?"He asked.Sarah slowly turned around to reveal a scratch on her left cheek and marks from where tears had streamed down the side of her face."Damn,you look pretty bad,here."Willis said softly as he handed her a tissue.Sarah lightly wiped away the marks of the tears.
"Thanks."She said softly.Mark approached the two from the side,now completely drenched.
"Before you ask,I fell in the lake."Mark said with a sarcastic smile on his face.The two giggled a little,trying not to laugh to hard."Yeah yeah,come on let's go back and meet the others ok?"Mark said as he began to walk off,expecting the other two to follow.
"Willis,about last night,thanks for letting me stay there with you,it was kinda nice."Sarah said lightly.
"Sure,anytime."Willis replied and the two ran off to catch up with the soaking wet Mark.

After a while they eventually reached the area where they had agreed to meet up with Andrew and Rachel.They were about half an hour early though."So then,are you gonna tell me where that blood came from?"Mark asked as he pointed down to the tissues that were still lying on the floor,now with the blood dried into them.
"Oh yeah that,I guess we have the time,sit down."Willis replied as he sat and reclined onto a log.Sarah and Mark followed his lead and also promptly sat down around him."Well,it all started this morning..."Willis began,as he gazed off into the sky.

" I woke up where I fell asleep last night,beside the lake.I was a little confused at first as I wandered around for a while trying to find Sarah.When I couldn't I wandered around more trying to find Andrew,Rachel and you,Mark.When I got back to the tents I realized that you weren't there so I thought I'd go back to the lake and wait for Sarah.But then I saw what was in my dream,that wolf came up to me to attack me for some reason."Willis said,with a fixed gaze on the two of them.
"Woah,please Willis,carry on!"Sarah said excitedly.Willis nodded his head in compliance.
"Well,just like in my dreams,the wolf lunged towards me.But suddenly this orange thing flashed past me and sent the wolf off!I looked over to see a fox,not just any old fox though,I'd seen that fox before on my way to school.It was there trying to wake up it's dead mate.I noticed that it had a little blood on it too."Willis stood up as he finished and brushed himself down."So the blood was from that fox."Willis finished.
"Woah,that sounds cool!"Sarah said excitedly as she almost jumped up.
"Yeah but,how'd you know it was the same fox?"Mark implored as he made a squelching sound while standing up.
"I,don't know.I guess it's intuition."Willis said seeming a little confused.
"Ok whatever,so shall we go and find Andrew and Rachel,they'll probably be smooching off somewhere."Mark joked although Sarah didn't know he was joking and back fired wih,
"Hey!How'd you know about them!?"Sarah approached him a little.
"Say what!?"Mark and Willis said in sync,caught off guard by this.
"Uh-oh...please don't tell 'em I told ya ok?"Sarah said worriedly.Mark was soon off to find them.
"C'ya you two!I'm gonna go and catch 'em in the act!"Mark yelled back to the two.But before they could reply,he was gone.

Willis and Sarah both lay down,leaning their heads on a log.After a few minutes,Sarah shuddered."Are you cold?"Willis asked her as he tore his gaze from the sky towards her.
"A little."She replied.Willis thought for a moment before deciding to take off his light coat and place it over her.
"Better?"He asked her lightly.
"Much,but,aren't you cold Willis?"Sarah asked,now seeming quite comfortable.
"A little,but that's no reason to worry."Willis replied,he'd always put other's before himself.What Sarah did next was quite suprising to him.She moved up close to him and lay half of Willis' jacket over him and half over herself."Uhm...Sarah what're yo-"Willis began as his face turned bright red with embarassment.However he was interrupted as Sarah placed a finger over his lips and whispered in his ear.
"Shh...let's keep each other warm for a while,ok?"She whispered as she wrapped her arms around his waist.Willis was a little stunned by this and couldn't think what to do,so he just lay there still,trying not to act any different.

After a few minutes of lying there,Willis was startled by the sound of Andrew yelling things to Sarah things like
"I heard the lies you've been telling about me and Rach,Sarah!" and "I'll get you back for this one!"Andrew turned his head to see how Sarah was reacting to all of this.Her eyes were closed and her arms still wrapped around him,smiling.Willis paniced as he tried to work a way out of the situation.Before he could do anything,Mark,Andrew and Rachel all walked into the area.Willis quickly closed his eyes,at least that way he wouldn't have to confront them alone."Sarah I'm gonna..."Andrew began yelling again,but he stopped in mid-sentence when he walked into the area and found the two lying there together.
"Any guesses to why she said that now?"Mark asked sarcastically.Rachel tilted her head to one side and gave a half smile.
"I guess we'll hafta wait for 'em to wake up,huh?"Andrew said to himself as he leaned up against a tree with his arms folded.Mark and Rachel glanced at him and decided it was for the best not to talk to him while he was in a bad mood,so just carried on with their own conversation instead.

It had been about an hour now and they were all getting a bit bored,including Willis.He couldn't be bothered to just lie there any more so he finally decided to get up.He tried to push himself to his feet but was pulled back down by Sarah.
"Is he still awake?"Willis thought to himself.He heard footsteps approach him and looked up to see Andrew leering down at him."Uhm...hello?"Willis said a little worriedly.
"Did you have anything to do with what Sarah said about me and Rach?"Andrew asked,seeming pretty angry.
"No,nothing to do with me."Willis said innocently as he backed off a little.
"Right,then put on your coat and we'll get going back to camp,ok?"Andrew said as he began to lose a little of his anger.He lifted up Willis' coat off him so he could get up,but he wasn't counting on seeing what he did.Andrew had already noticed that Sarah was lying next to Willis,but when he lifted up the coat he found Sarah with her arms around his waist.
"I,uh,I can explain."Willis stuttered.
"No need,I can see what's going on,I'll see you two back at camp later."Andrew said now happy that someone else had the misfortune rather than him.After that Rachel and Mark also waved by to the two,Mark still making a slight squelching noise as he walked.
"Good they've gone."Sarah whispered,she hadn't been asleep at all.
"Sarah,why are you doing this?"Willis asked softly as he turned to face her.
"There's something I need to tell you,Willis."Sarah said,still whispering.
"Uhm...I think I can guess from what you've been doing."
"I know but...I still feel like I need to tell you that I love you."Sarah whispered as began to get up.That was it,she'd just said those three little words,straight out to him."Do you love me,Willis?"Sarah asked him with a tone of hopefullness in her voice.
"I'm,not sure..."Willis said,seeming to be a little dazed by her comment.
"It's ok,just think about it and tell me when you figure it out,ok?"Sarah said as she extended her arm to help him up.Willis took her hand as she helped him up onto his feet.As Willis dusted himself off,Sarah picked up his coat and held it out to him.
"Thanks."Willis said as he slipped it on.again.
"Let's get going back,I'll explain to the others that it was me."Sarah said as she began to walk off.
"Ok,thanks Sarah."Willis said with a small smile on his face as he also walked off with her.

Chapter 4:Terrorizer
The truck bumped along on the road.Andrew's dad had came earlier to give them all a lift home and now they were all sitting on the back of that same old truck.After a few minutes the truck suddeney screeched to a halt,sending them all flying into the side of the truck."Hey dad!What's going on out there!?"Andrew shouted aggitatedly.
"Hey I'm sorry!I thought I saw a wolf ok!?"Andrew's dad yelled back to him.
"Fine,whatever."Andrew grumbled as he slumped down again.Rachel,Mark and Willis did the same,whereas Sarah sat down carefully and lay her head on Willis' shoulder.Willis had decided to let her be like this for now,it felt kind of nice to have someone close to him like that.But he still wasn't sure if he felt the same way about her,he needed some advice from someone.He couldn't ask Rachel or Andrew about it because they'd only laugh.But what about Mark?He looked over and saw Mark had returned to drawing again.When he was drawing his face looked so concentrated and as if he wasn't in the mood to joke around at all.Willis looked over his shoulder to find Sarah,Rachel and Andrew all asleep.He slowly lifted Sarah's head and lay it on Rachel's shoulder before getting up and walking over to Mark.He sat down next to him and peered over his shoulder at what he was drawing.
"Is that who I think it is?"Willis asked quietly.Mark had obviously known he was there but not bothered to hide the picture as the sudden voice didn't startle him at all.
"Yeah,do you want it?"Mark replied without removing his gaze from the paper.
"I'll come back to you on that one,Mark,I need to ask you something."
"Sure,go ahead."
"How do you know if you're in love?"
"Uh...Why?Do you think you might love Sarah back?"
"I might do,so how do you tell?"!
"Well,would you want to be with her all of the time,if you could?"
"I think so,does that mean I am?"
"I'd say yes,but only you can know for sure.So I guess you'll want the picture then?"
"Uh,if it's not to much trouble then yeah."
"Sure,no trouble at all."Mark finished as he tore the piece of paper from the small pad and handed it to him.Willis took the paper and folded it into quarters before placing it into his back left pocket.
"Thanks."Willis said as he walked back and sat down next to Sarah,lying her head back on his shoulder.

After a while the truck slowly came to a halt although the sudden jerk from the truck stopping still did wake them all up.They all looked around drowsily,except for Mark who was awake as usual,drawing in his notepad.The other four slowly got up as Mark slid the door open.They all lightly jumped out of the truck and closed the door behind them.The cold air brushed past rendering them much more awake now.Andrew's dad walked past and signalled them to follow him into the house.They all followed and went upstairs to Andrew's room.They all sat down and reclined in chairs or on bean bags.After a few moments of regaining themselves from their tired states they all sat back up again."So then,what time's everyone going home?"Andrew asked as he looked around at everyone in the group.Mark's eyes widened.
"Damn,I forgot!"Mark said before swiftly grabbing his things and leaping up."See you tommorow!"He said before speeding away.
"Well,I guess he answered me,what about you lot?"Andrew asked again.
"I guess I oughta get going in a bit to,I'll phone my mum now."Willis replied as he pulled out his mobile phone and walked towards the window to get a better signal.
"Well,you two?"Andrew questioned.
"I'll be off in a sec as well,you gonna come with me Rachel?"Sarah replied.
"Yeah sure,c'ya you to!"Rachel called as she began to walk away.
"Yeah,bye!"Sarah also called as she went off with Rachel.Willis walked back and sat back down in his seat.
"Hmm?Where'd everyone else go?"Willis asked,seeming a little confused.
"They've all gone home,you going home soon as well?"Andrew replied.
"Yeah,my mum'll be here in a few minutes."
"Ok then,Willis,can I ask you something?"
"Sure I guess so,what's up?"
"Well,is there anything going on with you and Sarah or what?"
"Uh,I guess there is kind of..."
"I see,who started it?"
"Sarah,I haven't actually said how I feel about it yet."Willis finished as Andrews dad called up the stairs to tell Willis that his mum was here to pick him up."Guess I gotta be going now,see you at school tommorow."
"Ok then,and good luck with Sarah." Andrew said to Willis as he left the room and went downstairs,towards the door to meet his mum.

Willis walked into his room once he reached home after a short drive back from Andrew's house with his mum."Hmm...I wonder what's on T.V."Willis said to himself as he switched the T.V on before grabbing the remote and jumping back on to his bed.The T.V flickered on to show the news and the woman began to speak.
"According to some phone calls,there has been a wild animal attacking citizens in the Cannock area.This wild animal has been reported to be a wolf and highly dangerous,all schools and work places in the surrounding area will be closed until further notice."Willis turned off the T.V and smiled to himself.
"Oh yeah,no school for a while,I hope they manage to figure out a way to get rid of that wolf at some point though.That reminds me,why did that fox help me before?"Willis asked himself as he lay back on his bed with his hands behind his head.He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Mark enter his room.Mark sat down on the bed and made him jump."Oh!Hi Mark,sorry about that I never noticed you,what're you doing here?"Willis asked seeming a little suprised.
"Ah,I got bored,Sarah 'n' Andrew are outside to,they told me to come in and get you."Mark replied as he stood up once more,making the both halves of the bed even again,he wasn't really fat,it's just that his height added to his weight.
"Ok then sure,let's go!"Willis replied as he opened the door for Mark and then followed him out.

Mark and Willis walked out to greet Sarah and Andrew."Hey guys,I didn't expect all of you to come down here."Willis said a little pleased.
"Yeah,well not all of us came,Rachel isn't here is she?"Mark replied.
"Yeah I guess not,why didn't you just say and I woulda stayed for longer instead."
"Didn't you hear about that wolf in our area on the T.V?"
"Oh yeah,at least we've got no school for a while though,huh?"
"Guess not,so what's there to do around here anyways?"
"Uh...good question."
"Geez...I shoulda guessed somethin' like this was gonna happen,well,why don't we just go look around to see if there's anything intresting 'round here?"
"Sounds good to me!"Mark butted in as he began to walk off.Andrew quickly walked to catch up with him and Sarah stood beside Willis and firmly grasped his hand.Willis stuttered as he tried to think of something to say but couldn't so just smiled at her.She smiled back at him and the two followed Andrew and Mark.

After a while Willis came to a sudden halt,Sarah stopped along with him and Mark and Andrew turned around to face him.
"Hey Willis,why'd you stop?"Andrew asked a little confused.
"I thought I heard something."Willis said half to himself as he looked around the area.The bushes rustled again and everyone heard it this time so turned to face it.
"You don't think it's the,wolf,do you?"Sarah asked worriedly.Her question was answered as the four legged creature with it's black fur approached them from the bushes.
"I wish it wasn't but I don't think that's gonna be much use."Mark replied as he slowly began to back away from the wolf.The wolf seemed as if it were just about ready to pounce at one of them,but luckily the same orange blur as before came past and knocked the wolf away a little as it was caught of guard.
"It''s that fox again."Willis said in amazement as he looked at it,standing there with it's shining orange fur and it's glistening white teeth which were shown as it growled lowly at the wolf.The wolf growled back for a moment before once more retreating but on it's way it bit mark's left leg making his kneel down and grit his teeth in pain.Andrew and Sarah quickly ran over to him but Willis still stood there gazing at the fox."That fox has saved me twice now,I wonder why."Willis thought to himself.He was snapped out of his trance like state as he heard Andrew's voice yelling at him to come and help Mark.Wilis looked over to them."Yeah!Right!"Willis called back as he ran over and knelt down next to Mark,he cast one more glance at the fox as it continued to stare back to him for a few seconds before it took off back into the bushes.

"Ok then don't worry,they'll have an ambulance here soon."Andrew said doing his best to remain calm as he puthis mobile phone back into his pocket.
"That's it Mark,deep breaths."Willis was saying to him as Mark lay down on the floor,breathing heavily with his teeth gritted and his eyes closed so he didn't show to many tears.An ambulance steered quickly into the area that they were in and a couple of medics jumped out of the back of it and eased Mark onto a stretcher.
"You kids better hop in the back too,just in case something else happens."A medic said as he pointed over his shoulder,signalling for them to get in.They all slowly got in,trying to take up as little space as possible so that Mark could fit inside comfortably since he was the injured one.The medics got in with Mark on the strecther so Andrew decided to sit opposited Willis and Sarah rather than next to them.

Eventually they reached the hospital and were told to make calls home to tell their parents where they were.After they had all done that they went and sat in the waiting room like they were told.Andrew picked up a magazine and began reading whereas Willis seemed lost in thought once again."Willis,what's the matter?"Sarah asked as she followed his gaze upwards to the ceiling but couldn't find anything.Willis shook his head.
"Oh it's nothing,I'm fine,just thinking that's all."Willis replied.
"It's about that fox,isn't it?"
"Yeah,how'd you know?"
"You told me about when the fox saved you before,and I agree it's unusual to be saved by an animal once in your life,never mind twice."
"Yeah,but the thing is,that was the same fox as well."
"Are you sure?How can you tell?"
"I don't know,I can just feel it."
"I see,well whatever happens Willis I'm with you all the way."
"That's good to hear."Willis finished as the receptionist called out to tell them that they could go and see Mark now."Ok then,thanks."Willis said happily as he,Sarah and Andrew all walked off and into Marks room.

They walked in to find Mark sitting there watching the T.V and grinning."Hey Mark,how's your leg?"Andrew said as he went over and sat down on a chair.
"Doctor says I'll be out again in a few days but I can't run for a while."Mark replied,not removing his gaze from the television.
"Mark,why're you grinning?"Sarah asked curiously.
"Because they've got sky here so I'm gonna have fun."Mark replied,still fiddling with the remote.
"You live for T.V,don't ya mark?"Andrew said sarcasticly.
"No,I live for food and drink to."Mark joked which made Mark,Andrew and Sarah all giggle a little.However Wilis was still deep in thought about what had happened with the fox.A doctor knocked lightly and walked in.
"I'm sorry but visiting hours are now over,are your parents coming to pick you up?"The doctor asked them all.
"Yeah,so do we have to wait outside?"Andrew asked as he stood up once more.
"Yes,I'm afraid you may get in the way if you were to stay inside."The doctor replied.
"Ok then,c'ya later Mark!"Andrew said as he walked off out the door.
"Yeah,bye Mark!"Sarah said as she also walked out of the door.
"C'ya!"Willis said as he also walked out of the door and closed the door behind him.

The three stood outside as they awaited their rides home.After a few minutes of standing in the cold wind,Andrew's dad pulled up in his van."C'ya you two!"Andrew said as he hopped in and went off.After a few more minutes something strange happened.Willis fell down onto one knee and clutched his chest with one hand,growling in pain.
"Willis!Are you ok!?"Sarah said in a panic as she knelt down beside him.
"I,I'm fine,really."Willis said as he struggled to get back up but failed and fell back down onto one knee.What happened next scared them more than it suprised them.Suddenly,two large angel like wings burst out from Willis' back,tearing through his shirt.After that he seemed to stand up fine."What's...what's happening to me?"Willis asked himself as he looked at his shaking hands.
"Willis,maybe we should get out of here before someone sees you."Sarah said seeming scared.
"But,what about when whoever it is comes to pick you up,they won't be able to find you."
"Actually,I didn't call,I didn't want to scare my mum."
"I see.I did the same to.In that case lets go."Willis said he walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Willis,what're you doing?"
"I'm going to take you flying."He whispered lightly to her as he walked out into the car park,spread his wings and slowly began to ascend into the sky.

Willis was high up in the dark night sky with Sarah held tightly within his arms."Willis,how do you know how to fly?"Sarah asked,not so scared now but more peaceful.
"I'm,not sure."Willis said slowly as he continued to look around at the ground below them.After a while he slowly began to descend towards a small enclosure of trees.
"Willis,what're you doing?"Sarah asked him as he landed there.
"This is in your street,don't tell anyone about these wings,ok?"Willis replied almost demandingly.
"Sure,I understand,goodbye Willis,I'll see you tommorow."Sarah whispered as she went off home.Willis took of back into the skies and began to make his way home.
"Now,how am I gonna explain this to mum."He began to think to himself.He continued thinking for a while but had no like so instead decided to just go to his mum like that and let fate choose what happened for him.Willis landed on the ground in his own back garden and walked in through the back door.He walked into the front room to find his mum sitting on the couch watchig the T.V.
"Hello Willis."His mother said without removing her gaze from the television.
"Mum,look at me."Willis said,almost demanding that she listened.His mother turned around to face him and as soon as she lay her eyes on him her eyes widened.
"W,Willis?"She said quietly as she stood up and moved towards him.
"Yes mum,it's me."
"Willis,I didn't think you'd work it out until you were at least eighteen,but that's four years away."
"Work it out,you mean you knew about this all along?"
"Well,I didn't know what would add to your body but I knew something would."
"But,why has this happened?"
"When you were a child,only a few days old,a scientist mixed you up with a clone he was designing of someone and injected you with a fluid which no one knows the name of,even he wasn't sure what it was."
"Wow,and you never told me?"
"I'm sorry Willis,I just thought it'd be better for you.,you understand right?"
"Yeah I guess so,well I'm tired so I'm going to sleep,g'night mum."Willis said as he walked off up the stairs and into his room.
Chapter 5:Angel
Willis woke up the next morning to be greeted by a strange feeling on his back,he was confused for a moment but then he remembered the wings."Geez...what do I do if my friends come round here?Sarah already knows but what about Andrew and Rachel?"Willis said to himself.
"Morning Willis,are you...?"Silvia said from the corridor but she stopped in mid-sentence when she poked her head around the corner to see Willis,sitting there with his wings still spread from his back."Willis?What are,I mean why are..."Silvia stuttered but couldn't find the right words to say.Willis decided he'd have to speak for her instead.
"Mum already knows,Sarah found out the same time as I did,don't mention this to anyone except for Mum and her,got that?"Willis said sternly as he climbed up off his bed.Silvia nodded,still wide eyed in amazement and after a few seconds she finally walked off down stairs to ask her mother about it.After a few minutes Willis came down as well with baggy green trousers on but no shirt,he hadn't really expected his wings to fit inside of one.Willis carefully sat down on a chair,making sure he didn't knock anything over.

A few minutes later there was a sharp knock on the door"I'll get it."Said Willis' mum as she walked off towards the door.She opened the door to wind a tall,black man wearing sunglasses,a white shirt,a black blazer,black trousers and black shoes.
"Mrs.Katano?I'm with the FBI,we have reason to beleive that there is some sort of creature that is currently unidentified residing here,we would like to speak with you about it,if that's possible."He said,his voice was low and seemed to show no emotion what so ever.
"I see,please,do come in."She replied as she stepped aside to allow him entry and then shut the door behind him.He didn't exactly look muscular but she could tell he would retaliate if she refused.She was unsure what to do now,maybe she could just keep him in the front room.She decided to tell him to go in,however she was unaware that Willis and Silvia were sitting in there.The man however didn't seem to take much notice of them and just sat down on the sofa,keeping his straight posture.
"I take it that he is the creature which we have been receiving reports about?"The man inquired as he looked over in Willis' direction,however,Willis wasn't paying any attention to him.
"Uhm...yes,probably."Willis' mother stuttered as she stood there glancing between the two of them.The man stood up and walked over to Willis and put a hand on his shoulder.Willis turned around a little suprised and looked up to see his face.
"Good afternoon young man,you may think I'm here to take you the FBI and you're right,but not for the reason that you think it is."The man said coldly.
"Really?Then,what do you want me for?"Willis said,quite confused.
"The FBI has requested that I come to seek your assistance in capturing the wolf that has been causing damage in the nearby area,so young man,is that possible?"The man inquired as he leaned his head over and peered above his sunglasses.
"Uh...yeah,sure,so do I have to come with you now?"Willis asked him,still a litle stunned.
"Yes,follow me and I will drive you to our small base near this town,your family may come along as well if you wish."
"Really?That's good then,let's get going."Willis replied as he looked back over his shoulder at Silvia.
"Yeah!This'll be cool!All my frieinds'll be real jealous now!"Silvia said as she leaped to her feet and switched the T.V off.
"Well,I guess I should come along as well then."Willis' mum said as she went to get her keys so she could lock the house up.
"Excellent,we'll have to make one other stop on the way there though,understand?"The man said to Willis.
"Ok,I understand,let's get going then."Willis replied as his mother walked out of the kitchen and joined them before they left the room.They all walked out and got into the man's black car,with dark tinted windows.Willi's mum sat in the front with the man while Willis and Silvia sat in the back.

After a few minutes they came to a stop outside a house which Willis recognised."Hey,why're we at Sarah's house?"Willis asked worriedly.
"We must gather everyone who else who knows about you having wings,just in case someone else comes looking for information,Willis."The man replied.They had been trading information during the short drive.
"Oh right,are you going in to get her then Puma?"Willis asked.The man's codename was Puma due to his speed.
"Yes,please wait here one moment."Puma replied as he climbed out of the car and walked off up to the door.A few minutes later Puma returned with Sarah and let her climb in the back on the opposite side of Willis to Silvia.Then Puma climbed in hiself and started driving again.
"Willis,are you ok,nothing bad happened or anything did it?"Sarah asked worriedly.
"No,nothing's happened,there's no need to worry,ok?"Willis said trying to comfort her as he lay an arm around her.She lay her head on his shoulder lightly to comfort herself a little more.
"Ewww...gross!"Silvia said as she leant into the corner away from them,but they just ignored her.

After a while they pulled up outside a small building somewhere in the forest,although they weren't sure exactly where.Puma climbed out of the car and opened the door to let them out before beginning to lead them into the strange building.He dissapeared into the doors quickly."What's up with him?"Willis thought aloud but no one answered him.They slowly walked into the building after him.As they entered they discovered it was a dark room and Puma was nowhere to be seen.Suddenly a loud voice broke the silence as it yelled out.
"Attack them!" the voice boomed.Lights suddenly flashed on blinding them for a moment.As they regained their vision they looked around to see people in black suits on balconys,aiming down at them with rifles.
"Guess you fell for it,eh?"A voice said from the balcony ahead.
"Puma!But,why!?"Willis yelled out to him.Puma raised his hand,which some took as a signal to jump down and surround Willis,his mum,Sarah and Silvia.
"Ask questions later,take 'em to a cell!"Puma commanded his colleges.They knocked out Willis and the others with their gun ends and carried them away

Later on,Willis awoke in a cell by himself." long have I been in here?"He said to himself as he sat up against a wall and rubbed his head.
"So,you got fooled too,huh?Sorry I couldn't save you this time 'round."A voice said from opposite him.Willis looked up to see a young boy,about his age,standing opposite him in a seperate cell.
"What do you mean,again?"Willis asked curiously as he lifted his head to face him.The boy turned to the side and pointed over his shoulder.
"I have the tail of a fox and I can change into one."He said as he self-conciously waved his bushy orange tail around behind him.
"But then,why don't you change and escape?"
"Won't work,bars are to close together."
"Oh right,so,are there any more like us?"
"I have a feeling there's somethin' strange about that wolf,but other than that I don't think so."
"Ok then,so how long have you been stuck in here?"
"Not as long as you,you were knocked out when they chucked me in here."
"Oh right,can you think of any ways out then?"
"Sorry but no,just rest for now and get your strength back"
"Ok then,but what's your name anyway?
"The names Nathan,yours?"
"Ok then Willis,well rest up and I'll see you in the morning"Nathan said as he lay down on his stomach and used his arms folded as a pillow."Goodnight."
"Yeah,goodnight."Willis said as he lay down on his back and wrapped his wings around him like a blanket.

"Psst...hey Willis,wake up!"Nathan called quietly to him from the opposite cell.A woman with short blonde hair dressed in black walked past and hit Nathan's fingers,which were clinging onto the bars,with a club."Ouch!"He yelled out as he let go and fell backwards.He quickly got back up and pushed her,knocking her backwards into the bars and knocking her out."Whoops,I didn't mean to do that."He said to himself,at least the noise had woken Willis up.
"Hey,what's going on?"He asked drowsliy as he wiped his eyes against his sleeve.
"I kinda,uh,knocked the guard out on accident."
"Oh ri...wait a minute,wouldn't the guard be carrying some keys?"
"Nah,these cells are electrical operated,you'd hafta flip the switch to open 'em."
"Oh right,so still no way out huh?"
"Nah,sorry,why don't you try calling up the hallway,maybe someone else's here."
"Ok then."Willis replied as he poked his head out of the cell to look own the hallway."Hey!Is anyone else here!?Willis called up,however he received no reply.A loud alarm began to sound as Puma's voice broke in through the constant fuzzing that they had now gotten used to now.
"This is Puma calling all units!An intruder as entered the vicinity,evacuate all prisoners to secondary location and be ready to attack on my command!"His voice boomed urgently through the speakers as it began to repeat itself.The cell's bars dissapeared into the ceiling.
"I guess he was expecting her to direct us."Nathan said as he pointed down to the still unconcious woman.
"Yeah I guess so,now let's get outta here!"Willis replied quickly as he began to run down the corridors.
"No point in wasting a life.Nathan said to himself before picking up the woman and throwing her over his shoulder and then chasing after Willis down the corridor.

Only seconds later,the two came into an open field,however there were no flowers and the grass was a dark brown,as if it had been previously burnt.They stood outside the building which began to collapse with a low rumbling sound.From the other side of the building they could hear screams of pain as people dies fighting against whoever or whatever it was that had invaded.
"Sarah...Mum...Silvia...does this mean that they're...?"Willis said worriedly to himself.
"Nope,you heard the man,they'll of been evacuated,we just gotta find the other base."Nathan replied as he lay the woman on the floor.
"Hey,why'd you bring her along?"
"No point in wasting a human life,right?"
"Guess not,will she be ok?"
"Yeah,I just knocked the wind out of her,is it ok if we take her with us?"
"Uh,where are we going?"
"You and her can stay with me for a while,at least until we find the other base."
"Ok then,lead the way."Willis said.Nathan nodded his head and picked up the woman once more before taking off quickly,with Willis gliding in the air to keep up with him.

After a few minutes they came upon a clearing in a forest,here Nathan stopped once more and lay the woman down."This is,where we're staying?"Willis asked,a little confused.
"Yeah,sorry but I don't have a home,I was born to a fox so I live in the wild,it'll only be for a while though."Nathan replied as he began to check the woman's heart beat.Willis nodded and sat patiently on a rock next to the gushing river.The woman began to cough a little,suprising Nathan and making him leap up.
" were in the cell,why am I here?"She stuttered as she scanned the area curiously with her eyes.
"I brought you here so that you wouldn't be killed when the building collapsed."Nathan replied to her.
"But,why did you save me?Aren't I your enemy?"
"I don't think it's right to waste a human life."
"Well...uh...thankyou Mr?"
"Just call me Nathan,angel boy over there's Willis,what's your name?"
"My name's Elena."She replied,she didn't seem about to rataliate in any way by trying to escape.Nathan stood up and held out his hand to her.She grabbed it and he pulled her up to her feet,but a little to quickly as she tripped into him,but he was strong enough to support her weight.
"I guess you're still a little weak,I'll get some food,ok?"Nathan said and without waiting for a reply went off.
"So,what are you gonna do now?"Willis said as he looked over to her,tearing his gaze from the river.
"I'm not sure,I think I'll help you find your friends,I owe your fox friend my life,after all."
"Really?That'd be great,thanks alot!"Willis said cheerfully.
"It's ok.We'd better start a fire for when Nathan gets back with the food."She said as she went to collect some twigs.
"Ok,I'll stay and watch the 'house'."Willis mused but she continued on not hearing him.Willis shrugged and lay on his back,wondering how Sarah and the others were doing.
Chapter 6:Finishing buisness
Later,Nathan returned with the food to find Willis and Elena warming themselves with the fire Elena had made"Looks like I'm not the only one with natural survival skills"said Nathan as he sat down and lay the fish in his arms onto his lap.Willis shot out his arm to grab one,he hadn't eaten for a while.Nathan swiftly grabbed it and threw it back."Wait."he said calmly.he produced a few sticks that he'd cleaned in the river and pierced each fish with one of them,he handed on to Willis,one to Elena and kept one to himself and raised it over the fire,Elena and Willis did the same."So Elena,do you know where the other base is?"Nathan asked,starting up a conversation to take his mind off his hunger while the fish cooked.
"I'm not exactly sure,but it was said it is approximately ten miles to the east of the old base."She replied as she removed her sunglasses revealing her azure blue eyes.
"That's good,can we go tommorow then?It's getting late now and I'm sure we all need some rest."Willis said,as he took the now browned fish from the fire and bit into it.The other two nodded in agreement before also eating their fish.Afterwards Willis moved away and sat down against a tree,before once again wrapping his wings around him.
"I guess you're not used to sleeping in a place like this,huh?"Nathan said as he turned towards Elena.
"No,but I should be ok,I have grown a great resistance to the cold during my work."Elena replied coldly.
"That's alright then,goodnight Elena."Nathan said before moving onto a rock and laying down on his stomach on it and going to sleep.
"Yeah,goodnight."Elena muttered as she lay on her back with her hands behind her head.A low buzzing noise broke in."Elena,this is Puma,Elena do you read me?"The voice came from her pocket.She reached her hand inside and pulled out a communications radio.She looked at it for a moment before tossing it into the river nearby and falling to sleep also.

The next day they all awoke,suprisingly having had a good night's sleep considering they'd not really been prepared for camping outside like that.Nathan was first to awaken,and looked to see the other two still sleeping."I guess I'll let'em sleep for a while,I'll go get breakfast."He said quietly to himself before his body seemingly melted downwards in a liquid-like form.His body soon remerged as that of a fox's.He took one last quick look at the two before darting off,quickly but lightly.A few minutes later Willis also arose before scanning the area to find that Nathan was missing.He was about to awake Elena to inquire about his absence until he noticed something scrathed into thr dirt on the floor.It read 'gone to get food,back soon'.Willis looked at it for a moment before he understood that it was from Nathan.
"Geez...woulda only taken him a coupla seconds to put his name down too."Willis mused before lying on his back again and looking at the dull morning sky."I hope Sarah and the others're doin' ok."He thought as he slowly fell into a trance of watching the birds fly by.Nathan returned a few minutes later with a large chunk of meat grasped between his jaws which had been washed in the nearby river.He looked over to Willis and decided to leave him for a while and wake up Elena first.He lay down the chunk of meat lightly on the floor before walking over to Elena and licking her face a little to wake her up.She shuffled a little bit before self-conciously wrapping her arms around him and rolling sideways slightly.He tried to call out to Willis but forgot that he didn't have the ability to speak human language when he had changed into this form.he tried licking her face again and this time woke her up.As her eyes slowly opened she stopped in suprise and confusion for a moment before jumping back and letting out a yelp of suprise.This managed to attract Willis' attention and he turned around to see Elena standing back,expecting the fox to attack her.
"Don't worry Elena,it's Nathan."Willis said to her as he hopped up off the rock.
""Elena asked confusedly.the fox lightly nodded it's head before it seemed to melt into a liquid like form.It then remerged into a human shape.
"Sorry about that,I can't speak your language when I'm in that form."Nathan said before turning round and picking up the meat he had gotten earlier.
"That's ok,I'm sorry about grabbing you like that in my sleep too,I was dreaming of,someone."She said blushing a little,he was suprised by this,he'd expected people in their kind of buisness to be taught to hide all emotions.
"Yeah,yeah,so can we eat now?I'm starving!"Willis interrupted as his stomach began to groan.Nathan chuckled a little before tearing off a third of the meat and chucking it to Willis.Willis immediadetly began scoffing it down.Nathan and Elena laughed at him a litttle.Nathan then tore off half of the remaining meat and passed it to Elena before sinking his teeth into his own food.Willis had eaten his a little to fast and choked on it,although it didn't cause any real problems.

Later on the three of them were wandering through some fields near the old base,hoping to get some clue as to in which direction to go.After passing the still smoking ruins of the building they encountered many bodies lying on the floor,all seemingly dead except for one.The man's fingers trembled slightly as he lay on the floor.Elena ran over to him."Desert!What happened!?"She asked him quickly as she ran over and knelt beside him.
"That wolf thing's stronger than we thought,it killed half of us,Puma took the rest to the secondary base."He said weakly.
"I see,where is it?"
"A few miles north of here,another building like this one,same layout 'n' everythin'."He replied before lying down on his back and letting out a deep groan.After that his breathing halted,as did his heart beat.
"Dead."She said flatly to Willis and Nathan who had been standing behind her before standing back up.
"He said a few miles north from here,we're faster than you Elena so you can ride on my back."Nathan said before merging back into his fox form.She nodded sheepishly and climbed onto his back,wrapping her arms around his neck.He waited a few seconds,and then darted off,with Willis using his wings to glide at the same speed.

A little while later they reached a large black building,seemingly exactly the same as the previous one,excluding the fact that this one was still standing.Elena hopped off Nathan's back as he transformed back into his human state."So then,do we just break in?"Nathan asked.
"We may as well,what's security usually like Elena?"Willis asked sharply.
"We don't tend to have much security around,we rely on being not found instead."Elena replied.
"Good,then let's go!"Willis said commandingly as he rushed into the doors,Nathan and Elena quickly followed him inside.They continued to wander around inside for a while before Nathan heard something,being half fox he had sensitive hearing.
"Willis?I think I just heard a voice,it seemed pained."Nathan said worriedly.Willis' eyes widened with fear.
"Which way!?"Willis said quickly.Nathan pointed down a corridor and Willis immediadetly began to run down it,with Nathan and Elena behind him.Only moments later Willis came upon Puma with his mother grabbing onto his leg trying to stop him from.taking Silvia.
"Get off her!Take me instead!"She insisted.Puma simply threw her off and she flew into the wall,making her unconcious.
"Put her down!"Willis yelled to him.Puma tried to turn to see the voice's owner but was immediadetly met with a sharp kick to the face,knocking him backwards and over,also dropping Silvia.
"Stupid kid."He murmered angrily as he stood up."Still you continue to vex me,your mother and sister may be here but what about your girlfriend?"He smerked as he snickered evily before dashing away,Willis decided to leave him,for now.He walked over and checked his mother's pulse.
"She's ok."He said lightly.Silvia walked over and sat down next to him."Silvia,I want you to stay here with mum,ok?I'm going to teach that guy a lesson!"Willis finished angrily as he stood up.Silvia nodded,her eyes still full of tears,as she blinkd back a few.Willis stood and looked over to Nathan and Elena who had stood waiting for him."Ok,let's finish off Puma!"Willis said sharply.
"Right!"Nathan and Elena replied in sync.The group of three headed in the direction that Puma had ran.

The three came into the large room that they had once before in the old building."Give up Puma!We're stronger than you are!"Willis shouted up to him.he stood up on the balcony,grinning evily as he tossed his sunglasses aside.
"That is where you are wrong."He said darkly."For I,too,have a hidden ability."They looked up to see that there was no roof above them and a black cloud move across,revealing the full blue moon with a bright aura surrounding it.Puma began to laugh insanely as his back hunched and claws began to grow instead of fingers.His grinning teeth became fangs covered with blood as the shirt was ripped of his back as a shining black fur coat covered his body.He collapsed onto all fours as a thick black tail burst out from just below the behind of his waist.He held his head high at howled out towards the moon.
"He's...the wolf?"Willis said in amazement.The wolf leaped down heavily from the balcony,landing in front of them.He bared his fangs at them."Nathan!Get Elena,mum,Silivia and Sarah out of here!I'll take care of this!"Willis yelled back to him.
"But Willis!"Nathan began but knew that it would just be a waste of time to argue."Ok then,but be careful,don't you dare die on me Willis!"he called to him before picking up Elena and dashing off.

Nathan and Elena returned to see Willis' mum,Silvia and Sarah all standing,looking around confused.Nathan let Elena down gently."Elena,I'm going to help Willis,take them outside."He said calmly.Elena grabbed his hand.
"Promise,you'll come back to me."She said.Nathan nodded his head and leaned in close to her.
"I promise."He whispered in her ear before changing back into a fox and darting off the way he had came.Elena turned to the other three.
"Follow me."She said with a tone of sadness in her voice.They all nodded and ran after Elena who was leading them out of the building.

"Aaagh."Willis let out a yell of pain as he was knocked backwards into the wall.
"You're mine now,winged one!"The wolf yelled as it lunged towards him.Willis winced as he braced for the blow.However he opened his eyes again as he heard the wolf cry out in pain.Once again the fox had been there to save his life,he saw Nathan there,gripping onto the wolf's left ear.
"Get off me!"Puma screeched at him as he tossed him sideways.Nathan flew across the floor,making him bleed across the back.he howled out in pain.However,while Puma was busy he didn't see Willis come up behind him and deliver a sharp blow to his spine.Puma groaned in pain and also fell downwards.Willis thought back to all the stuff he'd done to them and began to feel himself pulsate with rage.Without another moment's thought,he dashed down and thrust his fists into Puma's gut repeatedly.Puma grunted in pain before throwing his feet into Willis' gut.He tried to reach for him again but felt a rush of pain in his back.He jerked his head around to see Nathan standing,with part of his back inside his jaws.He had torn into his back.Puma weakly lifted his claws towards Nathan but heard a loud gunshot ,and moments later,he passed out.Nathan and Willis looked over to where the gunshot had originated from and saw Elena,standing there with a sniper-rifle in her hand.
"Elena,are the others,ok?"Willis asked,as he breathed heavily.
"Yes,they're all waiting outside."Elena said.Willis nodded and rushed off past her.Nathan changed back into his human self.
"Let's go,Elena."He said as he walked over next to her.She nodded lightly and began to walk with him.She blushed as he took her hand in his,but didn't say anything,she enjoyed it to much to make him stop.

They entered out in to the starlit sky to meet the others.Sarah ran up and threw her arms around Willis' neck and kissed him on the lips."Willis!I'm so glad you're ok!"She said happily as she nuzzled her head into his chest.Nathan and Elena walked out afterwards hand in hand,gazing at the stars in the night sky.
"So,do you have a home to go to?"Nathan asked Elena.She let out a sigh of sadness.
"No."She replied lowly."I've been kept there for so long,there's nowhere for me to go."
"Same problem as me then."Nathan said sadly.Willis' mum heard this and walked up to the two of them.
"Why don't you stay with us?"She interrupted the two."I know you helped us out,and I'm sureWillis and Silvia would like it."Nathan and Elena looked at each other and smiled.
"You really mean it?"Nathan said excitedly.
"Sure!You're young enough to go to school with Willis,and you Elena,I could do with another woman around the house.We'll be going soon,ok?"She said happily.
"Ok!This'll be great!"Nathan said.She smiled back at him before walking back over to Silvia and sitting down with her."Elena?You seem a little quiet,is something wrong?"Nathan asked worriedly.She turned a little,still looking down but now looking at her hand which was still in Nathan's.She looked up and revealed her blushing face,with a small smile on it.Nathan smiled back and wrapped his arms around her waist as she did the same to him.

A few days later things had returned to normal,at least as normal as they were ever going to to get.Nathan and Elena were now living with Willis and his family.Willis hopped out of bed and looked over at his alarm clock,it was seven 'o' clock.He expected he was the only one awake.However,he had a suprise as he entered the front room,as there was Silvia and Nathan,both sat staring at the television."Looking forward to your first day of school I take it?"Willis asked Nathan as he sat down on the sofa.
"Yeah,kinda."He replied,not removing his gaze from the television."I went a long time ago,but it was Puma that killed my parents and dumped me in the forest."
"I see,well you're ok now though,right?"Willis said hopefully.Nathan nodded his head.
"You three,breakast!"Willis' mother called out from the kitchen.They all went in to find Elena already in there,laying the table.
"Hey Elena,I never thought you'd be quite so domestic,or,whatever you call it."Nathan said nervously.She smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek,making him blush.She giggled and this and finished laying the table and they all sat down and began to eat their breakfast.It was all over now and they could finally live normally.Even with their oddities,they were now considered heroes and could live freely.
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