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Dragons Of An Endless War

By:Mathew Hamilton

Three years have passed senc Mina, Leader of the dark knights and messager of the god Teska, was defeated. Teska, the queen of darkness waskiled but for this to happen a god of light must give up their inmortalty. Palin, Teska's own brother made the great sacrifice. Where he went, know one knows.

But something heppened that not even the gods could see coming. When the majical devices of timetravle sunnendly put the kender Tasalhaff Burrffoot in the past, to the time when Rustlin, wielder of the alpowerful cristlin staff was still alive. Some how he came to the presint and didn't go back. Insted he warned Gladard, silver knight of kernn, to leave the inn of lastheros, for dark knights are. So he left. He and Odile another silver knight of kernn. They left on dragon back, of a blind silver dragon, Mirror. The only silver dragon letf on the planit. But not now.Tas, Gladard, Odile, and Mirror found the silver and gold dragons, and set them free from their cold endless sleep. These dragons were the dragons Teska feared. And so Teska was defeated and Mina ran off, and thats where we contiine the story of a never ending war.

"My God!!! Where is the so called husband of mine. I'll never know why I married him said Odile in a low tone. Just at that moement a blue dragon flow just over her head. It was so close that she could have touched it. "A blue dragon", Odile said in shock, putting her hand on the handle of her sword. Just then the blu crashed to the ground on it's said.

Not knowing why she had to help the blue, but she couldn't stop herself. Running over to the dragon she saw that the blue had ripped up the ground on its landing.

When she got to the blue, she could tell that the dragonwas still younge. No more then five years she guess, but it was the size of an almost full grown blue dragon. Amazingly the dragon lifted its head. "Sorry about the landing. It's a little hard with one leg" said the blue.

"That's alright", said a man. "The only thing you hurt, is my pride if Odile saw me", said the man climing out of the dirt the blue had dough up.

"Well I did Gladard. Now get down here" she said with a smile.

"Looks like I hurt your pride", said the dragon.

"I will heal" said Gladard looking over at the blue well he walked over to hie wife.

He stood in front of her. The top of her head just ended at the bottem of his neck. His sword was the lenghth of his leg. His shining silver aromor was dark from the dirt. His hair was still golden blond, and his eyes sky blue.

Walking towards her, he saw that the two ponytails had become one. Long and black, down to her waste. The dark purple eyes had become bright violet at the sight of him.

"You're late you know" she said with a grine.

"I know. I was coming coming home though the westeren woods, when i heard something. Then I heard our friends roar. A pack of Minutors had cornered him", he said.

"First the surrounded me, and conered me by a smell mountain," said the blue in shame.

"You said its hard landing with only one leg. What did you mean?" asked Odile.

The blue showed Odile hir leg. There were three Minutor axes covered in dragons blood.

"Thats not good. And wheres the black stallion we just got?" asked Odile in anger.

"The horse ran off when it heard the dragons roar," he said befor Odile could take off hie head.

"Well thats ok" she said.

"WHAT!" Gladard said in shock. Normaly Odile would have killed me, whats she up to, he thought.

"I'll help the dragon with his wounds"-at that exect moment the blue had pullen out the axes. Gladard was stund. "Well that will make it easyer to clean" said Odile. "I'll help the blue, you go look in the stable. It appeared there two days a go. It wont let me feed it or help heel its wounds," she said in a low voice.

Odlie ran back to the house to get some old blankets to help heal the blue's wounds, Gladard walked over to the stable. He was looking out in to the feild when he came to the stables enterence. He turned his head to see in to the stable.

"OH MY GOD" yelled Gladard pulling out his sword.

"Odile looked over her shoulder. She made the moshion to go to him, but she couldn't leave the blue.

"Go," said the dragon. "I thank you for your help, but I can finish this. Go see whats wronge", he said.

She ran ove rto Gladard."Whats wronge?" she ask him when she got th him. "Its just a horse"-"NO. This is not just a horse. This is Firefox. Mina's hores" he said. Gladard lowered his sword. "What are you doing. If this really is Firefox, then he will attack you befor you get close" she said. "No," said Gladard. No something told him that if this really is Firefox, then he woudn't attack him. The horse was standing there. Its eyes were weak.

Gladard had seen this hores befor. The stronge brown eyes were now weak. Gladard showed Firefox his sword and through it in to a pile of hey. The horse didn't care by the look in its eyes. Looking at Gladard, the hore seem to say"I don't care anymore".

He got up to the horse and was about to try and feed the animale when he saw three arows in the horses front right leg.

"Odile," called Gladard. "Get me some water and old sheets. There are three arows in Firefox".

"Alright" she said running in to the house.

Waiting for Odile, Gladard saw that the horse had cuts alover its body. Just by looking at the wounds, you could tell that some one had bin hunting the horse for almost seven days. Gladard helped the horse for a good two hours. Odile worked on dinner, and asked the blue what he was going to do whne his wounds have heeled.

"Welll, I planed to stay here. Because Gladard help save my life, I'll be with him to hte end," said the dragon.

"I never got your name" she said.

"My name is Razor" said the blue.

Gladard walked in the house just after dark, his hands covered in blood

"Hows the horse?" asked Odile.

"Alright. Someone was hunting the poor thing for almost seven days by the looks of it," he said with a fint of anger.

"Thats not good. But theres one thing I got to know, Is that really Firefox. Is that really Mina's horse?" she asked.

"Yes. The band on the satel had the mark of Mina" said Gladard. "She not dead through".

"How can you be sure?" she asked.

"Firefox would die with Mina, then run off in fear. Mina told him to go I think she did not want to indanger the animales life. But" he paused.

"But what" asked Odile a tad confused.

"This is not a ggod sing. Minas alive and will come for the horse. The horse would go to her but hes to injurered to find her. She is coming, but I don't know when or where from.

"I know where she is" said a man in the door way.

Reaching for his swor Gladard relised that he left it in the stable, so he grabed a nother sword he kept in the corner of the room, and Odile took out hers as well.

"Who are you, How did you get here, and what do ou wont" said Gladard in a rough voice.

"Well i flew hear. As for who am I, I an Rustlin, brother of Caromon, and I wont to put the furtcer back in right direaction,"he said.

"Rustlin is dead, and if you are Rustlin where is the almight cristlin staff" said Odile looking at the man. She glaced at Gladard who seem to know him.

The man walked in to the light, Bringing with him a staff with a cristel ball at the top, held by a golden dragons claw. The mans eyes where dark red. He had silver hair that went down just passed his shouldes.

"It is you" wispered Gladard.

"What?" said Odile.

"I have seen Rustlin befor, but the only way for you to be hear is if-he kender" said Gladard in shock and anger. Behind him Rustlin draged a small body. The body of Tasalfoff Burrffoot.

"Hi Gladard he said muffed because of the gage.

Gladard looked at the kender then back at Rustin. "He wouldn't shut up" said Rustlin tih a grin.

Gladard took the kender, sat him in a chair, removed the gage and befor he could say a word Gladard said"Shut up and exlane".

"Well nice to see you to then" said the kender.

"Explane" said Gladard in a fearc voice.

"Well after me, you, Odile, ans Mirror-Mirrors out side you know" Tas said with a smile.

"What" said Gladard shocked.

"I'll go check" said Odile. "You stay here and find out whats going on".

"His out there, hes healing the blue dragon with his majic," said Tas. Odlie ran outside to see a silver dragon bent over the blue with its wings spred open.

"Mirror?" she asked.

The silver dragon turned around. The dragon could not see. He was hit by a bolt of lighting, blinding him.

"Mirror it is you" she said running over to him.

"Odile it's great to hear your voice agian," he said lowering his head. Odile hug his neck as best she could.

"I just finished heling the blue" he said.

Odlie looked at the blue dragon to see him removing the blood soked blankets from his knee.

"It feels good as new" said the blue

Odile stayed outside to talk to her old friends, well inside Tas told Rustlin and Gladard how when he went to the passed to die like what should have happened. Instead, the magical device of time travel took him to the future. Teska was not dead. The gods could not do any thing about it. The people were living in fear.

"I stay there for three years. The device would not work until two days ago. It brought me back here. I landed in front of Rustlin, then we found the silver dragon Mirror and came here," said Tas. There was a long poss.

"So Teska is not dead then," said Gladard.

"No," said Tas. "She lives inside Mina, until a black dragon named Chaos gives her his body".

"And Mina?" asked Rustlin leaning on his staff. "What happens to her?/'

"I looked for her, but people say that after Teska got chaos body she had no more use for her, she she destroyed her" he said with a tear in his eye.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gladard saw Odile standing in the doorway.

"I told the dragons to fly east. There is a cave there big enough to fit both of them," she said walking of to the fire to warm her hands. Gladard saw that she was trying to be strong, but he could tell by the look in her eyes that she was terrified.

"Odile. We are leaving. Rustlin and Tas can stay the night, then we all leave at day break,"Gladard told her.

"And what about Firefox? If we leave him he'll die, she said. She could never leave an animal to die like that.

"I'll stay. When Firefox is strong, I'll leave him with plenty of food and water and I'll meet you at the Inn of the last home." She said this with fear in her voice, knowing that if she stay that Mina could come well shes still hear.

"I know I can"t stop you. If Mina come well your still hear, run. You can't stand agents her morning star," he said scared to death for her.

Minas morning star is much like a mace but with no chain. The spiked ball is on a pole with a handle. Mina has killed many with the morning star.

They packed that night. Rustlin and Tas feel a sleep fast. Odile went out side to the stable. She stopped at the site of the horse. She looked down and saw Gladards sword. She bent down and pick the sword up.

"In the war, Mina brought me hell. She killed friends of mine. Good knights will to give their lives for the people they were sworn to protect. If I kill you, maybe I'll bring Mina hell, holding the sword in her hand. She pointed it the horse "But , in way you are a knight, and you're all Mina has". Then she swung the sword to her side. She dragged the sword back in to the house with two pieces of would suck to it.

In the morning Gladard called the dragons. They watched as they came in to view. Gladard turned to Odile, once the dragons landed. "Mirror" said Gladard. "Stay with Odile. When she is ready to leave or if Mina shows, take her and leave as fast as you can. Will you do this for me?" he asked.

"I will Gladard, I swear," said the silver dragon.

Tas, Rustlin, and Gladard claimed in the blues back and took off to the east. Odile watched them until they could no longer be seen.

They had flying for just under an hour when Gladard asked Razor "How much longer?"

"At this speed. At least a day." He answered

"How long would it take if you went all out?" asked Gladard
"If I went all out, three hours at the most" the dragon said.

"O.K. Give me a minute. You two better hold on. Razors going all out to get us there faster," Gladard yelled. Tas and Rustlin nodded. "O.K" yelled Gladard. "Do it".

The dragon let out a fears roar, lifted its wing, and with one strong flap they were gone. Just under three hours later they arrived at the Inn. The dragon went to a dragon stable in the back of the Inn. There he was given food, water, and a place to sleep.

Tas and Rustlin went to their rooms well Gladard stayed down stairs. He was too scared to sleep. He was scared that Mina would show u for the horse and that Odile wouldn’t be able to escape. It was well after midnight when he fell a sleep.

The next morning Tas slept late in to the morning, well Gladard and Rustlin talked down stairs.

"You said you know where Mina is. Where?" asked Gladard.

"She is further east. She told the horse to run because a group of humans where after the horse. But they didn't know that they were following Mina. And I mean were," sad Rustlin.

Just then three arrows where shoot in to the beam that Rustlin and Gladard were sitting by. Gladard drew his sword. "Dark knights," said Gladard. "Go get the kender," yelled Gladard to Rustlin. Gladard fought off the knights well they fired flaming arrows in tot the Inn. The Inn went up inn flames. Rustlin and Tas came running down the stairs. "Run," yelled Gladard. "Take the dragon and head east." Rustlin didn't want to go, but he had no choice. Grabbing the kender by the arm, they ran out the back to the dragon. "NO," yelled Tas. "Gladard". They claimed no the dragons back, "Whats going on," he asked.

"Just go east," said Rustlin. The dragon flew off. Tas looked back only to see the Inn claps in flames, and they flew off in to the raising sun....
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