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Just Me

(verse 1)

here alone, crying

fought so hard but now im done trying.

wondering why i fought so long when all i ever wanted was to give up,

i wanted to give in.

just wanted to say "im done"

with all of this...



show me where this life should lead,

tell me who im supposed to be.

and even when the dark surrounds me,

even when the stars fade completely.

at least i'll know who im supposed to be

but maybe its just me


(verse 2)

wondering, why me?

everything is falling apart.

why are the things we need the most,

are the ones who leave first.

they fall apart first.

just wanna say "im done"

with all of this...


repeat chorus


how do i know which ways up, which is down?

im running away from everything but who knows where im going..

tryin to find out who im supposed to be...

but maybe its just me..

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