MRS ORBECK'S REGULATIONS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Chronical Bookmark and Share


And old Mrs Orbeck would
Say don’t take too long in the
Washroom and don’t put the

Towels on the floor and tread
Them with your damp feet don’t
You think I’ve enough to do with

Out washing darn towels after you
Girls take your ablutions and no
Men in the rooms none of that

Kind of business this is a respectable
Joint I don’t just take anyone in you
Know and besides I’ve got to think

Of the other guests staying here they
Don’t want that kind of nonsense going
On around them and Lizzie washing

Herself after the night’s business smiles
Bemused to herself and wonders if
Mrs Orbeck really believes what she

Says about the men not being allowed
In the rooms and there being no sex or
That kind of thing after all Mr Goodwit

Who comes to her quite frequently for
His fuck says Mrs Orbeck gives him the
Smiles showing her three gold teeth and

Says tread steady on the stairs Mr Goodwit
Can’t have you tripping and falling now can
We and breaks into one of her odd guffaws

As he makes his way to Lizzie's room with
His heavy tread on each step as he goes and
Now washing the dirt and grime and sins away

She thinks no more on last night’s sexual lay
But prepares herself for another busy day.

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