LOVING MR FUDGEE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Friendship Bookmark and Share


Your father didn’t
Like Mr Fudgee

Getting into your
Bed snuggling up

Next to you putting
His nose into your

Ear and he would chase
Mr Fudgee out

Of your room and tell
You off in his deep

Baritone voice for
Allowing him in

Saying don’t let young
Mr Fudgee in

To your bed Alice
It won’t do and off

He'd go in temper
Huffing and puffing

But once he was out
Of earshot and off

Downstairs you would let
Mr Fudgee back

Into your room once
More and he’d get in

The bed and you’d hug
Him and kiss him and

Feel his warmth near you
And against you and

He'd look at you with
His big brown eyes and

You’d stare back at him
And know deep down that

You didn’t ever
Want to be without

Mr Fudgee and
Remembered clearly

How yesterday while
You sat in the big

Old chair in the hall
Mr Fudgee came

And sat on your lap
And began kissing

Your arm and face and
Eyelids and Father

Took him off by the
Scruff of his neck and

Saying remember
Your place in this house

Mr Fudgee don’t
Sit on Alice’s

Little lap and lick
And nuzzle your nose

Into her neck and
Off Mr Fudgee

Went looking back all
Sad and forlorn and

You gave him a small
Wave and blew him a

Kiss from your small palm
Which flew far beyond 

Father’s reach and touched
Mr Fudgee’s nose

Invisibly as
None but you and your

Dog Mr Fudgee
Could know feel or see.

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