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wind- wind is moving air. it swirl around the earth. wind cannot be seen. but you can feel it thuoch your skin and pull at your clothes. the sun helps make wind. sunshine heats some parts of the land and sea more than others. the air grows warmer above these heated areas. warm air is light. it rises into the sky.  

cold air is heavy. it flows into spot where the warm air was. this movement of air makes the wind blow. 

sometimes the wind hardly moves. the air feel still. smoke from a chimney rises straight into the air. 

sometimes the wind moves slowly. a breeze stirs the leaves on the trees and the hair on your head.

sometimes the wind moves faster. it pushes sailboat across the water. it tosses kite in the sky.

the wind grows strong when a storm is coming. dark clouds move across the sky.

the wind whips tree branches back and forth. it can turn your umbrella inside out.

some stroms can make tornadoes. these powerful winds twit from a cloud down to the ground.

tornadoes can pull large trees out of the ground. they can lift cars and rip apart buildings.

blizzards are snowstorms with strong cold wind. it is hard to walk into the wind in a blizzard.

the wind can blow snow into giant drifts. hurricanes are huge storms that form over the ocean. they have powerful winds. hurricanes are shaped like doughnuts. winds spin around a hole in the middle called an eye.

hurricanes hit the land with great force. the wind pushes tall waves on shore. it can blow down tress and buildings.

A strong wind can turn back in to a gentle breeze. the wind is always changing. it carries weather around the earth. 

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