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Jodi's In Jail

Jodi’s In Jail


        Once upon a time in the town of Clover Field, New Jersey, there lived a boy named Steven and his sister, Leah. They lived with their parents, Mary Anne and Christopher Keller, in a nice two story white house with a wrap around porch on Candlewood Drive.

On this particular day, Steven and Leah were on their way to the auto parts store. Steven did not want to take his little sister, but his mother made him.

“What are we getting at Mr. Wichard’s?” asked Leah.

“We are getting a fan belt so Papa can fix the car from Mr. Richard’s,” Steven replied. He always got annoyed with Leah when she mispronounced her r’s.

As they passed the grocery store, a sign posted in the window caught Steven’s eye. It read:


Golden Retrievers For Sale


        $10.00 per mutt



        “Come on, Stevie,” said Leah pulling at her brother’s hand. “What’s the sign say?”

        “It says Retrievers and mutts for sale.”

       “What kind of aminal is a mutt?”

        “A mutt is a mixture of different kinds of dogs,” Steven told her.

       “What’s a mister dog?”

        “No, Leah. I said mixture. Many kinds of different dogs.”

         Leah was silent all the way home, but when they got there (after giving the fan belt to their father) Leah told her mother what she had learned.

       “Mama, Stevie told me a mister dog is many kinds of diffewent dogs.”

       "Mister dog? What’s a mister dog?” asked Mrs. Keller.

       “She means a mutt, Mama,” Steven explained.

       “Steven, please go tell Papa dinner is ready.” Mrs. Keller was trying to get Steven’s mind off dogs or any animal for that matter. She did not want a smelly dog that would leave mud on the floor and carpet.

       “Papa?” Steven called on his way to the garage. Leah was at his side. She knew her brother was going to tell their father about the mutt and she didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

       “Papa?” Steven had reached the garage, but there was no sight of Mr. Keller anywhere. “Papa, where are you?” Steven called once more.

        “I’m under the car,” replied a muffled voice. Mr. Keller slid out from under the car. He was filthy.

       “Papa, I was wondering…could we get a mutt?”

       “How much are they?”

       “Ten dollars,” Steven told him. “I have the number to call right here.”

      “You can call after we eat our dinner and see what they have to say.”

Mr. Keller was about to slide back underneath the car when Steven said, “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you dinner is ready.”

        After dinner, Steven called about the mutts.

      “Clover Field Shelter, this is Sally. How can I help you?”

      “Um, my name is Steven and I was wondering what kind of mutts you have.”

      “Well, we have Labrador mixed with Australian Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, German Shepherd and Collie, Shitzu and Bison Frise and just a plain Dalmatian. What did you have in mind?”

      “Hold on just a minute, Miss. Papa, would it be all right if we get a Dalmatian?”

      “I don’t know. What do you think, Mary Anne?”

      “I think no boy in his right mind would even think about getting a dog.”

      “But, Mama, I’ll take care of it. I promise,” Steven started to protest.

     “Steven, your mother and I will talk about it,” Mr. Keller said and that was the end of that.

     “Miss, I call you back later.”

     “Listen, kid. I can’t promise the mutts will be here after Saturday. We are getting too crowded and what dogs aren’t adopted will have to be moved to another shelter.”

     “Thanks, bye,” Steven said with a gusty sigh.

       The next day, Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Keller told their son their decision.

      “You may get a mutt.”

      “But if I find mud on my carpet, the mutt goes back.” Mrs. Keller still wasn’t too sure about the idea on a dog.

       On Friday, Steven asked Sally for the Dalmatian.

     “She’s back here. We call it The Jail. Her name is Jodi.”

      When Steven brought Jodi even Mrs. Keller liked her. She was quite smart and loved to play ball in the backyard. She also taught Steven a good lesson in responsibility. She was the best dog in the world.

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