MR BRISHFELT DISAPPOINTS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Reflections Bookmark and Share


Mr Brishfelt has disappointed
You again he says he’ll come
For you to take you out but once

Again he has let you down and
You all dressed to the nines and
With the new dress he bought

And the pristine shoes that he
Selected which you faithfully
Wear and the way he likes your

Hair and oh he says when you
Speak please mind the way you
Enunciate the words can’t have

People think you come from that
Quarter of the city and when he
Takes you to bed with him when

He remembers that is and fucks
You in his fashion with plenty of
Technique but little passion he says

But Lucia does it better she has the
Knack to bring me to deep passion’s
Gate but you always leave me dull

And come too late but still you seek
Him out wait for his call his coming
Back to you his constant failure to

Satisfy his kinky ways his hurtful
Letting you down days his wanting
To have you from the rear his keep

Me going Honey dear but Mr Brishfelt
Has not come he has disappointed

You once again and from the lonely
Room’s window the heavy fall of rain.

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