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return to fall

would u help me make life better?
would u be here to tell me i'll be okay?
would time be able to tell,
when life will take me away,
away to a non existent yesterday?
i dont see a better tomorrow
than what i see today that
i thought of the day before.

can u save me before i
return to fall
so deep into my own paranoia?
should i be scared ,if i did?
should i be scared if i went at all?

with all the smoke that hazes me
to drug me into silent sleep
that would be endless.
are they gonna shut my eyes
and tape them so i'd
never be able to see?
would it be a better world
to have no eyes to see
a disappointment that might
scar me for life?

would u cut me deep
and tear my heart out too?
so i wouldnt be able to feel
any ounce of hurt at all.
should i be worried that there might
be no one to catch me?

can u save me before i
return to fall..........
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